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Lex: @Bernhard, can you please post the link to the Github issue/project/branch regarding "Semantic Search" that you mentioned?

Bryan: @Evita: Maybe not specific to GE, but what are your thoughts about companies that use MW + SMW basically for free in the past now being asked to help support SMW maintenance & development?

Bernhard: Who are you talking about?

Evita: are there really any companies that actually use it for free? Every company I know pays a developer, so they have a cost

Bryan: Not sure about the amount, but I started 2 wikis at companies I worked for and we didn't pay anyone. It was my side project. NASA may be another example of internal expertise.

Markus: Info about Sumana Harihareswara -> "Contributor Outreach" (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sumanah/ & https://changeset.nyc/)

Raw transcript[edit]

Bryan: like

Lex: I

Bryan: hey, can you go back to that? On and you think and see what it says for your icons there. I changed it from the HTML version to just a copy paste it icon. But if that doesn't work, I think I'll just use a image. for the

Lex: where is that exactly?

Bryan: even the main page and you just click

Lex: Yeah. Okay. Got it. Yeah.

Bryan: What is what it like?

Lex: No, no, we've still got this strange. show you

Bryan: What are you using Firefox?

Lex: yeah at the moment. Yes.

Bryan: Yeah, I think that's probably it. I checked Chrome and Internet Explorer and Edge and it'll seem right but I think

Lex: Okay. Well, let me check the others.

Bryan: fire

Lex: Guys, just a green. Current status, it's just green and I'm bronze now.

Bryan: But right I'm not I'm not actually interested in as much in the what your status is. But what is the icon look like?

Lex: Yeah, just a square.

Bryan: for You okay? Yeah, I think I'll

Lex: with the green

Bryan: make that an image instead of a icon. bummer Is there there's probably a way I can find out like what browsers respect? What icon right?

Lex: Oh.

Bryan: oh, and by the way You're transaction Lex seemed to have worked. At least from the logs perspective. That's what Mark just said.

Lex: It hasn't worked.

Bryan: It has indeed.

Lex: I does. Okay, okay. Okay, fine.

Bryan: Yeah, I was getting a lot of that trying to change into the corporate membership.

Mark: You again?

Lex: hmm

Mark: It's you guys again.

Bryan: Yes. And he would have thought.

Markus: It's always always the same Five Guys.

Mark: Well it it's good. I you know, there's no beer to drink here, but Although although again. People are drinking. Oh, well, is that beer is that

Markus: coffee Yeah, I always disguise my dearest coffee because it's my social relatives, you know more socially

Mark: a right

Markus: accepted if you drink coffee during the day.

Mark: same anyway I'm just gonna enjoy looking at you guys because you're so handsome you're so. Up Sandy. I have to you can't hear what I just said because

Cindy: Why?

Mark: I was talking about well, I guess I'll tell you um I was just saying to these other men here. Oh, I guess I I just enjoyed looking at how handsome you guys are you're

Bryan: you

Mark: beautiful.

Cindy: There's nothing wrong with that.

Mark: Well, yes, but you know. And Evita's join us. Hello Evita again.

Cindy: So this is basically the same meeting we just had.

Mark: Yes, it is. That's fine.

Cindy: That should make it go fast.

Mark: Um

Lex: time

Mark: Yeah, actually I did I did reach out to I told Brian this last night. I did reach out to the indict group. I have not heard back. So I maybe I just reached out to the wrong person. But I was hoping that they could join us this this. month But they didn't. so anyway um any interesting uses of media Wiki in your lives is this past month? No, okay.

Markus: I since it has been mentioned before there's this composer update composer 200. I don't really know what to expect from this so it gives me all warnings. Like if I update there might be some things breaking but does anyone has any experience with that? Did you update composer to compose it Oh. too?

Bryan: I I just saw that warning that I haven't done anything with it yet. I was hoping somebody else would do it and then give me a feedback.

Mark: I have you done anything. I you mentioned something with its I needed you do anything with it.

Cindy: No, I haven't done anything with it. I know that it's an issue for the composer merge plugin and there's a volunteer patch to compose emerge plugin. That's I haven't checked to see whether it got merged. But it was being considered that would make a composer merge plugin work for composer 2.0. So if you're using composer merge plugin. Until that gets merged you can't upgrade and my understanding is that there were various other. Issues as well and I'm not sure whether composer 2.0 is the reason that semantic media Wiki tests are failing now, I suspect it's that might be a component in addition to deprecations in 35.

Mark: Yeah, I I also saw the test for failing in semantic media Wiki because I I made a patch or whatever against it. Um art was probably against another you know extension it relies on it. I think it's manic extra special properties was when I was doing um,

Evita: so

Mark: Yeah, I tried to look at it.

Evita: you can I say something just to let you guys know how clueless a lot of time I am when you guys talk. I actually know what composer is now. I just my first Wiki on my personal

Cindy: Why?

Evita: computer a couple weeks ago. So I'm proud of myself for that it took me a long time, but

Bryan: And literally so I knew what a composer was but until like earlier this week. I had never actually installed anything that depended on composer. It's my first actual experience with it. And then I got a warning that I was using an old version and that always freaks me out. And I also got a warning. So maybe this is just an open question. So it failed when I ran. And so it was basically complaining.

Evita: skip

Bryan: I'm finally did it and then another directory and I was like hi. Okay, whatever. So what if I try to do it with pseudo and it worked but then it said hey don't ever do that.

Cindy: Yeah.

Bryan: So what?

Cindy: Oh, I always run it as rude and I always ignore the message saying I shouldn't do that.

Mark: I never

Bryan: Okay.

Cindy: I'm not I'm not saying that's the thing to do. But yeah.

Markus: It me too. Yeah.

Cindy: Yeah.

Mark: Lex Lex do you run in his route?

Bryan: I

Mark: I never run in his route. So

Lex: composer I think do yeah.

Mark: Yeah. Why why y'all do that? I don't understand anyway, um.

Bryan: well How do you how do you how do you allow it to create the directories that it needs? Or do you manually create it or what? How do you do it without? I mean, I know there was a it actually told me where to look to learn about it and I just failed to do that. So

Mark: So I install whenever I install media Wiki, it's always installed usually as the user that I am. And in that user is not the web user because I don't want the web user being able to write any PHP files it has so. Um, are y'all installing media Wiki as the web user? Or is Route itself?

Markus: No.

Mark: what what user I mean because as far

Lex: No.

Mark: as I know the only directory it needs is the vendor directory, right?

Bryan: Well, it needs the vendor directory and then within the vendor directory, there's a smart a smarty directory and within the smarting directory. There's another smarty directory. And so regarding just a trait what it needed one by one but just kept wanting more things and just didn't know if I was you know, so I just didn't. root Provisions that

Mark: I I've never run into that so I don't know. You're gonna have to you're gonna have to show me your composer Jason file or whatever that you were installing because I have never run into that problem. So I'm very I wouldn't say very I'm careful. Oh, look. Look who's just showed up.

Cindy: Yeah.

Mark: So I Bernard we were just talking about you because semantic media Wiki conference.

Bernhard: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Hello. Sorry

Cindy: Hello.

Mark: Hey. No problem.

Bernhard: So any questions regarding the conference or

Mark: We how is the planning going?

Bernhard: Oh, very good. Actually, I think we have a great program already. Most of the slots are filled except for tutorials, maybe there would be it would be place for that or some create camp or hackathon things if you Guys are interested. We can also plan that more in the evening so that it would be time wise. Suitable or also for you?

Cindy: I do appreciate you adjusting the

Bernhard: so

Cindy: time so that it's more us friendly.

Bernhard: yeah, yeah. And we will probably we just today tested Hopkins who will probably use hopping for the conference.

Cindy: What's it called?

Bernhard: Which hop in?

Cindy: Hop in it's a new one to me.

Bernhard: It's a British company, I think. And it's a little bit different than doing it with soon because we assume it's like like here with meat. It's just you know, you you everyone

Bryan: skip

Bernhard: can show up and someone can present and you have a chat. And with helping it's more. It's more like a virtual real conference. so you would you would go into a session and listen to it, and there would be presenters and you can go out to to a Both are a virtual Cafe. And you can join in again and if you

Cindy: nice

Bernhard: And if you want to raise a question, you can use the chat but you can also be invited to share your your video and audio but it's not usually that everyone sees everyone so it has pros and cons but we just the the main Pro is I think you don't have to install any Zoom client. So but you can just use it in the browser. So we're gonna try this one.

Bryan: That's really cool something. I was actually thinking about at the last one. Is there like a virtual Lobby or something where you can come out and then you you see what sessions are running and you can choose very

Bernhard: Yes. Yes.

Bryan: cool.

Cindy: That's nice.

Bernhard: Yeah.

Cindy: That's that's a big Improvement.

Bernhard: Yeah. So in case any any one of you would be interested in in organizing some specialized grade cap session or whatever. I'm all open for that. So, please just

Cindy: Well, maybe this is a good idea to

Bryan: it

Mark: Sounds good.

Lex: Okay.

Cindy: excellent

Lex: do a burner

Bernhard: Yeah.

Lex: Did you make question about this semantic search GitHub aspect? I'm not sure whether it's an issue a project or a branch or a tag.

Bernhard: Yeah, I have to search it as well. I don't know.

Lex: Look, it's not urgent at all. But if you

Bernhard: Yeah, sure.

Lex: if you

Bernhard: I I think it was some.

Lex: I had it but I couldn't find anything.

Bernhard: Yeah.

Lex: Maybe I'm I don't. Look for it at the right place. No urgent at all.

Bernhard: Alright. Yeah sure. I will try to find it because I'm I want to know where it is myself so.

Lex: Okay. But good.

Cindy: Skip take care everybody good to see you.

Bernhard: Okay.

Cindy: Bye. Good to see you. Everybody.

Bernhard: Yeah and have

Markus: Take care.

Bryan: I said

Lex: to do my

Markus: Bye see you.

Bryan: it

Lex: Okay man an immunog, I'm sorry, Brian. Should I switch back to English?

Bryan: No go far. I'm just gonna go eat some cereal.

Lex: Okay, and

Mark: or

Lex: It does not cloudy people. distance. Always it's just scenario.

Bernhard: to Massachusetts

Lex: Yeah, that's why so hard to talking

Bernhard: all of us

Lex: about. Let's teaming and talking to who's here. Hey dummy, it moves to hold the vehicle of person problem is it made with interducts this actually moves? a body when it comes more That's not mine.

Bernhard: that

Lex: Otherwise he helped you he jumps forward and said of the corona optician yet. Job, yeah for teen talking my positive contestant whenever. And they try take Target to house and

Bernhard: okay.

Lex: it's kind of house. open and also when they may happy Stone jungle up.

Bernhard: first time

Lex: my stomach and

Markus: If this is this wasn't Hardy as it.

Lex: even

Markus: before and if you didn't climb into a bicones to our bodies, couldn't you had a long well if you have no

Lex: Bernhard

Bernhard: yeah.

Markus: that's to yeah, it's a holiday.

Lex: The Hawks and the spear is addition. Yeah, is that any prominent

Bernhard: Yeah moments.

Lex: motivation took too? Well, so almost

Bernhard: Interstice. Yeah, the seniors can lock down sponsors, Nick Smith.

Lex: guys

Bernhard: beer

Lex: You know, I have two phones a beanie

Bernhard: pizza houses

Lex: with a mask here.

Bernhard: Yeah, I'm gonna quit spending the hummus in agony good stuff for and Vicky Consulting quick Advanced sustainability. So that gets into major vacation alone. and confidence Vicky That's another question.

Lex: But your email.

Bernhard: because

Lex: Okay. our email rickyahoyanto

Bernhard: he

Lex: now, okay.

Markus: if for option with my video

Lex: also Yeah, that that's my command and each while it's still talking me that much.

Markus: Long-term. Okay, he made me stand with him.

Lex: Okay.

Markus: Yeah.

Bernhard: Okay. ciao

Lex: Down, yeah.

Bernhard: has

Lex: yeah, I got them busy sooner versus I'll be here and Carlton talk to me at

Bernhard: not yeah.

Lex: Great Space missing my sport baby tomorrow boss on them our mortgage on animate skit s and Vietnam Well, I would say. I so yeah, that's too small contain anymore.

Bernhard: none may feel home office. I want it contained in it.

Lex: So take me.

Bernhard: No.

Lex: like

Bernhard: Yeah tutorial session Frontier.

Lex: yeah, it's been so in react coding. It's took me a slightly twice about

Bernhard: you

Lex: you hopped Ashton and see I showed this program to some other.

Bernhard: you have the stream channel.

Lex: Even also it's about even they sell barbecue mechanics fine. Our skill in damage is out of each sponsor a Libra boss. But I don't think the opportunity that's costing me at least most is react as you've been in go programming on react programming it's thing. On thus yeah, that's abducted. The skip bit each name is small countries.

Bernhard: Okay.

Lex: College mean this song he came out Overhauls your housekeeper. Thank you.

Bernhard: okay first

Lex: and coolest programmers on

Bernhard: yeah, you're not constantly.

Lex: This hope this is hoping it cool out.

Bernhard: Yeah.

Lex: quickly gets annoyed job

Bernhard: Yeah, yeah. Good done. Sure enough. You know, thank you. Who's

Bryan: Well Lex.

Lex: Hi, Brian, so no, I just didn't want to disconnect with a saying. Goodbye.

Bryan: Okay. Yeah, and I I just went and grabbed some cereal that you guys talked, but that's crazy that you you you're the first person. That I actually know. A firsthand not through somebody else that has now gotten coded.

Lex: Yeah. Now I know a lot of people now. Yeah, it's closing in and I think you know most likely most of us will get it at some point.

Bryan: Yep. Yep.

Lex: and we just have to make sure that yeah, you keep your immune system up and if you have to if it's serious well then get the good treatment. But you know it there might never be a vaccination and imagine if there there's never a vaccination. Well, we can't go on like this. You know. Locking up people for months, and then that's just not feasible.

Bryan: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, you know. what the interesting argument that I used to use about more related to self-driving cars and that We you know, we have the shifting Baseline of acceptance, right and my argument was in the us alone. We kill somewhere between 30 and 40,000 people every year.

Lex: Yeah.

Bryan: Vehicles every year we that's how many people die right and and we're okay with it now. It's like that's a part of daily life and what and my argument was that.

Lex: now

Bryan: self-driving cars have the potential to drastically reduce that right, but there's still a fear that Let's just pretend that it went from you know, 35,000 to 1,000. Right but there was 1,000 still died, but it wasn't just because of something random like a an actual driven car by a human runs into the self-driving car. If it was actually just some weird glitch. There's something innate about us that like we would still fear that like

Lex: well

Bryan: Dropping be somehow scarier if this computer could do it. But but you know, we have a 30-fold reduction in deaths, but we think

Lex: Yeah.

Bryan: because of this weird programming glitch, even though objectively we're way safer.

Lex: but imagine if you board a plane when you board a plane there's about 30 million code lines that are executed

Bryan: Yep.

Lex: and there's a machine, you know assembled out of 30 Million Parts by some 20 year olds in Seattle and you have no problem whatsoever to get into that machine.

Bryan: Well something most people but I mean, I guess here's the thing. Um, it makes our death more deterministic and that's scary. Right? Like let's say that every day that you go out on a walk. You have a one in 10,000 chance of dying right just for over walk related Falls or

Lex: No.

Bryan: But it's just it seems natural. Right but let's pretend that that was switched with you walk outside and you hit a button and a stream of numbers come up and if it ends up happening to be the number 10,000. You are exiting on the spot, right?

Lex: Yeah, yeah.

Bryan: Right? We so fearful of hitting that button because it's just it changes it from being a natural thing to like this program it deterministic fear, right? But anyway, that's all a setup to say that. if we had if cars weren't killing anybody or you know, human drivers driving cars weren't killing anybody. And suddenly we killed 40,000 people because of something new like cars were new or something new happened. It would be, you know outrageous and we would be fearful of it and and Because it's not this shifting Baseline, right? We haven't gradually become used to it. So it's now suddenly super terrible and bad but you know in the US we kill something between you know, 40 and 60,000 people every year because of the the normal flu that circulates every flu season, right sometimes a little bit worse. Sometimes it's not as bad. But that's the CDC estimate. Right? And again, we have become used to that but now a new one comes through and it is admittedly worse, right but You know, it's it's weird. It's I think it's because it's this new thing that we get super frightened by it. So my analogy about the new thing

Lex: you

Bryan: freaking people out. In my argument about cars has come to fruition in and you know code. So it could be that well shouldn't I shouldn't say it could be it probably is that this is a new virus that will continue to circulate and and keep killing us at some point. We might be better as Population of Earth and trying to eradicate, you know, a lot of deaths from a lot more viruses including the common flu covid and and others but but here's where we are right now and it is bizarre that you know, we ground a lot of economies to a halt because of it.

Lex: Yeah, really? strange But so yeah, you and your family you're all fine. And

Bryan: Yeah again, I I personally You're the first that I know

Lex: Okay.

Bryan: firsthand that the god. So yeah, how about yourself? Everybody else's that?

Lex: Yeah. Yeah, I think my dad probably has picked it up. My uncle is positive. A couple of children. I know. Yeah, I know. I I know a good dozen people now have it. I mean, you know, someone has to have it because if you don't I mean it's all right now no I want to but not your case, but I always joke with people if you live on for years and you don't know anyone then you just have no friends. But don't misunderstand that now I was just pulling back from that right? Because if 10 years down the road something I know absolutely no one who has a well then you don't really know where a lot of people because it has to

Bryan: and

Lex: at some point

Bryan: yeah.

Lex: appear, right

Bryan: Yeah, yeah.

Lex: But that you know, I didn't want to. Allege anything there? I know it's not true. That why that's why I can make it but sometimes you know, it's you have to be careful with this kind of joke. it's some people I do are a little lonely and so

Bryan: Yeah. Well, I mean, I do know quite a few people and and and because of that I know. I do know, you know secondhand quite a few right? But but again, it's pretty weird that you know firsthand. I'm the only one interestingly. I was looking at the per capita. You know I was talking to. Your own Corrine about you know a potential Spring EMW Con in person. and you know, I I so I looked up actually I'll share it with you because I think it's a pretty good format for it but a good graphic for Corona spread, but yeah per capita right now. Looks like you guys are kicking some butt.

Lex: Mm-hmm.

Bryan: Yeah, here you go. Before I forget let me download the transcript for this. And why do I do that? Let's see. No. Well, then I'm trying to remember how to do something. I have an add-in called tactic. allows the this this meaning normally you can turn on closed captioning. and then it just grabs those so I can download the meeting transcript.

Lex: Okay.

Bryan: but how do I Yeah, there you go.