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Raw transcript:

Mark: Anyway, um, so

Mark: Yeah, I did it the other project I'm working on. I actually

Mark: Became very, very, very well more, I wouldn't say that much that many very I became more familiar with media wikis special form page which

Mark: Will come in handy in dealing with the Recording process.

Mark: I think that's all I have about that.

Mark: Um, is there someone else should say something. Now that we have the recording on so that I can. It won't just be me why every

Markus: Motion.

Markus: As he, as you mentioned, this payment.

Markus: I know that money transfer from Europe to the US is quite expensive.

Markus: In to see this correctly, that we currently do not process credit cards, but we only to wire money wiring.

Markus: Was switches are correct.

Mark: You could we, we can set up if you all want to do a credit card payment. We can do that. It's not a problem.

Mark: We do have

Mark: We do have to, you know, it might even be a good test of a credit card processing. But yeah, we can definitely do it.

Markus: Okay, I think I'm not totally sure about this, but I remember that wiring money is way more expensive than using a credit card payment method here.

Mark: I'm sure it is the reason we were looking at Swift is was because wiki base was

Mark: Asking for swift routing. Information

Mark: But definitely you know I I imagine there is a cost benefit to doing it credit card way so we can do that.

Mark: And

Mark: I don't know. Did you get an invoice yet or not.

Markus: Did I get

Mark: an invoice. You said you want no

Markus: No, actually I haven't we haven't officially registered. I was trying to do that today. But the registration seems to be broken, at least from my office I come home, I wrote something in the in the riot chat about

Mark: Okay well shouldn't. Are you talking about registering a user, you're not talking about that you're talking about this.

Markus: No talking about registering myself as an individual member and then subsequently registering hello editors corporate them.

Mark: Yeah, actually, that error that you posted there. I see that

Mark: So I'll have to look at that.

Markus: Yeah, that's

Mark: Actually that's from looks like probably passing in message object when it's not supposed to be there, or the other way around. Anyway, um,

Mark: Yeah, so that that's

Mark: Probably quick to fix. I'll be there in the half hour after this

Markus: Okay, well,

Bryan: I was just looking at it and I'm not 100% sure but it looks like an international swift outgoing wire transfer fee is about $45

Bryan: And then we just need to compare that to, you know, the percentage

Bryan: That credit card cost is and then what the, what the amount is, I guess, to see which one makes more sense but

Bryan: I don't know. It might make more sense just for ease of use. Once it's working to use the credit card.

Bryan: Got the goal. I think for having swift set up and ready was possibly to save money, but I didn't realize that that's a pretty hefty

Bryan: pretty hefty fee.

Bryan: Is that about what you're thinking of was Marcus up

Markus: Yeah. Yeah. So yeah $45 that was. Yeah, it's about good I I had in mind.

Mark: So, um, I guess, I guess that's pretty much where we're at. You look like you're happy, Eric, what's going on.

Eric-Jan: Thank you for giving me the floor. So I know know that web stands for, for our own company, which we don't refer to as W Ws, but unlike web as well.

Eric-Jan: But since you give me the floor, Mark. My question is, do we have any goals or objectives to reach this year, or is there is there wouldn't be a good idea to think about it clear agenda for this year.

Eric-Jan: Since the credit card payments seem seem to consume quite some time of us.

Mark: That is. Thank you for reminding me of that because, yeah, I was thinking about that earlier this meeting that we need to discuss that. And what I would suggest is that we

Mark: Maybe, maybe we can have some sub sub groups here said, you know, more than one come up with agenda of what we wanted you for this year I'm

Mark: Setting goals in in come back next month in this and you know set those in stone, we should have done that last year, you know, so we could do there for the year.

Cindy: But we had, we had the sub group where we came up with some suggested project and centered on

Cindy: Was it the PDF rendering

Cindy: Is that right. Did I remember correctly, anyways.

Cindy: So,

Cindy: That is one thing.

Cindy: And I guess we were waiting until the finances were straightened out before taking the next step on that.

Cindy: But that would be something that we

Mark: could consider for though is here as an action.

Mark: I think the finances are almost completed um

Cindy: And then we need to start actually bringing in a money that we could actually development. Yeah.

Mark: That small detail. Yes.

Mark: Um, no. But I'm glad you reminded me of that, um, the, was it was it just PDF rendering was that own you know where the record of that is

Cindy: I'm sure Brian has excellent

Bryan: Yeah, I need to find the link. But I do have notes for that sub group meeting.

Mark: Okay, I'm

Eric-Jan: Rendering the song is in the fabricator

Eric-Jan: Is on the fabricator board.

Bryan: And

Bryan: You know,

Eric-Jan: You could find something on the PDF rendering on the fabricator

Cindy: And we do need to start using that board more

Cindy: Regularly

Lex: Do we have any idea about the conference in spring.

Cindy: Just what your room sent out about he's planning it in person in Nashville, which I think is there is about zero chance that's actually going to happen. But that's my personal opinion. Now,

Bryan: That he's already. I think he's already backtracking on that internally the website doesn't

Bryan: show anything different, but

Bryan: I think it's going to be virtual

Mark: Um,

Mark: Okay, so, so we have three things to think about for this year. One is, you know,

Mark: various levels of involvement ones that conference once the

Mark: More make more and better use of fabricator see these are both easy things. And then the third is the PDF rendering figuring out something to do with their I guess is that in that. Did you say that was on fabricator already Eric

Eric-Jan: Yes, it is a 7010 said the task in the group chat in the zoom chat line.

Mark: Okay.All right, yeah.

Mark: So,

Mark: Yeah, maybe. Maybe we can spend the next

Mark: Month, or whatever, thinking about how

Mark: I

Mark: So, okay, you all had a group a subgroup to do this.

Mark: I'm looking at the people who are participating in the chat on this or the comments on it. I don't recognize. Most of the names

Mark: You know who those are

Mark: Send me

Mark: Em doses.

Cindy: Are you looking you're looking at the

Mark: I'm looking at the link that Eric pasted

Cindy: Which is the PDF rendering. It's an Archives project. Yep.

Cindy: Yeah well john Robson and Olga.

Cindy: For both Foundation, folks.

Cindy: These are all foundation to folks who were talking on this, but I'm not sure that this is the best

Cindy: What is actually the project. So the question is, is it. Is there a task related to this and there aren't any tasks within the projects archived. So I think there's probably a better project a better cast that we can point to, we just have to find it.

Mark: So,

Mark: Um, is there.

Mark: Is there anyone who has time to look for a better, you know, look for stuff related to PDF rendering that we could do here, and that is that what we want to focus on

Eric-Jan: Market home and make a suggestion.

Eric-Jan: What, what I would have expected that there are two recent initiative started you need media wiki community one by year and quarter, which you should all know about and one as kind of a joint contact or

Eric-Jan: Beginning initiative between hollow veldt and our company wiki based solutions.

Eric-Jan: Would it be an idea for next meeting to see how this relates to our board work.

Eric-Jan: To how these two

Eric-Jan: Starting initiatives.

Eric-Jan: relate to what we are supposed to do.

Mark: Definitely. Um, so we have we have a few minutes here. Just give us a brief overview of what your project is

Eric-Jan: And so

Eric-Jan: So you'll know what to build about but we we had a welt are

Eric-Jan: The beginning of trying to find out how we can be as a joint effort.

Eric-Jan: Effective in creating what we might cause a double the horizon, a content services that for

Eric-Jan: So if you look at the

Eric-Jan: Predictions in the future to Gartner is painting on where content and data will be organized and how they are calling such a application you're talking about a golden source of platform, which is quite recent

Eric-Jan: new vocabulary rights so so it arises in Gartner's

Eric-Jan: In carcass for Calgary, about two years ago.

Eric-Jan: So how the Wilton wiki based solutions and probably also other stakeholders are trying to

Eric-Jan: Build an event on the home once we could

Eric-Jan: Contribute in in shaping such a content services.

Eric-Jan: And how to

Eric-Jan: Deal with your

Eric-Jan: Introduced by Richard Heigl so Marcus. Marcus his

Eric-Jan: Colleague and

Eric-Jan: I would assume that companies and consultants and other stakeholders are now making up their mind on how to position and how to commit to

Eric-Jan: Either both projects on one of the two Earth. I don't know how this is going to work out. But what I do know is that we are supposed to think it's just that we're supposed to have an opinion on this.

Eric-Jan: So I would say as a board. We have to make up our minds on

Eric-Jan: On our precision position on these two what again say beginning initiatives. I don't know how this will develop

Eric-Jan: But this will become more more of us in the coming in the coming weeks, I would say.

Mark: Um,

Eric-Jan: You know, sometimes something much this one I'm talking about right. Yes. Yeah.

Cindy: Let's put the Charlie about it.

Mark: I have not heard. I did not hear content versus platform that's a new thing for me so

Mark: I guess I'm just not with it.

Bryan: I added a link, and correct me if I'm wrong. This is the

Bryan: So called Project Canasta thing that

Bryan: You Romans had two meetings over and a couple of emails about

Eric-Jan: This one initiative by urine, but that is separate from what color belt and neat and we can be solution talking about

Eric-Jan: Okay, trying to find out right so it's two separate initiatives.

Bryan: Yeah, and then the one that that maybe is separate that. Hello, Elton wiki base is working on was alluded to, or by add in the in the talk that he gave

Eric-Jan: You right, yes. Yes, you're right. Right. Exactly.

Cindy: So one of the aspects of that was was having more fine grained access control to Wiki pages as well.

Cindy: Yes, yeah.

Eric-Jan: Right, that's good. That could be one of the first building bucks or one of the modules that's being worked on talking about a content chairs that form.

Bryan: So the one, the one that

Bryan: That your own has kicked off it's breaking down into kind of three parts and the attempt at coming up with a common

Bryan: Platform and deployment tool so

Bryan: You know, they're going to be something like Meza or something like Docker.

Bryan: The actual transfer mechanism. So your own have page exchange but wiki base has something they currently use that they're pretty happy with. And then the actual transferred content. So some sort of

Bryan: Package or module or product, whatever you want to call it that.

Bryan: Can be commonly by multiple groups so like a customer relationship management software.

Bryan: package that that is added in the media wiki that does all the stuff that

Bryan: You know, I can Salesforce or

Bryan: Your CRM tool.

Bryan: But in the notes. I put in the chat here I put some notes and some original emails, if anybody's interested

Bryan: Know, in the last meeting earlier this week, Cindy. Your name came up is something to be really good to be in on the group, and it was only

Bryan: An email that your own had sent out and people that responded that have have really come to this meeting so far.

Cindy: Yeah, I'd be interested. Definitely to know more about it and

Cindy: To be involved.

Cindy: You know, at least in an advisory capacity.

Cindy: Feel free to add me to any communication.

Cindy: If it's helpful.

Mark: Is there a so. So Eric, I'm looking at Brians page and you know three points that he mentioned the three

Mark: Parts of project and ask the platform transferring content. How does that relate to the project you and

Mark: I are working on.

Eric-Jan: To be honest, Deacon esta that firm over 30 the link to the connector project is new to me.

Eric-Jan: But they certainly do. That shouldn't need to blame to this new to me. Um, let me see.

Eric-Jan: This was a project started.

Eric-Jan: Already in May of this year, so

Eric-Jan: Better ask Brian, how this relates to the conference services best phone right

Eric-Jan: Hi, Brian.

Eric-Jan: Tell something more. So Mark, would you like it to tell something more open esta

Mark: I know I'm curious, you were talking about your content.

Mark: What the work you were doing with have a vote. And I was looking at this and I was thinking, you know, it looks like there's overlap here, as you said, I believe.

Mark: I was trying to get some clarity on that Marcus. You have any idea of what

Markus: I have no idea. No.

Markus: I think that what we're seeing here is that in several places in the community or in the ecosystem. There are initiatives popping up which are

Markus: And I guess the topics that that occur are

Markus: The one is the product ideas is tailoring media to specific use cases. So that's what what i think we can see in in various places.

Markus: So, going beyond a media Ricky's over here. Now, see what you can do with it and provide actual use cases and optimize for those

Markus: In the content transfer, I guess, or the content is idea is some

Markus: I think that's a natural follow up to this idea, because in order to tell me directly to specific use case, you basically need templates you need the data on the data structures, especially also will use metric media wiki.

Markus: To be honest,

Markus: Interestingly, I'm more and more, no more about project can also then I know about the help that we can face relationship because that's Richard

Markus: Richard area at the moment. So I can't really say how they relate, but I think

Markus: We all kind of agreed that it doesn't make sense to have like 10 of initiatives that basically do the same thing. So, but what we can see in in both of them or also in the stakeholders is

Markus: The groups of people trying to work together, which I find very interesting development, it starts. That's something I haven't seen before and added to that extent.

Markus: And I guess.

Markus: Eventually that would kind of fuse.

Mark: I

Mark: Would like to hope, I hope that stakeholders group could be, you know, kind of the, the spark that gets those people to fuse together, um,

Mark: Is definitely. I know, I know it's late and everything, but is it possible for you to contact Richard and get him to come to the meeting and you know 20 minutes

Markus: Yeah, already asked him. Oh man, he said. Definitely Maybe

Markus: But I can push him again.

Mark: Yes, please. Um, because I would like to hear more about what he's doing there and how

Markus: Yeah.

Mark: What it has to do with this Napster thing. We hope you know i i was aware of it. But as I said I was very busy past few weeks, so

Eric-Jan: This, this was a taxi. What I would have wanted to discuss with you before the meeting and Mark So talking about possible strategic goals for this year.

Eric-Jan: Is you have covered

Eric-Jan: This would have covered and it's a pre enlightenment discussion on content service, platform as well.

Mark: Um,

Eric-Jan: So, because I know, I know, I know exactly what we want.

Eric-Jan: What we as a company and therefore also as a community was we would like to achieve.

Eric-Jan: Although I do not have a technical

Eric-Jan: Point of view on a more sexy.

Eric-Jan: Marketing point of view so

Eric-Jan: It might be not of interest to everyone.

Eric-Jan: And very interested on how Garth Brooks positioning a cookie cutters and I'm sure as hell.

Eric-Jan: If we were going to make stuff to work this totally arise and Garza is predicting

Eric-Jan: So when I met her for

Eric-Jan: About five years ago this was one of my first remarks that I said why is needed a wiki, not only in the magic quadrant of directors or what is needed to get there, or to get closer to with Eric. So, thisThis

Eric-Jan: 24 seven the idea

Eric-Jan: On

Eric-Jan: On being taken seriously in

Eric-Jan: Analyzing capabilities and the possibilities.

Cindy: Yeah, I'm 100% on board with that. That's something I've been talking about.

Cindy: For a long time, as well. The fact that I really do think that meeting with you could have much more market penetration, but it needs to have

Cindy: Marketing, you know, it needs to have let's say analysis research on marketing and so Gartner you're absolutely right. We need to see what what are the industry standards for

Cindy: Positioning it as a product

Cindy: It's not just going to happen naturally by itself, it's going to happen. It's going to definitely need it. Then and there are there are features capabilities that it's lacking that are needed for it to actually be robustly used in the work that you're doing and potentially working class.

Cindy: As well.

Cindy: I think

Cindy: are key to providing some of those capabilities. The other thing that I've been talking about a long time that I think is also progressing in various areas is the idea of being able to install and maintain the software in a

Cindy: Repeatable and predictable way.

Cindy: It's really that that's the. There's a lot of work that's being done.

Cindy: On Docker.

Cindy: Docker ization or Cooper Nettie is a cooper. Cooper daddy's ization that I think could help in that area. So I think that we, as the stakeholders. One of the real

Cindy: Strengths that we can have is being a clearinghouse coordination for some of those efforts.

Cindy: And I'm really excited about things happening at that level. You know, when we went back and looked into the board view and pick the project and, you know, said, you know, the duck export stuff might be

Cindy: An interesting project that was really thinking quite small. I think now looking back on it, I think really the power of what we can do is more as coordination of of these larger, more impactful projects that would

Cindy: You know, really affect the future of

Cindy: Media, we can use it to the enterprise's

Mark: So I'm

Eric-Jan: Eric, I

Mark: Take your point about, you know, wanting to meet to talk about strategy and stuff like that. And this, I think that would be something that would be good for a smaller group of us to get together, um, you know, two or three of us if it's me and you or me you and

Mark: SendingYou know,

Mark: But or anyone else who's interested. But it sounds like that's something that we should really have a focus group, you know, doing

Cindy: Where we as a board or a small enough group that I'd be happy if everybody wanted to participate. But I agree that it's important for us to have a dedicated meeting on

Mark: Just that topic. Yeah.

Mark: So okay, so about that, I think, can we set a. Can we agree Central time already. Can we agree that we want to meet again and in half. What next week about this and maybe discuss it some more, and perhaps do some discussion via email of the for them.Me.

Eric-Jan: Next week will be okay in two weeks, would be

Mark: Cool. If you want if

Mark: This week is too much. You know, I'm yeah I'm just trying to get things rolling. That's all.

Eric-Jan: Mark Ryan Mark Brian and Mark is our Lord.

Eric-Jan: Marcus Lex and Brian Burton

Eric-Jan: These

Eric-Jan: Could be okay.

Cindy: Yeah.

Mark: All right, I'll send out an invitation for next week. But yes, I think that

Eric-Jan: A Marxist mining, so it's okay.

Markus: Though, yeah.

Markus: I just had a funny incident where in the office next to my office a person would leave switching off the lights and leaving another colleague totally in the dark.

Markus: Love button.

Mark: So yeah, I'm next. So let's let's do that because I do think I agree with Cindy. I'm the the PDF rendering is a specific thing but it's probably too small for what we want to do.

Mark: I mean, it's a good thing quite again. Did the place where we as a group can be better is when we get people to coordinate and work together and hopefully that's what we can get going here.

Cindy: On market when you schedule that meeting.

Cindy: You can go ahead and use the same URL for this zoom meeting, it will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

Mark: So, okay.

Cindy: Yeah, so you can just go ahead and use this for any board related meetings.

Mark: All right.

Cindy: I will update the invitation for the board meeting, so that

Cindy: It's easier for folks to find it, and future.

Eric-Jan: Requests perhaps it will be possible, sorry, Mark. Perhaps it would be possible facility to get an update on Karen's initiative or starting initiative or arising any Steve where the status of that is

Eric-Jan: So we could possibly combine a discussion of our possible rule for these two initiatives and not equal ventures that only

Mark: Maybe a little luck out in your in will be there.

Eric-Jan: In the next meeting in you know 15 minutes

Cindy: I'd be I'm Brian, is there anything coming up any meetings coming up for Canasta that you're aware of

Bryan: A there is I'm tentatively plan for next

Bryan: Wednesday that will be talking more about the product side like the actual CRM bit and the infrastructure, one will be

Bryan: The following week we've been doing it on Wednesdays, but I'm add you if you look at the the last notes from this week. And you'll note that a few people asked for you to be there. I'm so

Cindy: Aware those notes.

Bryan: It's in that week that I put on the page there where it's just the empty state user my user page on em W steak and there's a little thing that says project NASA and then

Cindy: How I see it eventual

Bryan: Rich Evans is making out will be making a cast a wiki all move in the air. I didn't want something with the group really quick. Speaking of a gardener.I share my screen.

Bryan: So when I was working for pg&e I got a media wiki, wiki going

Bryan: And it hated it and wanted to crush it with all their might.

Bryan: And so they were lobbying pretty heavy to not use

Bryan: Media wiki. And in place of confluence so they created this little template here that showed a by confluence is better. Um, but ultimately, one of the line items here was the Gartner magic quadrant Atlassian is leader media wiki is undefined right but

Bryan: I responded to them with this and it was a pretty stupid thing for them to do.

Markus: Like

Bryan: The points were really bad, but

Bryan: The big one is like what Gartner magic quadrant. Was it says it on it. They had a link to it and you know the vendor must have achieved a minimum of 10

Bryan: And subscription license and or maintenance revenue for the calendar year right so well media wiki is not going to be on there but um but yeah a lot of their other points sucked. And we did a user test. And as it turns out, all users hated Confluence and everybody was loving media wiki.

Bryan: So they lost

Markus: Pretty hard on that 101 ofUs.

Bryan: The link in the chat. But I, I got to chat with

Bryan: A developer named machine and he has an extension called doc book export.

Bryan: Because I'll share my screen again real quick and

Cindy: It's the yeah and that's the one that we had talked about enhancing

Bryan: It's pretty nice. I actually got to chat with machine. Earlier this week, and he gave me a tour on a wiki that

Bryan: Was working. I think he had originally developed it for NATO, who also might be a good group for us to reach out

Markus: For potential sponsorship.

Bryan: But

Bryan: You can create on a page. This parse or function and you can

Bryan: Aggregate different pages that are in your wiki that can include

Bryan: Images and sections themselves, but you can put in like a graphic for a watermark and it automatically creates a table of contents and even at

Bryan: Index summary and a lot of other stuff. I mean it is pretty cool. So

Cindy: So if you look where you could pass where you paste that into chat.

Cindy: Like a couple lines up I tasted in

Cindy: From fabricator to 558 hundred. So there's a task that Mark had created last June, that was integrating the collections extension extension into doc book exports. So that was in particular what we had been talking about.

Cindy: Doing, but I don't know whether that's still I

Cindy: Know, just enough to be dangerous about the set of extension. So I've never used them.

Mark: So I get in depth at the dock look export and it is, you know, the functionality is there, I was frustrated with the architecture of it. Um, but yeah i i did start working on that for a client to

Mark: To get it more suitable for growth or moving, you know, being more than it was because it's relatively and maintainable and in its current state, um,

Mark: I mean, it has good functionality. But yeah, like I said, it's not maintainable, um, the

Mark: Yeah but i think i think this is all

Mark: Good stuff, and

Eric-Jan: I would say it calls for coordination is calls for direction right and

Eric-Jan: Yeah.

Mark: And that's

Mark: I think that is

Mark: The coordination direction is probably where the stakeholders could be most useful.

Mark: In just

Markus: You know I

Mark: I guess we need cudgels and get people to listen to us, you know, and then just do what we say.

Mark: That's how it works. Right.

Mark: So when you bought people over the head

Eric-Jan: Thinking generalAnyway,

Mark: Um, well, I am I am going to go, so we can

Mark: Have our next meeting, I guess.

Markus: You guys

Mark: Alright.

Eric-Jan: Alright, have a nice

Eric-Jan: Nice weekend.

Mark: Yep.

Cindy: You did you enjoy