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ActioneesUser:Bryan Hilderbrand,Cindy Cicalese,Eric-Jan,James Montalvo,Lex Sulzer,Mark Hershberger,Markus Glaser,Evita Hollis
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There are some notes on Bryan's page with regards to changing some Bylaws to:

  1. Allow us to call Board Member meetings quicker
  2. Make changes to the Bylaws easier
  3. Need for a "Meeting of Members", "Charter", and method for people to join MWStake


  • During the last Board meeting it was decided not to adjust any of the notification times (i.e. reducing 30 days to 7) in lieu of using the "Waiver of Notice" (§3.5) to allow us to keep scheduling the next Board Meeting at the end of the last, and also modify Bylaws.
  • During the last Board meeting it was decided to add a "Join MWStake" button to where the prospective member can pay, then the board will review their application (likely via email distribution), and refund their payment if for some reason it is denied