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Open Actions

ActionDue dateAssigned toLabelRelated article
Define MWStake Brokerage Process17 July 2020Lex Sulzer
Bryan Hilderbrand
MWStakeBoard Meeting
MWStake Project Brokerage Outline3 July 2020Lex Sulzer
MWStakeBoard Meeting
Review Bylaw Notes5 June 2020Markus Glaser
Lex Sulzer
Cindy Cicalese
Mark Hershberger
Evita Hollis
James Montalvo
Bryan Hilderbrand
MWStakeBoard Meeting
Board Meeting
Board Member Wiki8 May 2020Lex SulzerCommunity105
Kick-off MWStake extension stewardship at SMWCon 201927 September 2019Lex SulzerConference6 September 2019 MWstake Meeting

Statement on what I would like to see/gain from collaboration in MWStake[edit]

Phase 1[edit]

  1. MWStake's mission shall be to support its members in their strategic and daily work to satisfy their customers' requirements.
  2. MWStake's membership shall stay coherent, efficient and effective.
  3. MWStake shall dogfeed on its dedication to structured information and structure its addressed aspects e.g. in accordance with
  4. Membership could cost e.g. $100.-/year/vote.
  5. The money shall be allocated solely to code development projects.
  6. Potential code development projects are to be sent in to the moderator including user stories to be implemented.
  7. At monthly MWStake meetings the moderator moderates a discussion on current code development projects addressing corresponding user story priorities and estimated cost.
  8. Fundable code development projects get voted on.
  9. Fundable code development projects that get at least 50% of all entitled votes get authorization.
  10. Authorized code development projects get a single product owner and at least one developer (must not be the same people).
  11. The single product owner gets remunerated with the equivalent of 3h of development work.
  12. The developer gets remunerated in accordance with the cost estimation agreed to.