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Upcoming events[edit]

  • Feb 10 phone call is at 10am Eastern time
  • EMWCon 2017 will include a March 8 evening editathon which I am co-organizing, and my lightning talk

MediaWiki in governments[edit]

I am a good contact for MediaWiki users in government establishments. I work in the U.S. government and have been a longtime advocate of MediaWiki there. Can email me from here or post to my discussion page here or maybe more effectively on

Role for Stakeholders in engineering coordination or planning[edit]

I asked: when has MW engineering done something difficult because stakeholders didn't speak up? I got several answers, mostly in a lunchtime conversation at SMWCon 2015:

  • hit counters disappeared, summer 2015
  • The new functionality in Flow used something called "handlebars" which was different from other internal architecture and experienced developers were dragged along into learning it
  • The new functionality Node.js ("micro services?") wandered in as part of Visual Editor and this makes it hard to get Visual Editor going on servers outside the Foundation.
  • PHP Composer wandered in and broke things for some wiki farms, badly, requiring a lot of reengineering

Two ways to avoid such dramas:

  • have a road map so people know what's coming and can negotiate, discuss, plan
  • confer with Stakeholders when turning technical corners