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Blank.png Date (UTC): 6 July 2023 15:30:00 - 6 July 2023 16:00:00

Person.png Attendees: Bernhard Krabina, Bryan Hildebrand, Cindy Cicalese, Lex Sulzer, Mark Hershberger

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The meeting voice transcription is available on the talk page.

  1. SMWCon
  2. ColabPad
    • Originally a WMF hackathon project
    • Both WikiBase Solutions & Hallo Welt are working on a solution
    • Trying to get both companies to collaborate
  3. MediaWiki Name in Conferences
    • Ideally MediaWiki Conference (MWCon)
    • Cindy talked to people at the foundation, there is some reservation coming from the WMF regarding confusion about the name or obligation from the WMF
    • Some other names were suggested, but would be good to understand the feasibility of using MediaWiki Conference
  4. Group Updates
    • Board Members - Adam should be back, check into his willingness to reattend
    • Do we need to have an official "Member Meeting" or has the monthly MWStake Meetings sufficed?


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