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Sales Deck background graphics showing the MediaWiki Sunflower.

The following is a working copy of the Sales deck to aid in collaboration. Each header section represents a slide in the deck. The thumbnail to the right is the slide deck background. See below for a working copy of the PowerPoint deck:

Slide 1[edit]

MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group

Your wiki, our passion

Support bubbles

  • You need help installing your wiki?
  • You wonder how to control access to your wiki?
  • You struggle keeping your wiki and all its components up-to-date?
  • You wonder whether an extension is secure and works with your wiki?
  • You wonder whether your wiki is configured to its optimum?
  • Do you have an extension in mind and need a developer?
  • You want to benefit from applying best practices for using your wiki?
  • You want to stay properly informed about MediaWiki's development?
  • You want to integrate your wiki with your Active Directory?
  • You want to steer MediaWiki in the direction optimizing your use case?

Slide 2[edit]

Our Mission

The MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group (MWStake) is a MediaWiki user group of:

  • MediaWiki Developers
  • System Administrators
  • Users
  • Consultants
  • Hosting Providers

We cooperate towards our mission in order to improve the software and advocate the needs of MediaWiki users outside the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), its projects and the traditional Wikimedia movement.

Thus to ensure MediaWiki becomes and stays the best fit open source wiki for knowledge sharing and documentation.

Slide 3[edit]

Ecosystem and Structure

MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group is a recognized Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) affiliation. The WMF was established as a nonprofit in 2003 to give Wikipedia ‘the largest source of human knowledge ever created’ a permanent home. Some Wikipedia numbers (2018)[1]:

  • Wikipedia remains the only top 10 website that's a non-profit
  • Wikipedia surpassed 50 million articles
  • Volunteers added 2.5 million new articles
  • 250,000+ volunteers contributed to Wikipedia each month
  • As an ecosystem we maintain Wikipedia with 350+ non-profit staff worldwide
  • People visited Wikipedia 15 billion times each month
  • AI bots scanned Wikipedia edits 86 million times per month to catch and correct vandalism

The MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group Corporation was founded in 2019 to complement WMF. MWStake's current members are high profile members of the MediaWiki community. Many Members use or maintain MediaWiki in a professional environment, in corporations, highly visible sites or as advisors.

Slide 4[edit]


Since 2014, MWStake has been caring about the needs of MediaWiki maintainers. We raise the flag in:

  • MediaWiki events
    • Semantic MediaWiki Conferences
    • Enterprise MediaWiki Conferences
    • Hackathons
    • Developer Summits
  • Discussions
  • Develop
  • Fix bugs
  • Work on documentation
  • Standardize functionality
  • Exchange experience
  • Create a network

Slide 5[edit]


MediaWiki is widely used. Here’s some statistics and numbers. We co-power:

  • 100,000+ wikis [2]
  • 132m+ MediaWiki users [3]
  • 1.25m+ active users [4]
  • 500+ MediaWiki developers [5]
  • 180m+ pages [6]
  • 40m+ articles [7]
  • 13m+ files [8]
  • 1.2b+ edits [9]

Slide 6[edit]

Workboard Topics

We validate and focus on the topics the MediaWiki Community and its Members put on the technical agenda:

  • Installation (Meza, Composer RfC)
  • Integration (LDAP)
  • Use cases (Fantastic MediaWikis Track)
  • Networking (EMWCon)
  • Member projects
  • Your project

Slide 7[edit]

Benefits & Incentives

Why should you join?

  • Influence the direction of the group
  • Help select projects
  • Meet other MW users
  • Exchange of ideas and experience
  • Engage with conferences
  • Shape the future of MediaWiki

Slide 8[edit]

Membership Dues Schedule
Individual Corporate
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum††
Yearly cost ($USD) $100 $250 $1,000 $2,500 $5,000
Votes††† 1 10 25 40 50
Discounted mwstake conference registration†††† Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Logo on Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Logo on mwstake communication/marketing materials Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Talk at mwstake events Green tickY Green tickY
Guaranteed 8hr project Green tickY
Logo displayed during mwstake events Green tickY
Guaranteed 16hr project Green tickY
Non-voting board member nomination††††† Green tickY
This fee is in addition to (at least one) Individual membership.
†† Platinum Plus members ($10,000) have Platinum benefits + their branded event
††† Voter must have attended at least 2 events prior to voting
†††† Limit of discounted registration per corporation
††††† Limit of board members per corporation


Becoming a Member, stakeholders contribute resources and money specifically to the development of MediaWiki.

Members can influence the features of MediaWiki with their resources.

Members enable MWStake to reach their Mission and Goals.

References (Non slide)[edit]

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