MediaWiki Usage Report 2015/Do you make contributions to the MediaWiki community?

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Out of 104 answers (multiple checkboxes):

I contribute feedback and bug reports 75 27,27% 54,74%
I contribute to extensions 57 20,73% 41,61%
I help answer questions and provide support 47 17,09% 34,31%
I help with documentation 47 17,09% 34,31%
I contribute patches and bug fixes 28 10,18% 20,44%
I contribute code to MediaWiki core 18 6,55% 13,14%
Translation 3 1,09%
275 sum of answers
137 sum of participants

Other single mentions:[edit]

Still learning:

  • Beginner
  • I continue to learn about Mediawiki and follow related topics.
  • I would like to gain the knowledge to support code and patches.
  • I'm merely an observer

Help others, community, events, documentation:

  • I am in the irc channel + help people
  • Community building
  • help to organise meetings
  • Help with Semantic MediaWiki of the month selection process
  • Organise SMWCon, do promotion and marketing
  • some edits on
  • Try to attend weekly meetings set up by Tom O'
  • Visit hackathons and conferences


  • I contribute bug reports/fixes to extensions (we had to to get theshibboleth extension working)
  • I work in WMF's Engineering Community team
  • Minormost patches.
  • Offline extension to be contributed in the future once stable.


  • Pywikibot
  • Financial donations
  • I write books about it