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Blank.png Date (UTC): 11 May 2023 15:30:00 - 11 May 2023 16:00:00

Person.png Attendees: Bryan Hildebrand, Eric-Jan, Lex Sulzer, Mark Hershberger, Markus Glaser

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The meeting voice transcription is available on the talk page.

  1. Mark EMWCon Conference Lessons Learned
    • Rich and Bryan to create page to capture lessons learned.
  2. Mark SMW Sponsorship
    • Ongoing discussions in Element
    • Should MWStake be the bank to collect/distribute money collected?
  3. Mark MediaWiki Marketing
    • Nick Gluzdov's idea about hiring Jeff Robbins
    • Who pays? How is the payment split? What benefits to the payees get for their proportional value?
    • Should MWStake be a part of the funding?
    • Markus It might make sense to use someone with expertise
    • Eric-Jan We already have the information and expertise to perform the marketing
  4. Mark Greg's work
    • Greg Rundlett is looking to define what the community (Enterprise) needs from MediaWiki
  5. Mark Phab Board
    • Make a decision about what to work on
    • Next meeting
  6. Bryan update
    • Possibly revisit paying a consultant to improve the MWStake website
    • Next meeting
  7. Eric-Jan Financial Report for EMWCon
    • Bryan to create a financial report and discuss
    • Next meeting


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