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Raw transcript:

Cindy: I assume if anybody wanted to object, they would have beenA leader.

Mark: Take it away, Eric.Or john

Mark: Can't hear you.

Bryan: We can hear you just really quiet.Right.

Eric-Jan: This is better.

Bryan: Yes, it's really, really, really quiet and it sounds like maybe your microphone is on your computer, not your

Bryan: Your headphones or whatever that you have in maybe your get closer, trying to switch the audio.

Bryan: Now it's still really quiet.

Eric-Jan: Should probably do it.

Bryan: BetterYes, better

Eric-Jan: Alright.

Eric-Jan: Alright.

Eric-Jan: Hi there.

Eric-Jan: So Mark, you were trying to give me the floor, but can you tell me what you expect from me.

Bryan: Mark, you're on you.

Mark: Thank you. You said you wanted this meeting, I believe I believe you're the one who said you wanted this meeting. Y'all can correct me if I'm wrong, but

Mark: To talk about, you know, getting people to sign up for memberships on the on the thing.

Eric-Jan: What I recall instead

Eric-Jan: Then I asked to to take these two weeks to

Eric-Jan: To complete the workflow and to

Eric-Jan: To clear away any obstacles, so that we could start in approaching customers and other

Eric-Jan: Other relationships for for the for the membership. Right. That was what I hoped that we would have done in the last two weeks.

Mark: Right, and I think that as far as workflow let, let me check real quick, but

Mark: I worked with Brian to get the

Mark: Workflow up

Mark: Writing

Mark: I believe said that he thought we needed a progress bar. I'm put that up there. Um,

Mark: I think, I think it's already, I think.

Bryan: When Mark maybe are all here you can show that often get some feedback.

Mark: Yeah, let's try that. Then

Mark: Hang on.

Mark: WC

Mark: Guess I'll share my screen.

Mark: And figure out. Yeah, there it is.

Mark: All right, here we go.

Mark: demonstrate this with

Mark: You just click on become a member. I'm getting used to an account that I don't have on here.

Mark: Well that work. No, it won't work.

Mark: Oh, that this is something that we haven't done. Let's see.

Mark: See, I should have demonstrated this before. And then I would have seen what we had done and what we had not beenAnd where's my phone.

Mark: I'm

Mark: Cindy, can you authorize that account, real quick.

Cindy: Absolutely.

Cindy: Remind me what what the email address wasX mode.

Mark: Yep.

Cindy: Again, okay. Try out

Mark: All right, I'm in. I'm go back to the front page.

Mark: Click become a memberLet's see.

Mark: Here to this almost CSS entirely bar that we have look so lovely. Thank you. Um,Anyway,

Mark: Then you fill this out with see

Mark: Right there.

Mark: Go down here right now. You can only I thought we took this out.

Mark: Right now you can only choose

Mark: Well, we took out the set, we did take out that stepping you're only signing up for Member individual membership here.

Mark: I'm

Mark: I'm

Mark: Credit card.

Mark: Anyway, you would fill that out. Y'all want to see this or

Mark: Is that satisfactory.

Eric-Jan: Well, if

Eric-Jan: Mark

Eric-Jan: Could

Eric-Jan: Be introduction for us.

Eric-Jan: As board members and the commitments we would like to make as a member would you like us to to do this to come and weeks or

Mark: Yeah.

Mark: So I think that's a good idea is to

Eric-Jan: Generate generate an invoice.

Mark: Excuse me.

Eric-Jan: Does this piece of the workflow. This

Eric-Jan: This template does generate an invoice.

Mark: It.

Mark: It will email you

Mark: Something the invoice does not come from the extension. It doesn't. It comes from the payment handler.

Mark: Right, so that's where that would come from.

Mark: It, it, I think it works. I mean, all that works. It's actually currently making a monthly debit from my right account. So I know it's working. Um,

Mark: It would be good to have you all sign up for this and then try it again. Try it as well.Right.

Bryan: Well, and do it scientifically maybe just kind of wanted a time and then you know get input from everybody. And then change as we go versus

Mark: Well, yeah, that I guess that makes sense. Um,

Mark: Scientifically

Mark: You're talking about people here.

Mark: Anyway, I'm

Eric-Jan: The one minute. Sorry, people

Eric-Jan: WhatsApp. No, no, please go. Go ahead.

Mark: Yeah. Um, no. I think that's a good idea to if

Mark: Why don't we decide right now, you know, hey on

Cindy: Just did it.

Mark: Oh, you did.

Eric-Jan: A lot

Mark: taking the initiative there.

Cindy: Well, now a member

Eric-Jan: The lead the initiative.

Mark: So let's not talk about it. Let's do it. Yeah.

Eric-Jan: It seems

Cindy: I did the yearly $100 now we had talked at some point about us. The board members potentially giving more to, you know,

Cindy: And you find a nest egg.

Mark: And and i was and we do need to talk about that as well. So, let's go. Since I'm still sharing my screen.

Eric-Jan: Can you tell us a. Meanwhile, Cindy. What you're receiving your email in your inbox.

Cindy: Nothing yet. Hold on, let me see if it's coming.

Eric-Jan: Or

Cindy: I did not receive anything in email.

Cindy: Which is a bit of a problem.

Mark: That's a problem. Um, maybe all the emails I was seeing were the ones that are because I'm handling the I'm my I get all the emails for the credit card processing.

Mark: Um,

Mark: So yeah, we

Mark: We need to figure that out.

Cindy: And that unless it just takes a little while to process.

Mark: Right. Um,Let's see.

Bryan: We're going back to the scientific approach if we you know we have one data point now.

Bryan: Where we have many missing receipts via email. So, um, you know, instead of just having everybody blast it out. It'd be kind of nice to try to fix that. And then, and then attempt to another one.

Bryan: And see if that that works. Yep. The other thing I think we're supposed to have is the ability for the general public to become a user on the website, not a member without any approval.

Mark: And right and

Mark: And since you mentioned that Brian. That was a change that we, you know, I had forgotten about that change that we were going to just switch over to making

Mark: A Google authentication work just, you know, out of the box and then change the editing permissions. So the only paid memberships would be able to edit.

Mark: And that those are the things that I can do this weekend, so neither one of those is going to be really big.

Cindy: Right now we're using Google for authentication. So even if we change it to that we don't have to manually authorize people's email addresses. We're still requiring that they have a Google compatible email address, we might want to open that up.

Mark: Somehow well

Mark: Can is that since you're since you set up this initially. Is that something you can do this weekend are now or whenever soon to just

Cindy: To do what to remove. You know, I can just

Mark: Remove the manual step that we have to do right now.

Cindy: Oh yeah, that that's just a matter of uninstalling the email authorization

Mark: Extension right

Cindy: And that what that lets everybody log in and do everything. So anybody can come in and edit the site. I think we talked about making it to that there were some. There was a group that people would belong to. So

Mark: If you go to, let's see if I'm since I'm still sharing my screen. I'm gonna go look at your account. Well, let me log out and log in his ministry later.

Mark: Ours is my

Mark: Initial account. No, don't. Not that way.

Mark: Go delete the Google cookies.

Cindy: Come on. So, so while you're while you're doing that. My question was should we change it so that you do not, it does not, in addition to not having this manually authorized people that people do not require a Google account, but just can create your own username and password.

Mark: I was

Mark: I guess we'll leave that open at all. What do you think

Eric-Jan: I think you should be facilitated to become a member

Eric-Jan: Or user without a Google account, I would say you should be free to

Eric-Jan: Do not have such an account.

Cindy: And we actually what we could do, I believe, is enable it to that they could do Google or just to create their own username and password.Yeah.

Mark: So either or. That sounds like a good thing to do.

Bryan: Yeah, cuz. The other thing to think about would be what happens to all of us that have

Bryan: Google Now.

Mark: Well, if we leave it so that Google is set is authorization, then it still works. Right.

Cindy: If we make it to that you can log in, either with the username and password or with Google, it will still work.

Cindy: Right, otherwise we would have to have people create accounts and then we'd have to use the user merge extension to merge.

Mark: I think, then it's easier to make it either or

Cindy: People who have Google accounts, you know, that would be easier.

Mark: Right, so either. I think Tim. Can you set that up to make it either or

Cindy: I should be able to, it's just a flag for blogger blog.

Mark: Alright, so that's it's two action items for Cindy, then

Mark: To remove the account email confirmation our account you know confirmation or you have to manually approve the account and then set up the either or login. Um, one action item so far for me is, what's the action for me. Oh, make sure emails out invoices or emails, um,

Mark: What else

Bryan: Um, I don't know if you mentioned it, but that when

Bryan: Good normal just user doesn't have edit rights.

Mark: Oh yes, it's true I so I actually do that too. All right, Cindy. If you're since you're in there. You can doIt.

Mark: I mean either or doesn't matter to me.

Mark: But I don't want us both doing it in different places. Yeah.

Cindy: I'm looking at it right now.

Cindy: But don't wait for me. Yeah, I'll just do this in the background while you all are talking

Mark: I'm sorry. So Cindy, since she has signed up. She should have

Mark: Should have

Mark: Member right there. That is that is a group that it's put her in as a is since he has a paid membership.

Cindy: Okay. So you already did that part. Cool.Right.

Mark: So, um, we can just make it center in those files already. If you want to give

Mark: You know, take away right permission.

Mark: To everyone who's not a member, then you know that's something you can do. Let me know if you did it. And if you don't, I'll do it.

Mark: Let me make sure I'm right, that I that that group is the one by looking at my own account.

Mark: Yep, there's member and you see it also has Corp.

Bryan: Interestingly, there's an official editors. What's the group rights for that.

Mark: The official, that's a different thing. I don't know, I think, Cindy set that up.

Mark: But

Mark: I know that I removed some people from it, since I hadn't seen them in a while, so I remove some people from the official editors group.Okay.

Cindy: It should theoretically be set up now.

Cindy: If you refresh that page, you should see that the only person who has edit is member peak members of the group memberYep.

Mark: Um,

Bryan: And I suppose we should

Bryan: Maybe make sure that we add a couple people that

Bryan: Should have it. No.I mean,

Mark: Actually, I think, I think.

Mark: You just added that that thing I'm, I'm a little bit confused. I need to confirm that the membership, the group that it's adding is the correct one. Because here it has member individual that it gives Member rights to but then we saw that I did. Cindy and I were members.

Mark: Make sure that we have that

Mark: Thinking right about that special

Mark: User

Mark: So yeah, you're not your only official editor. Yeah.

Cindy: Yeah, there's a bunch of people who are in the official editors group, but only you and I are now members, but I'm not sure if everybody needs to watch us do this, um,

Mark: No, no, it's fine.

Mark: You're right. We don't all need to watch this.

Markus: It's very interesting, though.

Mark: But yes, it. I'm a little confused about why there's member individual. And then it also has the but it put us in the member group. I think that's a programming there. But anyway, I kind of like just having member, um,

Mark: So what else do we need to do we need to after, after we

Mark: Get the email invoices set up then.

Mark: What I should contact each one of you individually and say, you know, let, can you go through the process and give me feedback.

Mark: Or is there someone else who wants to do that.

Eric-Jan: No good. Good idea, Mark.

Mark: Well, I see I was trying. I was trying to give someone else that work.

Eric-Jan: So I was hesitating between the proof of the pudding is in the eating or put your money where your mouth is. But I would go for the first I would say

Eric-Jan: The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Mark: Right.

Mark: Yeah, so let's

Mark: Okay, so we we just discussed the action items we have

Mark: Things that we need to do in the coming week

Mark: So I, is there anything else we need to discuss now.

Mark: I don't think so.

Mark: Brian. Could you confirm that there's nothing else for us to discuss

Bryan: That I've nothing less left on the agenda, and I'll add the action items I think soon. He's already done some of them, but the other one is there's a open action item on that and

Bryan: The defining document the membership process and I'll add to that with kind of creating that a list of board members to, you know, try to do their board membership and provide feedback and, you know, fix bugs as we see him. Yep.

Mark: All right. Um, I think, I think we can cut it in half an hour. Then, yay, yay. Good meeting.

Lex: I have one more question.

Lex: Brian. What's the general plan for the upcoming

Lex: SM W com

Lex: Do you have any

Markus: I have a little insight there. So as you know, it will be an online conference, right.

Markus: And it

Markus: Is currently the stages that

Markus: They had cropping and Richie are intensely Richard Heigl I working on making that happen.

Markus: That's

Markus: All I know

Lex: So, so then you haven't Richie hasn't told you that I called him because I prefer

Lex: Yes, Earth.

Markus: Next, Next will be the only in person attendee to the end.

Lex: Of your call. Look, no. My idea was, I come and visit you in Regensburg and then we we we sit in front of the computer together.

Cindy: Alice

Lex: That was the ideaRight.

Mark: Y'all are so lucky that they let you all travel outside your country.

Lex: Yeah.

Markus: Yeah, I guess, what if you want to have more details, I can report on the next MW steak meeting.

Lex: Well, I'm falling whatever's on as an overview on the on the website. Of course, I mean, on the wiki.

Markus: Um, can I also had one other thing.

Markus: So,

Markus: As it, it's about the media. We keep lot. So it seems like the foundation is not gonna let us use media kit or blog, they

Markus: Reached out to them. They said, well, we normally don't do that. I reached out to them again and said defined normally and is there exceptions. They did not

Markus: Get back to me for weeks now. So we think that this is probably not going to happen in like the near future. And we still want to launch the block. So we're looking for an alternative domain, something like either

Markus: Media wiki experts, one person suggested m.edu wiki, but that's not feasible, I guess.

Markus: But are there any objections to that idea of having a slightly alternative version. So something like media wiki experts maturity.

Markus: Whatever media Vicki blocked up blog right yeah

Mark: So I can give you the domain wikis rock wikis rocks.

Mark: Know,

Mark: Any other names work fine.

Markus: Yeah, so, um okay so we can we can it. I don't remember the exact name. I'm sorry about this. But it was not offensive in any way. It had an immediate wiki in it, but it was like

Markus: news about media kit or something. I'm

Markus: Not sense. Okay, so I will, I will tell Richie that we will start with that one. And if we ever get the foundation to have us use media kit or blog, then

Markus: And then we can switch. But we have some, you know, and domain for us. Dr.

Cindy: You hear back from a specific person or was it just sort of

Cindy: Another words, did they say, who was behind the email that was interested

Markus: Yeah, it was a specific person.

Markus: Greg Ingersoll inches over in I N G. R. S. O. W.

Cindy: Grant. Grant.

Markus: Grant.

Markus: Number. Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.

Markus: That's wrong.

Markus: That's wrong.I'm confused.Jewish

Markus: You see, I'm

Markus: Stuck in the last weeks.

Markus: I can, I can tell you, Cindy. I can tell you after the meeting if you're interested.

Cindy: Just curious if it's anybody that I know that I could

Cindy: Lean onSo,

Cindy: Please respond to you.

Cindy: Since you actually, you know, at least give you a definitive answer one way or the other.

Markus: Yeah, I mean I reached out to him twice, I think, and

Markus: To be honest, I think that the chances are very high Cincy Oregon, I think, you know, I've seen that sort of behaviour before it's like they say it's not very likely, then you say why it's not like in the end the conversation justCuts off.

Markus: Just answer, but I mean, I will still keep trying to get at least a definite answer on that. But

Markus: We're talking about different timelines here, you know, different speeds. So if you want to start the blog and I mean it's all prepared and ready

Markus: In, say, four weeks in negotiation with the foundation takes half a year that so we don't want to just have the Clinton dropped somewhere, right. So that's it.

Markus: Yep.

Bryan: Yes, this is a bit. Have you thought about whatever you're thinking about using if it does include the word media wiki to try to get approval.

Markus: Yes, yes, we thought about that, and D.

Markus: It's the trademark issues when you kind of suggest that this is like official media wiki. So effectively, Mark, I can, I can always do a blog that says tips and advice about media wiki. So this doesn't indicate I'm only media wiki in some way and the domain is set in such a way

Bryan: Okay.

Bryan: Yeah, I put a suggestion in the chat for just like Community Media wiki, but something that's like trying to be obvious that it's not. But that makes sense if it's, if it's not assuming over ownership.Yep.

Eric-Jan: The

Eric-Jan: Message has to be before we take our exit, as in another domain name. At least it would be fair that we that we get a clear view on the on an answer, right.

Eric-Jan: So I would say that that Marcus, or we as as a board deserve an answer to a question. So I would I would wait for the answer before we take another domain name.

Mark: Um, so Marcus, you said you already have a domain right that you're planning to use right

Markus: Yes, I could just remember, he told me like 20 times. But you see, it seems like you know what's good about me. I don't have to worry about dementia, because I have to use all the I have to learn all the ways how to cope with dementia right now.

Markus: So I'll be perfectly prepared.

Mark: About that, yes, you're ahead of the curve here.

Bryan: Or I like media wiki so much. I've had to use it. My whole life, because otherwise I just forget thingsYeah.

Mark: Um,

Mark: Yeah okay so

Mark: I i think the concern though Eric john was that a Marcus, and I think we shouldn't have to wait, you know, six months before doing something um if if trademark issue and all that is really a concern with the name, then sure, I will use a domain like wiki rocks or something like that.

Mark: Or wiki, wiki rockets wikis rock. Anyway, um,

Mark: Yeah, but I don't think we should we should put off the blog completely for now. I think we should move ahead.

Eric-Jan: Now, but also mean a little bit mark is do we feel that we are

Eric-Jan: taken seriously enough right with our question that's also a little bit what I mean and didn't seem fair and respected that we receive an answer to a serious question.

Mark: I

Markus: Agree. So, so the the answer I got back was

Markus: Basically what you can look at the trademark agreement and and the trademark agreement says top level domain know

Markus: Domains with the only media wiki in the name and then some any top level domain, they require commission of the foundation. So the foundation got back to me and said, we only do this with

Markus: With chapters and thematic organizations and I kind of can understand their argument because they say this is a data legal entities. They have a higher

Markus: Grade of, you know, reporting duties and we have to have a better control over them, they're more professional.

Markus: And I was trying to argue in my last email to him that we are incorporated. So we are legal entity, they can have us make us liable for, you know, any whatever trademark violation, we do so, and I was asking for an exception of federal

Markus: And that is where you know negotiation started I kind of yeah you're right here. I kind of stink.

Markus: It.

Markus: I had the impression we are too small for them to be bothered with exception negotiations, but, um, you are, you're right. I, I want to get an answer from them. And that's the minimum I would you know I want to have some something I definitely yes or no.

Markus: So I would keep trying.

Mark: So, so the goal here is is is there. JOHN AND YOU ALL SAID WAS TO GET make sure that we're taking seriously that we're not just a tiny little thing over here on the side. I mean,

Mark: Right now we're kind of tiny but you know we're

Cindy: Also an official affiliate group of

Cindy: Community Foundation.

Markus: Yeah, that's the point we are officially a group we we also I think I would not rule out that we become a symmetric or get some points. So that's all and that's

Markus: Where you should start negotiation process. So I asked for a quick phone call. I said, can we not discuss this in a quick phone call. So I can see how good our chances are if this is like likely are not likely.

Markus: What do we need to do this if you do this by email is just a to a true all the time.

Markus: Oh, by the way, the domain Richie suggest this media wiki experts, the blog. So I think that's it doesn't say we officially media so it kind of suggests we know about media wiki, but we are not affiliated up

Lex: But just a question. Do you remember when you're on came up with his own. What was that

Cindy: Name media we media wiki foundation. Yeah. And they jumped all over that they did not like

Cindy: Annotation

Lex: So, and he he was pulled back right

Markus: Yeah, but that there's two things about it. So first of all it media wiki foundation suggests, I am the company that holds media wiki.

Markus: That's different than mediaweek experts.

Markus: And second is

Markus: It wasn't exactly the name of this, but it was more the way he said it up with the mandatory membership a revenue model. And that was where the foundation said. So on the one hand you suggest you strongly suggest you affiliated with a

Markus: nonprofit organization here and on the other hand,

Markus: You will you talk about making money revenue and high fees and that

Markus: And I could see their point that kind of indigenous the mission because if any text IRS person looks at this and they mix it up in some way, then the foundation could get into trouble because they had the tax exempt status also depends on

Cindy: And he wasn't even applying for to he didn't even have a bank account, let alone tax exempt status. He was just putting you know saying, send me money, and I'll put it in my bank manager.

Markus: And I mean to be honest. There's like if if they go after media experts that they would also go after semantic media kit or right so they don't have an agreement in any sort of

Markus: As far as I know.

Markus: So that's, that's not as heavy, and I think we can be a little bit courageous here.

Markus: So the risk is oversee risk is handled it is you know handle to be

Mark: Manageable yes

Markus: Management. Thank you. ThankYou

Mark: Um, I'm

Mark: So, so our I'm unclear. Are you did you already asked for a phone call or are you going to

Markus: I already asked for a phone call. I also suggested a concrete date with two or three to choose from. But I didn't get any answer back

Cindy: In the states have passed.

Cindy: And those dates of past

Markus: Yes, yes, yes.

Mark: So yeah, if you can get if you can

Mark: Get whoever that was that you're talking with to send the maybe she can go bang on their door down the hall from where she is. You know, they're all

Markus: tied to it.

Mark: I love how all this works, you know, all these office politics must have changed a lot for people

Mark: Anyway,

Mark: During. I think that's it. Right. We don't

Cindy: I, I have one more technical question about the group membership on the wiki, but I'm not sure if everybody really cares about the details, but I did figure out what the difference is between official editors and or the

Cindy: Official editors, we set up to put namespace protection on we project template property concept form blog and event name spaces and so

Cindy: We could change that to member but I don't know that we necessarily want every pain member to automatically get that

Cindy: So I think it makes sense that we still have official editors.

Cindy: So in order to be able to do that, you need to be both a member and an official editor.

Mark: Yeah.

Mark: I think, I think that makes sense. All right. Um,

Mark: Yeah.

Mark: Totally

Cindy: Okay, so everything that we talked about, should already be done, people should be able to create an account with a username and password and login and they will not they should not, it would be great if somebody would check it, but they should not be able to edit.

Cindy: I remember after this

Bryan: I'm gonna make an action and then I'll just market is closed or

Bryan: Cool.

Cindy: I like things on to do lists that get automatically checked off.

Mark: All right, well, I guess that's it.Cool.

Bryan: Next meeting.

Mark: Oh yeah that's right next meeting. Two weeks after the

Mark: After the

Mark: The monthly meeting or do you want to meet just before the monthly meeting.

Cindy: When is the next monthly meeting.

Mark: It's the first Friday.

Cindy: Okay, so two weeks from today, right.

Mark: Um, so it would meeting before that be okay, or do you want to. I have a different day.

Mark: Marcus. You're the one who has the most time constraint here is, is our before when we started this meeting. Good for you.

Markus: An hour before one isn't it x at the same time I

Cindy: Yeah, the monthly meeting actually starts at 1130 which

Mark: Is good for you then. Okay.

Markus: Just you just the same time it's good for me, I will

Markus: I will be there.

Cindy: We ever address the comment that the question that you had at the beginning, Mark, which was what what we do, you know, or what

Cindy: To start recruiting members.

Mark: Well, so we began discussing that.

Cindy: And I guess we decided that, first of all, we want to make sure that we all can become members.

Cindy: Before we start,

Cindy: Right, encouraging others. Okay.

Mark: So I'm clicking login with Google Now I'm clicking my not I have another Google account, and I haven't signed up with you and I'm in. So it works. Yay.

Cindy: But can you add it

Mark: Um, but that's a good question. I didn't try that.

Mark: I do see edit permission available on theFront page.

Mark: Let me see what my permission, what what groups on my end.

Mark: And if you all are tired and bored and don't want it.

Cindy: Yeah, maybe. Mark and I can just continue

Cindy: Yes, a little bit after.

Bryan: One quick note, just in preparation for trying to get broader membership, I just posted the link to the Manage wiki. So the section on notes there.

Bryan: Is so it's just a list of the kind of people that's already in the community, a little bit closer than just going out more broadly, but feel free to add to that, then we can use that as a

Bryan: Target for the next batch of potential members.

Bryan: Hopefully you guys have an account. I think if not Lex can lunch in

Mark: Yep.

Mark: So I'm Cindy. I'm a member of the users group.

Mark: Maybe the users group has right permissions.

Bryan: And what was the decision on the next meeting date.

Mark: Will just make it before the next

Bryan: Member. Yep. Okay.

Cindy: Right now.

Mark: Front Page only view source. Yay.

Mark: All right.

Mark: We mark things off to do list. I guess that's it. I'll talk to y'all later or whatever, I'm gonna let y'all go. Thank you.

Cindy: I know

Eric-Jan: We can

Markus: Empty, empty.