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An easy win for mwstake for 3rd party users would be promoting the option to remove the "This is my own work" checkbox on image/file uploads using VisualEditor or the wikitext editor.

Interesting articles and sites on open source:

MWStake Meeting[edit]

Steps to create a new MWStake meeting:

  1. Sign into MWStake (if you don't have an account, contact Mark)
  2. On the sidebar, click the calendar icon with the "+"
  3. Select the Start/Stop Date/Time
    • Note Note:  Currently the date picker isn't working on this site, but Mark has an action to fix it. It should be in the form: 2019/09/06
    • Note Note:  Traditionally we've been meeting at 15:30 UTC
  4. Enter the meeting URL
    • Note Note:  Currently we're using Bryan's Google Hangout which can handle up to 25 attendees:
  5. Add a "Meeting Agenda" header, see any previous meeting for format (this could be built into the Event template)
  6. Add the Etherpad link under a new "Notes" header (this could be built into the Event template)
    • Note Note:  The URL for the Etherpad link can just be updated to reflect the meeting date, e.g.
  7. Add an "Action board" header with the following (this could be built into the Event template):
    {{Actionable board
    |Extension, Conference