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MWStake Meeting Creation

Steps to create a new MWStake meeting:

  1. Sign into MWStake (if you don't have an account, contact Mark)
  2. On the sidebar, click the Event icon with the "+"
  3. Select the Start/Stop Date/Time
    • Note Note:  Currently the date picker isn't working on this site, but Mark has an action to fix it. It should be in the form: 2019/09/06
    • Note Note:  Traditionally we've been meeting at 15:30 UTC during daylight saving time (8:30am PDT, 11:30am EDT, 4:30pm CET) and 16:30 UTC (8:30am PST, 11:30am EST, 5:30pm CET) during standard time.
  4. Enter the meeting URL
    • Note Note:  Currently we're using Bryan's Google Hangout which can handle up to 25 attendees:
  5. Add a "Meeting Agenda" header, see any previous meeting for format (this could be built into the Event template)
    Note Note:  The URL for the Etherpad is now created by the Form/Template.
  6. Add an "Action board" header with the following (this could be built into the Event template):
    {{Actionable board
    |Extension, Conference