MediaWiki Foundation working groups

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Please sign up for working groups you are able to help with:

Communication to the public[edit]

This group works on marketing, PR, announcements, and this wiki/website.

Communication with Wikimedia[edit]

This group works on strategy, budget, reports, and collaboration with Wikimedia.

Grey Jones (talk) 17:11, 10 June 2016 (UTC)

Technical working group[edit]

This group does software engineering for MediaWiki Foundation projects (e.g. extension management, extension store, software wishlist.

Communication with stakeholders[edit]

This group communicates with MediaWiki stakeholders about their wishlist and use cases.

Organization of the organization[edit]

This group works on planning how MediaWiki Foundation will become an incorporated organization (funding model, working model, non-profit type, incorporation, budget, reports, events, announcements).