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Use case[edit]

When all pages within a specific namespace are only created and edited using a Page Form.

Therefore users should not use either VisualEditor nor the source editor to edit the page. Removing these tabs reduce the likelihood that those editors will be used.

However, keyboard shortcuts can still be used to access these editors.

To remove a tab for all pages within a "namespace"[edit]

  1. Find the "Namespace ID:"
    1. On a page within the specific namespace, right click and select "Inspect" from the menu
    2. From the Inspect "Elements" tab, within the 3rd line, find .ns-xxxx
    3. The "Namespace ID" is the four digit number following .ns-
  2. Go to the MediaWiki:Common.css page
  3. Add the line .ns-xxxx #ca-ve-edit { display:none!important; } to hide the VisualEditor "Edit" tab.

To remove a tab per "page name"[edit]

  1. Go to the MediaWiki:Common.css page
  2. Add the line .page-Main_Page #ca-ve-edit { display: none !important; } to hide the VisualEditor "Edit" tab.

Tab codes[edit]

See MW:User:Subfader/Hide page tabs for more.

Keyboard shortcuts[edit]

  • "Edit source": --> Shift+Alt+E
  • "Edit" (VisualEditor) --> Shift+Alt+V