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Blank.png Date (UTC): 22 May 2020 14:00:00 - 22 May 2020 15:00:00
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Person.png Attendees: Bryan Hildebrand, Cindy Cicalese, Eric-Jan, Evita Hollis, Lex Sulzer, Mark Hershberger

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Meeting agenda

  1. New private wiki -
  2. Sales Deck - Sales deck
  3. Bylaw changes - Notes
    • Set-up email (e.g. for new members and place on the Main Page
    • Bylaw "Records" refers to this ( wiki, update accordingly
  4. Action Items


  1. New private wiki -
    • (Lex) Cindy handled the log-in mechanics, but it is tied to your Google Account
    • (Lex) Originally I designed it for SMWCon in Paris
    • (Eric-Jan) Sent his email for approval
    • Sponsorship Form
      • (Lex) Keywords are a way to facet each Company/Individual, for example if they are target as Platinum, Gold, etc. or they are Board Members, or WMF, or NASA, etc.
      • (Lex) Blurb is the state or next steps
      • (Lex) Managed by is who is in charge of each account
      • (Lex) Contact is generalized so it doesn't get to specific, contains Name, email, phone, email2, etc.
  2. Sales Deck - Sales deck
    • (Eric-Jan) Marcus and Bryan had a meeting to outline this which I didn't attend (Bryan: this was my fault in coordinating)
    • (Eric-Jan) Mark via Violet provided data for MediaWiki (downloads, estimated usage, etc.) to be included in the deck
    • ACTION ITEM Bryan to schedule a meeting for next week to work on finalizing the sales deck
    • ACTION ITEM Sales deck due next week (May 29th)
  3. Bylaw changes - Notes
    • Set-up email (e.g. for new members and place on the Main Page
      • Eric-Jan and Bryan agreed to review these emails
    • Set-up "Join MWStake" button to where the prospective member can pay, then the board will review their application (likely via email distribution), and refund their payment if for some reason their application is denied
      • ACTION ITEM Mark will take a look at creating this functionality before the next meeting
    • ACTION ITEM Bylaw "Records" refers to this ( wiki, update accordingly
    • ACTION ITEM Clarify what "Charter" means
  4. Action Items
    • (Bryan) We will be using Daren's Actionable Extension to track actions which also conforms to the Bylaw requirement to "Capture the records of the Corporation":
      § — Actions of the Board of Directors must take the form of resolutions and must be included in the records of the Corporation.
  5. Membership Dues - Bylaws/Dues
    • ACTION ITEM Make the following changes to the page:
      1. Change "User votes" to "Votes"
      2. Switch rows "Logo on mwstake communication/marketing materials" & "Talk at mwstake events"
      3. Remove "Draft" from table title
      4. Remove discussion note
    • A vote was called to approve the new Dues Schedule
      • Vote was unanimously approved
  6. Next meeting
    • A vote was called to have another meeting in 2 weeks
      • Vote was unanimously approved
    • ACTION ITEM Schedule meeting
  7. Pay for Service
    • (Lex) I would like to pay Brian Wolff to review my extension through MWStake, is that possible now?
    • (Cindy) To clarify, there's actually 2 modalities 1) Dues paying for a project 2) Special project that is directly paid for
    • (Eric-Jan) Actually there's 3 modalities, Lex's company doing the work
    • (Lex) Can MWStake provide the umbrella to allow consultants in different areas (countries, etc.) be paid without dealing with all the normal headache?


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[edit] Clarify what "Charter" means in the Bylaws
Board Meeting107

#35 Jun 05, 2020Bryan Hilderbrand

[edit] Investigate payment button for MWStake
Board Meeting107

#33 Jun 05, 2020Mark Hershberger

[edit] MWStake Sales Pitch and Slide Deck
Board Meeting105Board Meeting107

#24 May 29, 2020Markus Glaser,Eric-Jan,James Montalvo,Bryan Hilderbrand

[edit] Review Bylaw Notes
Board Meeting105Board Meeting107

#27 Jun 05, 2020Markus Glaser,Lex Sulzer,Cindy Cicalese,Mark Hershberger,Eric-Jan,Evita Hollis,James Montalvo,Bryan Hilderbrand

[edit] Send out meeting invite for 2 weeks (June 5th)
Board Meeting107

#37 May 23, 2020Mark Hershberger

[edit] Updated Bylaws to show that "Records" means
Board Meeting107

#34 Jun 05, 2020Bryan Hilderbrand