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Raw transcript:

Mark: Oh, yeah, thank you.

Cindy: So you as in Cindy, or as you as in the

Cindy: as in me. Whoever has updates what

Eric-Jan: I will do my update after your Cindy.

Cindy: Well, we had a meeting this morning. Odd is working hard on the

Cindy: a program.

Cindy: Things are looking good.

Cindy: We have six people so far registered as of this morning, which actually doubled the number of people that was registered.

Cindy: Um!

Cindy: And tomorrow is the last day for early registration,

Cindy: and I think there's only one person in this group who's actually registered so far it's not me.

Cindy: So if you want to, if you want to take advantage of the early registration. You should do so by tomorrow,

Cindy: Um. Or if you want to give more money to the Media Wiki stakeholders group and help further support the conference. You can wait a couple of days and pay more.

Cindy: And I think, Yeah, things are looking good

Cindy: here. It can.

Eric-Jan: Yeah. So i'll just base the

Eric-Jan: you're you're probably on

Eric-Jan: from this afternoon a European time. Yeah. So the only

Eric-Jan: the only point or the only question I would like to make is our joint efforts to buzz and share. Yes, andw come fall. So

Eric-Jan: we've talked about this before Brian has made an effort in collecting some of the available email addresses. That's very helpful.

Eric-Jan: But there's probably more to be done to get not only enough online attendees, but on, but also to get the the room booked in the room, full

Eric-Jan: as we have a capacity there of about seventy to one hundred people, and we would really like to use this capacity.

Eric-Jan: I do know that our effort is required here,

Cindy: and we now have one more registration. Yay,

Cindy: that was me, I know. But thank you, Lex.

Cindy: I was trying not to let anybody.

Eric-Jan: We can jointly try to persuade to persuade Marcus, but it doesn't seem the typical person to be persuaded is to be

Eric-Jan: capable of making this decision on his own. I would say,

Markus: you know I,

Markus: but he does live in in Northwestern Europe that's for sure,

Bernhard: and especially for Marcos.

Eric-Jan: You can sleep over with me if that is is helpful, Marcus,

Bernhard: especially for markers in the increase. The number of tickets you could buy at once, so so you can buy ten tickets in one. Go for your whole company. So

Bernhard: we've We've made it especially for us. Nice, nice Bernard.

Lex: By the way, Is it intentional that you can only use paypal

Cindy: as I is? It is unfortunately um intentional, because that's the only way that we could get it to set up so that it would allow us to charge people in euros. But um pay the stakeholders group in dollars.

Eric-Jan: So, Brian, what are there other opportunities to um to connect to past attendees, to best participants other than the list you were so helpful, so so nice to to to share with us.

Eric-Jan: I don't have any other mechanism in other than just social media, and that I could use my three followers on twitter to

Cindy: You're muted. You didn't

Mark: sorry a big. There's combines, or whatever going down the road. Um! So I can use my three followers and let them know as well.

Cindy: So you know there are followers to the stakeholders group. Twitter account. So yeah, and then we can all, if somebody

Cindy: tweets it from there, then the rest of us can retweet to our three followers

Bernhard: just retreated the semantic media Wiki Tweet with the M. Probably stakeholders. Oh, good, Okay, cool

Cindy: Bernard Bernard. And we try to post on all social tales weekly. Now, right, did you let people know in big capital letters that tomorrow is the end of early bird registration.

Eric-Jan: Not yet, did you, Bernard?

Bernhard: Yes, I do.

Eric-Jan: I will ask Charlie to do to share that for tomorrow. It's a good one.

Eric-Jan: Um!

Eric-Jan: So um! Of course we are aiming at Europe, where we are mostly aimed at Europeans. Right? So it seems more obvious that they would come rather than lots of us citizens or North Americas.

Mark: We We still have to get used to traveling again after Covid,

Mark: anyway.

Mark: Um! So if can can we move on to the next item? Now, is that is there anything else we need to discuss here.

Eric-Jan: I I I send you an updated budget. We have an extra sponsor in gazin, so it's very nice. So we are now even on a positive budget and some flexibility. Is there so no financial problems at this moment.

Mark: Excellent, excellent.

Cindy: I just saw. I just saw the tweet with the cat. I love it.

Cindy: Deadline is coming

Cindy: nice. So yeah,

Mark: I I guess I want to move now to the

Mark: well. Let's do the easy part first, which is, we need an address. That's not my home address for the media Wiki stakeholders,

Mark: and I was thinking. I looked around, and I saw this post, scanned mail com where we could, you know, have it send mail there, and if they would scan it in,

Mark: we could actually send it to two or three people automatically from you know from there.

Mark: Say it

Mark: that That sounds like thing we should do, I think right.

Mark: Are there any objections?

Markus: I go ahead.

Markus: It's a good idea I like. I I like the very

Markus: so as a European, though I have to to ask a question

Markus: about is data, protection and privacy obeyed by this service.

Markus: You can use it for advertising, whatever it is,

Mark: that's a good question that I I

Markus: have no clue. Ah! Since it's a us-based service. I'm not. At least this one is, i'm not sure that they make any provision for gdpr or anything like that.

Markus: So let me just check.

Markus: I think you

Markus: I I see.

Markus: Probably they have some.

Markus: And so, changing our charter, I think we should have a vote just to you

Mark: prove it. But yeah, I mean, it sounds sounds like a great idea. We should do it. So

Mark: can we vote on this now and then straighten out the details of, you know

Mark: privacy and all that, so I guess. Can Can you give a thumbs up, I guess, in the is that how we do leads votes.

Cindy: What exactly is the wording of what we're voting on

Mark: moving or moving to a service instead of my home Address for the address for

Mark: uh media Wiki stakeholders.

Mark: That's the idea. I don't know if that's the wording. Is that clear enough? Or do we need to clarify it more tense between

Mark: all right um thumbs up thumbs up.

Mark: That's it. Okay, that's unanimous. Then of all the attendees.

Mark: Um,

Markus: just over. Well, so a bigger account. The details there.

Markus: Yeah, at least they address privacy and security concerns

Markus: in the Faq. So there's

Markus: they are somewhere out there, and they don't keep it to advertisers.

Mark: Okay,

Mark: Um,

Mark: Could you

Mark: could you post an email to cabal about what you found about the privacy and whatnot? So we can our post a link in here. We're in the chat here, so we can all be on the same page about that.

Markus: Sure.

Mark: Um.

Mark: Okay. So that's That's one part that we're looking at, which is about, you know, Fifteen to thirty bucks a month.

Mark: Ouch!

Mark: The other thing.

Mark: Yeah. So when it comes to costs we have,

Cindy: we, We do have significant costs that we're running into with hosting the

Markus: I have done. I did get

Mark: significant reduction in costs that I put in a place a week or two ago.

Mark: Uh, So you know we're not

Cindy: going through money as fast as we were,

Mark: but I think we need in light of that. We need to have some sort of policy, or whatever about

Mark: how we're going to manage costs, and that would apply to Smw as well. You know. How do we make decisions about costs, I think is is basically what i'm thinking about here.

Eric-Jan: Um. And I'm, That's all very nebulous. And look, look! Our treasurer has an idea. What is your idea. Well, to make any any decision on cost, you would have to have a what I would call a yearly budget right or an account statement.

Eric-Jan: You could also call that F a forecast.

Markus: So this seems conditional to to go on in making financial decisions.

Eric-Jan: But since we don't have that at the moment, we would require one by the first of January of next year, I would say,

Eric-Jan: and well, we we should be capable of making a statement, or a budget or forecast,

Eric-Jan: or I, I could

Eric-Jan: ask Brian to accompany me here to make a budget for next year

Eric-Jan: if Brian would be available.

Eric-Jan: Yes, the Esda is our our current account right? So our bank account,

Eric-Jan: whereas lots of information there

Mark: that that makes perfect sense to me. I'm glad you know

Mark: this is not the stuff I think about normally. So i'm glad that you had that.

Mark: This is why we have other board members, so we can spread around the you know the work,

Mark: and that and the ideas. So it's not all you know. Oh, Mark is ignorant of this. So you know it doesn't happen

Mark: um

Mark: related to that. Okay, so related to that, I need to transfer the two domains.

Mark: I would like to set up a name dot com account to manage the two domains that we have, which are Wiki, Api and Mw. Steak, and I want to transfer those I just. In fact, just before this medium I transferred another domain to my brother, who has a name dot com account

Mark: um, and it doesn't cost any money if you transfer it within the name dot com, you know, if you're a name dot com and customer, and you have an account. It doesn't cost any money to transfer it

Mark: can. Does that. Can I set up an account and give make sure that you know there's a login that's available,

Mark: probably two other people,

Mark: and then and then transfer the domains.

Mark: That would be the Wiki apiary one and the Mw. Estate,

Mark: and I have. I have. So those let's do this officially now, and just give a thumbs up about the vote thumbs up. I see a thumbs up. That's a majority, and that's a that's everyone so good.

Mark: Um,

Mark: I I think,

Mark: and having a budget. If a budget is a good time to plan all the you know for what we're doing in the New Year as well, so it's. It's a good chance to think about all those things.

Mark: Is that something that I mean? I I

Mark: I would love to have that there is. There is that does that need input from anyone besides you and Brian.

Eric-Jan: Well, I would say that we will come up with a proposal, and as as as normally, it's done, so ask questions, and and and to shape this together in the best way we can.

Mark: All right.

Eric-Jan: There is, however, one other revenue,

Eric-Jan: if I may add, there is one important revenue aspect that should be that could be discussed now is, I know that there are some of some of the members waiting for new invoice for for the new period of twelve months, and are are quite willing to pay. We are one of them. Some of our customs are are there Branch probably knows.

Eric-Jan: Um.

Eric-Jan: You could find out with Brian what customers, what users could expect these their twelve months invoice

Eric-Jan: their membership in the voice.

Bryan: So there's the thing I send out is just like kind of like a receipt, in a sense, right? But do we remove and mark you frozen?

Mark: No, i'm here. Okay,

Bryan: you just stoked. So I thought that the site automatically sent out every okay,

Mark: it does not automatically send out anything.

Mark: Okay, it does automatically renew. If they paid with credit card, and that is, that is something that we should probably,

Mark: I don't know. Send out an invoice or a reminder beforehand. We don't do that right now.

Mark: Ok? Well, I guess I might need some way to have a reminder about when to send a new invoice.

Mark: So

Mark: I, Brian, I can't do this today, but I think that you and I should get together, and

Mark: I mean I can. I can go look up, you know, when the renewals happen. But I think it would be

Mark: to have you have access to that information, you know, without going through me,

Mark: unless Yeah. So if Brian's the right person to do that.

Mark: There's someone else that Eric. They're ke on if you want to do it.

Eric-Jan: If Brian could share it with me, that that would be sufficient. I know, for example, that a Wiki base had her last end of June of last year,

Eric-Jan: and I know that the our Council of state. So we are both, I think, gold members. So we are waiting for for the invoice, and we're waiting to pay for it.

Mark: I will. So I will look at the the information about when the renewals happen in the account, and then get that information to you. And hopefully, I will also work with Brian to get him access to that, so that it's not just me

Eric-Jan: so. And if Brian could check, or if not, even the check is necessary, but just simply send send a new invoice.

Mark: Yeah, yeah,

Eric-Jan: all right. Um, Thank you.

Cindy: I have one more financial slash system. W. Con related um question that just occurred to me, which is with the conference less than a month away. Now is now the time that we should sign up for a hopping account,

Cindy: so that we're for the conference,

Cindy: and that's something that is that Brian would do that. We seem to give a lot of things to Brian.

Eric-Jan: Perhaps we could ask our online chair, Bernard,

Eric-Jan: what's with the hopping account?

Bernhard: Yeah, we should register for one.

Bernhard: Um, I think it has to be somebody with their card. So I think right now. That's good

Bryan: myself, Mark or Erik, you know, and so I I can jump on and do it. I might want to do it, maybe in tandem with Bernard if we can get on a call, and then I can, you know, sign basically

Bryan: or the other way around. Yeah, one way or the other. I think I need to give him the access, but i'll pay with your card.

Cindy: That's good.

Eric-Jan: No, excellent thanks. That would be nice,

Mark: all right.

Mark: Ah,

Mark: so I have.

Mark: Oh, um! We also need to do.

Mark: We put that up. There

Mark: is anyone keeping track of to do's here. I have two to do for myself, which is one is to, I guess. Set up the port scan, email,

Mark: scan my I thing.

Mark: Um, I I've been. I've been trying to.

Bryan: Yeah

Bryan: note these. But what I don't know that one. What What was that?

Mark: That's a male forwarding, you know, setting up a address. It's not my house for the

Bryan: Oh, yeah,

Bryan: yeah, Okay.

Mark: And also to send you information on the account and renewals.

Bryan: Yeah, that's the two I have. And then I have one more for me and Bernhard that I get hopping

Mark: all right. Ah, one more that you have that I don't didn't hear is the budget for the New Year that you're going to work on that with there.

Mark: Um!

Mark: So

Mark: there we are.

Mark: I think that's the I think that's the meeting, and I guess I will see you all, some of you in a few minutes, Hopefully, although I have another meeting that overlaps right now,

Eric-Jan: I really feel excluded here.

Cindy: You could probably go down the hall and join the odd.

Eric-Jan: Now i'm home.

Cindy: I'm working from home.

Eric-Jan: I did. I did work with out until one hour ago

Cindy: I was going to say i'm pretty sure you were like right in the same room with him when we last spoke. You had your rights of Cindy.

Bernhard: So now i'm curious what meeting is coming up,

Cindy: Canasta?

Bernhard: Oh,

Cindy: you're right. This meeting all right

Bryan: in four minutes, if anybody wants to. There's a the state of Canasta meeting that your own is putting on. It's in. The link is in the media key deployment room in Oman, and then Bernhard I'm. Going to that, and then another one

Bryan: directly after. So do you want to meet in two hours or some time tomorrow, maybe to do the hopping thing?

Bernhard: Um?

Bernhard: Probably it better in two hours.

Bernhard: Okay, It's looking at it. Okay,

Bernhard: I all bye.