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Activities and Operational Information for for IRS 1024 Application.


  1. Provide a detailed narrative description of all the activities of the organization—past, present, and planned.
  2. List each activity separately in the order of importance based on the relative time and other resources devoted to the activity.
  3. Indicate the percentage of time for each activity.
  4. Each description should include, as a minimum, the following:
    1. Detailed description of the activity including its purpose and how each activity furthers your exempt purpose;
    2. When the activity was or will be initiated; and
    3. Where and by whom the activity will be conducted.
    The following activities appear in no particular order and are each considered equally important, the time and resources are projected to be spread equally, and will be performed as required by the board and members.
    1. Contribute to the development of MediaWiki
      • Adding to the MediaWiki code base
      • Finding and documenting bugs
      • Adding code to fix bugs
      • Recommending feature improvements
    2. Maintain MediaWiki and its extensions
      • Creating and maintaining extensions that improve the functionality of MediaWiki for enterprise use
    3. Improve documentation for MediaWiki and its extensions
      • Improve the documentation for MediaWiki and it's extensions to make it easier for the general public to participate in both adding to the code and using the extensions
    4. Cooperate and liaison with the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
      • Represent the 3rd party usage of MediaWiki software including businesses, agencies, organizations, developers, consultants, hosting providers, and users.
    5. Coordinate between MediaWiki developers, operators, and users
      • Provide a forum to allow all participants to communicate their needs
    6. Promote MediaWiki to the public
      • Conferences
      • Marketing
    7. Act as a patron and coordinator for international gatherings, conferences, hackathons, etc.
      • Upcoming SMW2019 in Paris & the following EMWCon2020 in Ohio
    8. Advocate on behalf of third-party users of MediaWiki
    9. Foster best practices for MediaWiki and its users
      • Make it as easy as possible for the public to adopt best industry standards for knowledge management
  5. List the organization’s present and future sources of financial support, beginning with the largest source first
    • Wikimedia Foundation rapid grants
    • Member dues (Individual & Corporate)
    • Conference attendee ticket sales
  6. Information about the organization’s governing body:
    Names, addresses, and titles of officers, directors, trustees and Annual compensation (if any)
    • Mark Hershberger — President
    • James Montalvo — Vice President
    • Evita Hollis — Treasurer
    • Bryan Hilderbrand — Secretary
    • Cindy Cicalese - Board member
    • Lex Sulzer - Board member
    • Markus Glaser - Board member
    • Sabine Melnicki - Board member
      Note Note:  No compensation for officers/directors, addresses will be provided separately.
  7. If now, or plan to be, connected in any way with any other organization, describe the other organization and explain the relationship (for example, financial support on a continuing basis; shared facilities or employees; same officers, directors, or trustees).
    • Wikimedia Foundation, financial support via grants.
  8. Qualifications necessary for membership in the organization; the classes of membership (with the number of members in each class); and the voting rights and privileges received.
    • No required qualifications. Expectation of experience with and familiarity of MediaWiki.
  9. If any group or class of persons is required to join, describe the requirement and explain the relationship between those members and members who join voluntarily. Submit copies of any membership solicitation material. Attach sample copies of all types of membership certificates issued.
    • No one is required to join.
  10. Does, or will, any part of your organization’s receipts represent payments for services performed or to be performed? If yes state in detail the amount received and the character of the services performed or to be performed.
    • Nothing to date. There is potential for "pay-for-service", however no discussion or decisions have begun.
  11. Has the organization made, or does it plan to make, any payments to members or shareholders for services performed or to be performed? If yes state in detail the amount paid, the character of the services, and to whom the payments have been, or will be, made.
    • Nothing to date. There is potential for members to be paid for their services, bug fixes, creation of extensions, etc., however no discussion or decisions have begun.
  12. Has the organization spent or does it plan to spend any money attempting to influence the selection, nomination, election, or appointment of any person to any federal, state, or local public office or to an office in a political organization? If yes explain in detail and list the amounts spent or to be spent in each case
    • No.
  13. Provide Any published pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, journals, or similar printed material regarding the organization.