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Improvements of ExtensionRegistry[edit]

Let's assume "ExtendedVisualEditor" extension has a dependency to "VisualEditor" in version "1.31", but "VisualEditor" is not enabled or enabled but in version "1.35". Current situation is that putting

wfLoadExtension( 'ExtendedVisualEditor' );

to LocalSettings.php will result in an uncatchable Exception, which will bring the wiki down.

Rather than this, MediaWiki ExtensionRegistry should just "load" but not "enable" it. It could then be listed e.g. on "Special:Version" as "disabled". The actual way of how to implement this still has to be discussed.

Notes about Composer as a build tool[edit]

  • BlueSpice wants real version constraints instead of dev-REL* (later!)
  • Versioning of MW Extensions instead of relying on release branch (later!)

Further notes[edit]

  • To discuss: Drupal as an example of how Composer was adopted by a project as "module (=extension) management tool" (later!)

Looks good to me[edit]

As someone that has been using Composer in several extensions for many years, this proposal looks good to me. --Jeroendedauw (talk) 12:48, 3 April 2020 (EDT)

Moved to RFC on Phabricator[edit]

Recently there has been movement in MediaWiki to remove composer completely (RFC).

As a result, we are not able to iterate over this RFC here and I have moved it to an RFC for MW on phabricator.

Please comment and add any improvements there.