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Raw transcript:

Sam: Hello.

Cindy: Hello.

Sam: Hi nice to meet you.

Cindy: Nice to meet you.

Bryan: well

Cindy: And Cindy nice.

Sam: So, what did you say?

Cindy: To very nice to meet you.

Sam: I'm the original developer of the structured navigation extension.

Cindy: excellent I'm very happy you're coming to tell us about it today.

Sam: Thank you, and I'm really glad that you there's people interested in the extension.

Cindy: Hey, Brian.

Bryan: Yeah, I'm interested as well. I took a look at.

Sam: Oh, I'm glad.

Bryan: and I've been chatting with I don't know but you would know where is Megan or river about it as well? I'm up.

Sam: cool

Bryan: I'm guessing she's not gonna join us. She's been She works for a gamepedia. Or whatever the company is and I just chatted with her last night, but she's on like China time. So even though

Cindy: Oh, really?

Bryan: she lives here. She's you know helping to support. Some competition or something though. She's you know their time no, she's here.

Sam: pretty cool They should oh. cool

Cindy: wonderful

Bryan: And Megan, we're talking about you.

Megan: Hey.

Bryan: I wasn't sure if you're gonna be able to make it. I don't know what what time it is for your sleep schedule.

Megan: it's like almost that time, but I'm awake for like 45 minutes

Sam: Hello, I'm the original developer of the structured navigation extension.

Megan: Oh cool. It's really cool. I like it.

Sam: Thank you. I'm happy to share with you today. So if everyone.

Cindy: cool I'm Megan. We haven't seen each other in a while.

Megan: Yeah, it's been like all the way since the mdecon.

Cindy: Yeah, I think it has.

Megan: Have you been?

Cindy: it's a weird world, you know as well

Megan: It really is.

Cindy: as can be good.

Megan: Yeah.

Cindy: and you

Megan: Yeah, pretty much the same.

Cindy: see

Megan: Yeah.

Bryan: Hey Megan, do you? Do you like transition to? A new sleep schedule like do you start taking it in chunks of time or you just like abruptly? switch over

Megan: It takes that two weeks. Yeah.

Cindy: well

Megan: so I it was like the event started on the 25th. So it was around like the second week of September that I was like alright time to do this and then and then it ends like the second week of November. So it's about like eight weeks total. every year and then normally normally I have to do it may also

Lex: Looks like that what's with that

Cindy: Wow.

Lex: function?

Megan: And but this year the the May event

Cindy: Wow.

Megan: was canceled. So I only had to do it the one time.

Cindy: And where's the event actually held?

Megan: So it it it changes every year. So this year it's in Shanghai and It was supposed to be in the United then next year. So that's great. States. Right, but because of covet it's being held in Shanghai again next year. So they're delaying the United States one for another year. So in 2022, it'll be in the US.

Cindy: hardest

Megan: And then in 2017 it was in Europe and then the year before that it was in Korea. So three out of every four years. It's in some other time zone and then one out of four years. It's in North America.

Cindy: and do all of the players actually go there or are they playing right?

Megan: Yeah, yeah, everyone travels there. And so this year was crazy because everyone had to do a two-week quarantine when they got there and then actually the Vietnamese teens couldn't go period because if they had gone there they wouldn't have been allowed back into Vietnam because Vietnam isn't even allowing its own citizens to return home. So the Vietnamese teams couldn't even

Cindy: How holy cow.

Megan: participate period so they were basically disqualified from playing or they chose not to not to play at all. So I'm filling some of these teams they go and they drew it to a quarantine and then they play like just six games and they get eliminated and then they go back home

Cindy: Of course.

Megan: and then they have to do another

Cindy: Oh, man.

Mark: That's dedication.

Cindy: It is.

Sam: That's crazy.

Megan: week quarantine when they go back.

Cindy: Oh my God, and

Megan: It's a

Sam: Oh.

Cindy: take a whole lot of time to place six games like less than a day or

Megan: Of course, they get to play six games

Cindy: yeah. Okay.

Megan: of League of Legends. It does. Not yeah, they're it's um

Cindy: Right. Okay. There you go.

Sam: Oh.

Bryan: Has there been any talk about you know remote plane or are people

Megan: four days.

Bryan: worried about cheating or what's the

Megan: So they

Bryan: reason why that work?

Megan: it's not not very much time.

Cindy: Yeah. Okay.

Mark: right Well that makes total sense because

Megan: Yeah.

Mark: that that's the same reason day Traders like to have their computer servers right next to the exchange. anyway um Hey everyone, and hey Sam, it's good to see you here. Thank you for coming.

Sam: Hello. Thank you for inviting me.

Mark: What's up?

Sam: I said thank you for inviting me.

Mark: Yeah, it's always good to have new faces. Um. So yeah, I did my own sorry attempt at the media Wiki news of the month and you can see it on the etherpad there. I didn't even I I've had this tab open. The first thing on there is the the RFC the extension developer RFC and I've had that tab open for I guess a month now and I have not read it. Has anyone looked at this? I'm gonna guess that you have Cindy.

Cindy: Sadly you will guessed wrong this

Mark: You can.

Cindy: Mark: um, let's try someone else Bernard hike

Ike: Hi, everyone.

Mark: Hey, is anyone looked at this developed the extension RFC for I believe it's for visual editor parsoid.

Sam: Actually, I looked at it briefly since my extension will cause an extension tag. So I was looking at how to migrate once I need to for 1.35 support.

Mark: So did you what what did you learn from this I mean because I again I'm completely ignorant

Sam: So generally, okay. Well first the positive class and media Wiki is sort of like a god object. So compared comparing positive. I see password generally as like a much well more organized. A piece of software and so I think generally if I make migrated my software to use password. I think it maintaining it would be Like add some ease to it make it easier.

Mark: Yeah, because there's been a lot of talking in recent years about you know, technical debt and the partial object is a big part of that. So we're all going to switch to

Sam: right

Mark: parsehoid then yeah, that's how that makes sense. Um, so they I guess this is good news and take some movement adaptation work, but it's good news. um

Sam: Yeah.

Mark: All right. Yeah that that's a I guess that's all good. um, the other things were that we had moving on here. Let's see. There they're looking for maintainer for the lingo extension. I'm gonna I use that extension. I'm gonna guess a lot of other people do well a few other people. Is that are there any developers here that would be interested in taking that? No, yes, I I know you just looking for extra work all the time. Come on. Oh the icast cursing me out on you. anyway No one wants to volunteer for that. I guess that's and I also saw well

Sam: that's

Mark: last thing I'm here that I'm gonna know is the the developer survey. It's just a generic PHP developer survey. And so, you know that that was something I thought that a couple years ago a few years ago is more than a couple at the at the summit. They were talking about getting media Wiki developers more involved in the PHP ecosystem. And I think that taking that serve developer survey would be a good way to start doing that. Obviously, you know, I have my mind in development sort of stuff. So that's where all my media Wiki news stuff was anyway, is there anything else that people know about that that? We should mention. And yeah, Brian needs to drop off if anyone wants to take over. Well, you have this recorded, is that right? Yeah.

Bryan: Yeah, all right up the notes and I'll try to look at the transcripts. Although it. Usually butchers. Everybody's language.

Mark: Okay, yeah. um

Sam: There's been discussion about moving to gitlab. I'm not sure if that was already discussed in a previous thinking though.

Mark: Yeah, yeah, that's another good point. There's discussion about that.

Sam: I wanted to comment on it, but there's like so many things going on. I wasn't sure what to say. So I've been still like trying to like, you know, find it.

Mark: Just just speak up and say something and if it's dumb everyone will just

Ike: skip

Mark: say oh no. Well, I don't know.

Sam: Yeah.

Mark: I I can't tell you what they'll say about you. But if I said something dumb they would just say oh that's you know, that's hex. So that's more.

Bryan: Did you have internet them?

Mark: anyway

Bryan: Is there something that you're thinking about saying now?

Sam: No.

Bryan: Wow.

Mark: Yeah, what about and the other thing was the logo is anyone looked at the logo? They're voting on that I believe right?

Bryan: Yeah. I'm actually surprised it's kind of as far as it is. I for some reason I thought it was just kind of like a opinion but it seems like it's actually like moving toward a Direction.

Mark: It's not just a bike shed. What what Sam? I'm curious what your thoughts were on that. On the get lab. Have you you used Garrett right a little bit.

Sam: Yeah, I've used it for about. since Let's see 2018 so.

Mark: Garrett you've used Garrett since then.

Sam: Yeah. yeah, so

Mark: are

Sam: I like the well, okay. So what? I use GitHub before that. The pull request format was sort of weird. I didn't like having to Fork like every repository every time I wanted to contribute by like that. On Garrett, you could just clone it locally on your own computer and then you can just push a commit. I'm not sure. How that works on gitlab I am assuming you also have to do a pull request, but I'm not showing that.

Mark: Yeah. Yeah you do.

Sam: Oh, yeah, see so the pull request thing isn't really sort of like annoying to me. Um I I do think to use the interface is generally nicer because on good. When well back in 2018 before they like revamped design to use like material. It was a lot more like complicated like look at and just like trying to figure out I got used to it after a bit, but it was still weird to like get around. so

Mark: Yeah.

Sam: I think I think I'll help new default. You know, like I'll help like onboard new Developers.

Mark: well, it's interesting to have a

Sam: but I'm still I'm so trying to decide

Mark: developer who? Has more comfortable. It sounds like you're more comfortable with Garrett than get like GitHub and get Lab at least the

Sam: like

Mark: pull request that and I kind of I

Sam: on everything else because I haven't

Mark: kind of agree on that but you know,

Sam: like fully looked in to get lab yet.

Mark: yeah. I I like to use ability of GitHub gitlab. Um -hmm Yeah.

Richard: So, I wonder let me just ask maybe

Mark: um

Richard: somebody can introduce me in the

Sam: right

Richard: decision-making processes of the

Sam: Richard: beginning foundation. So so I don't know what what is how this will be processed now in the future,

Sam: up to I think GitHub is generally

Richard: so we have now a decision making process

Sam: more open to like every developer

Richard: about geared and the gitlab and so now is a discussion which has to

Sam: then gets a bit more.

Richard: be Has been before a decision is made.

Sam: complex

Richard: So are we back now in a track so or is there what is the perspective is this now a discussion and is there Can we say okay in December? There is a opinion poll. I don't know how this works and

Markus: Can I say something here?

Mark: for

Richard: And for me, it is clear that it will go to gitlab and now is a postponed debate on how and why this decision was made and what the problems could be. and yeah, how do you see that? When can people work with gitlab or never or I don't know.

Mark: So yeah, Marcus, why don't you say something on that?

Markus: Yes, maybe you. you know that I'm part of that good luck consultation group and I can so there was a kind of a free too fast decision on moving to gitlab. I think but caused some stir in the community. Created this gitlab consultation group. And if you look at the chat, I put on a link to a talk page where you can also weigh in and discuss all the way. I have to say it's rather late. So discussion closes officially today, but I know that we will evaluate the discussion only on Monday. So I assume if you want to weigh in. You still can you still can do that until Monday, basically? we will go through the discussion topics and way the the arguments and the pros and cons and then eventually this consultation group will come to a recommendation and If I understand the process correctly, so that will take another four weeks. I think the recommendation is expected by the end of October roughly. And then if our recommendation is positive then the switch to gitlab is decided and will start technically if we are against it. I think it's we stay with Garrett and if we are undecided we will the movement will still. Go to gitlab because I think Foundation is strong in favor of it. If so, that's roughly how I understand. That's a little bit of insight stuff. So the official position I think is the recommendation of the working group is eventually what counts yeah.

Richard: So you are part of the kit lab

Markus: so and and

Richard: recommendation group. Didn't know.

Mark: so if I understand that then what

Richard: And what you're thinking?

Mark: you're saying is the

Richard: Mark: the consultation group is kind of advisory and two-thirds of their you know choices are it goes forward in one third is it does not.

Richard: Oh, no, we have lost both.

Bryan: Mark: dropped

Cindy: Yeah.

Bryan: or from Mark just joined again. I think there's some Google bug with Mark named people.

Mark: Yeah.

Bryan: Mark: your back

Mark: Yeah, I know. I see I see myself.

Sam: I

Mark: I sorry about that. Um, well if there's no other thing to talk about with the GitHub thing get lab thing, sorry. Um, I we we have about we used about 20 minutes and I want to well Marcus there you are you're back. I can't hear you.

Markus: Who have you kicked me out? Mark was it you

Mark: I dropped out the same time, so.

Markus: okay.

Richard: suddenly

Markus: Yeah.

Mark: um, so Marcus

Markus: so

Richard: So practice I did have one question

Mark: question about that though that

Richard: about that.

Markus: just

Mark: sounds like Only it sounds like only if the consultation comes up with really strong objections. That's the only you know way that it's not gonna happen. So it's kind of like already decided

Richard: So it's kind of like

Mark: unless there's big strong objections.

Markus: I would not officially subscribe that.

Mark: Okay.

Markus: but it

Mark: unofficially

Markus: well, you know. Given the history of how this worked is. This is foundation set. We're gonna switch to gitlab. Okay. And just before they started Community cried out and said we need we want to be heard. So there's at least two. two entities to weigh in one is the foundation and the other is the GitHub consultation Group which consists of 10 people seven of them are Foundation people so We need to have really strong if somebody wants to prevent this we need to have strong arguments. But yeah, so what's your sense on this?

Mark: Now that that I just wanted to clarify what was going on in your definitely much more of the politician than I am. So you you handled that quite well. Yeah. anyway

Markus: Cindy correct me if I if I am wrong in things.

Cindy: No, I think that was great. The one thing I would add is that there was out crying not only from the community. But also there are folks within the foundation that very much like

Markus: Yeah, right.

Cindy: Garrett and especially the CI workflow. Although CI is not being considered as part of this. This is you know, pearly purely for repository management, but there's some features in Garrett that allow for example making patches dependent upon other patches and so there's been a lot of and also the fact that if that a patch although you can have many patch sets to a patch it just results in a single commit and so there's

Sam: Cindy: discussion about how to emulate that in gitlab so through squashing the commits in the in the patch So at any rate there was a lot of consternation within the foundation as well as out. Although I happen to love the idea of switching to gitlab. So

Markus: So one of the points is there are a lot of workflows that we as like outside us do not know about there is for example a security patches which are prepared and merged secretly so not to disclose in the thing at

Cindy: Yeah.

Markus: stake. And that is one of the issues it was thought that it can be handled in gitlab easier. And actually it can but gitlab comes in two flavors. So one is an open source flavor from the community Edition and the foundation commits to using the Community Edition and as it is like many of the cool features like approval which is somewhat equivalent to plus one or plus two comes only with the Enterprise Edition. And yeah, that's not really an option. But so here's the really cool perspective as being a big player gitlab kind of committed to if there is a blocker feature in the Enterprise Edition and that blocks us from using gitlab. They will think if they can set it free to the open source to the Community Edition. So that is something where we could really you know,

Cindy: Hu

Markus: How you call that deliberate software in a way so.

Cindy: GE yeah. That would be awesome.

Richard: hmm

Mark: before you before you drop off Brian Um, you're the one who mentioned that you want to talk about participation in the I guess a strategy process. since you have to drop off and And it is there anything you want us to think about with that?

Bryan: well Let me post something in the chat here. It'll be in the notes eventually as well. but actually gurgle sent this out and kind of suggested that this would be a good way for MW steak to get involved in the community. So I just read through this and there was kind of two things that I found. So there's topics that the recommended topics. There's like 10 topics in like it's like You know 18 principles or something they're talking about but two of

Richard: repeat

Bryan: improved user experience, and I guess I can. paste that one in as well and then manage internal knowledge that popped out that I was a little bit interested in generally the This one here on improved user experience is something that we would probably all be interested in how you know, the foundation kind of guides us, but but then manage internal knowledge. I kind of read through that and And I think maybe this is an area that some of our internal expertise could help the community, right? So a lot of us are used to wrangling

Richard: Bryan: knowledge for businesses or companies or agencies or nonprofits or whatever and it looks like they might be you know, looking for help on how to do that better. So on one side, you know, the user experience is something that we could be involved with because it it's something that we care about and it's going to affect us the other is something maybe where we can give back. So I was it.

Mark: Yeah, I thank you for that summary is there I think those are good reasons to be involved. The only problem that we have there is we need someone to Yeah, I thank you for that summary is there I think those are good reasons to be involved. The only problem that we have there is we need someone to spearhead that and we Yeah, I thank you for that summary is there I think those are good reasons to be involved. The only problem that we have there is we need someone to spearhead that and we need people with time to do it. So is there anyone who has interest in this because it sounds like sounds like at least Brian and maybe gergo who's not here. He has a presentation in half an hour. I think that he's preparing for. And is there anyone else who'd be interested in doing that? Maybe we could set up a committee or you know working group within I don't know. I'm just thinking out loud.

Sam: So I'm reading the internal knowledge. So is it like is it basically like asking me about like improving like the documentation on sites or

Bryan: Yeah, that's that's one aspect.

Sam: okay.

Mark: Yeah, I I think um. Brian can I ask you to work with see if you can find other people who are interested? and maybe we can because I think this

Bryan: Sure.

Mark: would be a good thing, but I was just not something that I can really drive forward and sounds like you have the interest so

Bryan: Sure.

Mark: you'll be our Point man. Um So anyway, the land the last thing since we have those two items that are on the agenda done. I've invited Sam here to talk about her extension. So if we can, you know, I'll if I can give you the floor Sam that'll that'll be That'll be good.

Sam: Sure, okay. I have a slideshow, so I'm going to screenshot. Okay, let's see. Oh, sorry. Hold up. One second. Okay. Okay should be able to screenshot now. Let me see. The screen share isn't popping up. is there like a toolbar at the bottom that okay, because that

Mark: Yeah, there's present now.

Sam: Okay, so this is my first time using the coordinates. It's very soon. Okay, do you see my screen?

Mark: Yes.

Sam: Okay.

Mark: Yes.

Bryan: Yep.

Sam: Okay. And then do you see this pop-up window? the slideshow

Mark: Yeah.

Sam: Okay. So this is a structured navigation extension and it's a media Wiki extension that allows creating machine readable navigation templates. And I developed it. and then I'm going to go over the development history and why I created the extension so Back in 2018. I found that on multiple wikis the now the navigation box templates would usually like always have slight differences. So I would always have to learn and adapt for learning those slight differences. Don't not entertainment.json. then once you import it, you'll save the page and then there'll be a little embed code on that page and I'll let you easily click it and then copy it to your clipboard. Then once you get to the wiki Reiki text Page, you can paste it and you can save your edit and view your rendered navigation. And so there's also a special page for the navigation schema. So for users who are more technically oriented, they can visit the special page. What will show the Json schema industry is on schema follows the draft for vision since I'm using the Justin rainbow Json schema package, which is what media Wiki also uses. And then I'm going to show live demo. So, okay. This is everyone see this Local Host.

Mark: Yes.

Sam: Okay. so I'll click on here. And so First of all, first of all edit. So this is the Json it has support for code editor. So you'll see that there's line numbers bracket matching all that so This is the label and then this will what this is what would actually link I haven't added. A link support for the main title yet, but that's something I'm planning to do. and then we have an array of groups navigation groups. So first is life is strange, which is the life is strange Series. So like a strange almost awesome adventures of Captain Spirit life is strange too, and then they have some other games so I'm gonna go back to read And then one of you reload the page, this will come up so you can just click here. I'll make a new page. Well, this is actually already did it so we can see here. We pasted here and this will also show when you click Show preview. So we'll click that. And then this is a live preview and then you can save your changes again. So Let's see. There's also. There's also been requests for Lewis support. So Let's see. This is the module don't know module. So this is it's basically the same thing except. It's in a syntax of a lure table. And so we just store this in one variable then we have we set up the P variable and then set the render. This is the main method and so we just passed on the table into this method. And then you invoke the module. This is almost fully supported. Unfortunately, it doesn't fully work yet. So oh wait. It doesn't fully work yet. I think. Oh wait. Okay, so I need to Well, okay, I can set the set that up later once I clone the patch again. I'll show what's actually happening. It's almost there. What's one of the things that's happening is that some of the HTML is being escaped in some of it isn't so I need to figure out how to do that. And then I need to also load the resource load learn a module. But okay, let's see. Okay, so this let that was the live demo. And then we're going to go over the main components of the extension. So hopefully everyone could understand that maybe like a little bit better about how the internal extension it was designed. So first, we have the navigation content class and the navigation content handle class. So these classes extend the Json content in Json content handle classes provided by media Wiki and so We also have a listener to the Paso first call initialize hook. So this registers a MW navigation extension tag, and it defines the bit behavior for this tag. When users use that tag. Then I use the model The View present presenter. I forgot what it's called. I guess like a way of structuring the code. So this is navigation view that acts as the main view component of the extension and the HTML is provided by mustache template. The data is pipe due to parameters. And then we have a schema validator. So again, this uses the Json package under Justin rainbow, so It conforms to draft form. It ensures that they're always valid so. This will this validation will occur right before? You press submit when you're making a new edit. And this will also do the same validation for the Lewis tables when it converts it to a PHP. Okay? And then we also have value objects and entities. So we have the main and value object, which is the navigation essentially acts as a wrapper around a Json blob and has some convenient wrappers like get groups get all links. And this entity well this value object contains these value odd value objects and entities. So navigation group acts as a wrapper around a single Json group fragment. And then we have a navigation group link which acts as an instance of the title value class, which is which implements the link Target interface which was introduced some recent Vision, I think sometime in over 1.30 it was Some somewhere around there. And then we have the navigation Factory which just allows easily creating a navigation value object from a title. instance so software requirements for this extension. So this requires at least mini Ruki 1.34 and then PHP 7.4. And so this requires PHP 7.4 because The main reason is because it allows type hinting properties, which I think is really nice and so allows for more self-documenting code. So you don't always have to include like the comment and then add for whatever the type is. so in the future release, I want to look into adding compatibility what for 1.35 which I discussed a little bit earlier so password. basically password service the software code is generally I think is much cleaner and should be easier to use and so There's also the new hook registration system. So this release listening to Hooks and defining hooks has been completely just like we even so each Hook is basically an interface and so you just Implement that interface in your hook handle handle class. So when you implement an interface, it will act as a listener and it can also allow for to dependency and injection which lets you inject Services into your hook candle class. Both of these changes will generally make maintaining the extension generally easier. fortunately I haven't had enough time to look into this. I did Oops. I did look into a little bit. I do have a patch for this for the hook registration. I don't have patch for password, but I did talk with seborrheis sastry who is a developer on the Password team and it looks pretty easy to migrate. So I'm hoping I can do that soon once I have more time. So what can't this extension do there's unfortunately, there's two main pitfalls. So while I'll go more over it, unfortunately, I'm not the best with SQL. So I'm not absolutely sure how to fix this. Maybe if there's other maybe if there's like out of developers in this meeting could be familiar or interested in helping maybe we could go over so This extension uses Json as its main format for the navigation content. So that means compared to weight in a Wiki tax template Wiki in a navigation namespace Wiki links in each navigation are not considered in the following in the page links table. So this means that I considered and these so we have the all links API the backlinks query API and the links query API. There's also special Pages like what links here most linked lonely pages. dead end Pages export and wanted pages So as an example. As we saw in the don't nod entertainment navigation. We saw a link to like. Life is strange too, which I didn't create a pig for that on my local Local Host. So if I were good, if I were to go to special wanted Pages, you wouldn't see the life is strange to link on that special page. Unfortunately. Yeah, so I don't I don't really know how to fix this. I know. it's like you shouldn't modify core tables because that's you know, that's strongly just discouraged and like it just wouldn't be a good thing to do but I don't know if there's like a way to go around it that like wouldn't be super hacky, but I'm not I'm not absolutely sure but we could go over this after this slideshow. so compatibility with other extensions, so Okay, so there's well this five extensions, but two of them are go underscore Bento. So first I'll go over code elements. So When you edit as you saw on the live demo, you'll see instead of a plain text area field. You'll see an integrated code out of the inside. It has these nice features, which I'm sure everyone is familiar with and then we have template Styles which it was developed by Brad George and Mark a Pelletier. I hope I'm pronouncing those right. so this extension doesn't have a hard dependency on template Styles, but using template styles with navigations allows for easier styling while still keeping a clean separation between Styles content and logic so and then finally script Bento, which there's experimental support as you saw this is the main method that will be called. And so this feature is currently disabled by default, but you can enable it in your local settings file by setting this configuration setting to true. and so with full support physical should also mean full support for semantic media Wiki and cargo Hope from from what I'm aware what this is mainly blocked on from before before being fully supported is having a higher quality and higher level lower API. So basically instead of having to construct the entire table from scratch. what I'm thinking is there be essentially a lower class which is basically a fancy lure table and it would have methods like ad group and then you could just Passenger wavelengths but you wouldn't actually have to worry about the actual structure. It will just create the lure table for you. So it will always ensure that will always be valid. And so there is a link for this patch, which I'll add in the chat after the slide. so now we're going over use cases, which is something that people interested in so Okay, so When I originally created this extension. My original idea was trying to standardize templates. So in the past, there's been discussion about a template repository and basically a template repository would allow a central point where all templates could be hosted on and so instead of worldwide currently happens is you have it's a template and then it's duplicated across every other Wiki. but if there's like a bug and that template and you try to patch it you would also have to figure out how to deploy that patch on every single other Wiki where that template exists and so In my opinion, I think this extension could help. I I think like if you had like a Wiki farm, so like where multiple wikis are you could just have one extension installed globally and then hopefully we can for Wicked Ministries and editors. There should be one less thing to worry about. so it doesn't this is extension doesn't introduce the concept of a template rub repository because that's would be a much bigger task in would also require a much bigger discussion adoption from template editors and so on but it does try to tackle at least trying to standardize one single template and sing. how it could look if for a future templates So yeah, the template navigation boxes. so if you're interested in contributing or have found a bug so basically If you have anything that you would like to report submitted submit it on fabricated and then just add beans as subscriber. I would love to help in if you want to submit a patch if you Need help. I can help you or help anyone get more in depth of how the extension works. And if you do find it useful, let me know and then thank you. And so these are all the sources in references.

Richard: Nice, no.

Sam: here

Bryan: Yeah, very cool.

Sam: very cool

Richard: So now we need the template

Sam: so

Richard: repository, right?

Sam: yeah.

Cindy: For the issue that you're having with the links.

Sam: Yes.

Cindy: I am not at all sure whether this will help but I know that when we developed the Vicki extension, we had an issue with things with links on pages not showing up if they were in. As external links to the same page and so I'm putting in the chat. There's a configuration variable register internal externals. And so if you're running Vicki you have to set that to true and when you do it makes external links found I'm probably going to say this wrong. It's been so long since I used it, but it was something like external links with it found within a page would get registered as internal links to Pages within the wiki if it recognized that it was to the same server. But I'm not sure if that's your issue.

Sam: no, yeah, that's a exact issue actually, so

Cindy: It is. Okay. Well try setting that to true.

Sam: hopefully that was yeah. Oh, I also if anyone's interested in looking I said I sent the link to the Garrett patch. It's almost done actually. Oh wait, let me stop sharing my screen. Okay, I'm gonna try to apply this patch and then oh, I'll show my progress. Let's see. um was there any Does anyone have like interested like or interested in the extension of like do the Habit like any like use cases? They are thinking about full extension.

Megan: So realistically I probably wouldn't get to use this for a very long time because there's a large process to get any new extensions approved on fandom, but I can see a lot of use cases for it because I would use a lot of Integrations with cargo because all of my now boxes are queries of I need to show and I was mentioning specifically when we were talking on on the discussion on mediawiki.org where I need to show okay. I need to show all of the events that happened in this region in this set of years. So let me do a query to generate all of the years as the rows and then all of the competitions from each year as the items per row so then being able to do that query and then output the Json from Lua. to generate Like that, so I really like the idea also of having a simplified interface from Lua. so that I can just output like a simple table

Sam: well

Megan: Yeah, so I can see like a lot of use cases of like I have this automated data that I want to be able to query from either cargo or smw. Let me do it in the output and that box.

Sam: Yeah.

Megan: and I just get this nice thing and you can I now I mean, I just like any kind of gaming thing. There's just so many things where you want to show all of the X subject to whatever query conditions and put it into a not box and then put it on pages.

Sam: right Oh, okay. Wait.

Mark: One one question I had was about the looks like you have two different ways to structure. The data one is Chase on and one is Lulu.

Sam: right

Mark: Is it possible and and I don't I don't know enough about Lewis to say this, but is it possible to pull in that Json table into lure and then just You know use the liver function to display that so that you could have just like one easy. Easy in quotes to display our One Source. Where's the data?

Megan: let's say you're going the other

Sam: Okay.

Megan: direction because I want to the data is that I have like I I wanted to generate enough box from all of my info boxes that exist everywhere else. I want to query all the info boxes and then create adjacent. So the Jason doesn't Exist Elsewhere.

Sam: Right. Yeah, so yeah. Okay, so um after I implemented this patch, well, it's not implemented but there's a patch for it which almost works. which I'll show in a minute, so Um for the lure question, you could yeah, you could just have it exist on the modular page. And so you wouldn't have to worry about the Json you just have to like it would just be in one place and so you wouldn't have to worry

Mark: I was just curious if there's a way

Sam: And so you wouldn't have to worry

Mark: to pull.

Sam: about the data being duplicated.

Mark: my question is really, you know integration with with because right

Sam: You can just generate your query and

Mark: now you have it set up where there might be two sources for the same

Sam: then pass it.

Mark: table. It seems like you could have Lua and Jason so maybe if someone had someone knows how to do Jason, but they're not comfortable with. They is there a way you could pull their Json table into Lua and and present it and maybe that's a question for someone else who knows more about Lua. I don't know and how scribun you really not Lua. But scrubund to how scrubunto is used.

Sam: Into new functions that I want to implement which is like ad groups and like add links instead of having to construct an entitled entire table from scratch would be because constructing a lot of the entire lure table would be more low level. I want more of a high level API, so it's easier to use And then Mark for your question, you said?

Megan: I just don't think that you would be

Sam: um

Megan: doing this ever because you would like the use case for make for using the little API in the first case is when you want to be querying structured data from smwr cargo. Not when your construction due to by hand.

Sam: Hmm. Well I could so I know that it's good one to it automatically converts lower tables to associative arrays in PHP. And so what I'm guessing Um, let's see. Think it's they just want to decode function. Oh, sorry. Did you say something? Right. It's like for like like they don't know entertainment example like so like for example, like a game takes a long time to make so you just have so like my sort of viewpoint was like for like you could have it in navigation Pages for like for navigation content that doesn't really need to be updated. Maybe only like every few years. So like those games those were released every few years. So it's like mostly like static data, but then with like League League of Legends, there's like always like worlds championships and whatnot.

Mark: Just spring. Yeah, I can definitely see, you know

Sam: and so you could

Mark: having all this automated.

Sam: you would use luo instead for like

Mark: I was just anyway, I think it's

Sam: creating that data into like Auto

Mark: better to have a single Source.

Sam: populate it instead of having to like

Mark: That's all I was thinking.

Sam: get all the like scrape all the data

Mark: Um, and and definitely I think I

Sam: manually because that would take a

Mark: think you're right River the you

Sam: lot more work.

Mark: know, usually people are just gonna pull it in from their other data um But I I think that's it. Unless unless other people have questions. Thank you very much Sam for showing up and showing us this is this is a good direction for what people want to do with managing a Wiki, so

Sam: Thank you.

Bryan: Yeah, I think I'm very cool.

Sam: Thank you.

Cindy: Thank you very much. That was that was awesome.

Mark: Ike is in jail.

Ike: I'm here. I'm here.

Mark: Richard no, but you look like you're in jail.

Ike: I'm in my office and then be close.

Mark: It's that Yeah, um. Richard did you want to talk about the blogging?

Richard: I'm just quickly. so it's online that's a good news and Yeah, I think. Oh, we will have another to collect some some experiences within the next weeks. and one of the challenges is to to get additional also, so that not only We can tiger and yarn corners. Is writing so I think it's it's it's an opportunity and I curious to find out how it works and if you really need. A demand so I would say yes, but that's only the Richard Heidel opinion Maybe. We will see so but everybody is invited to to contribute or add ideas or if something like that actually was just considering this extension now. Now now from from Sam and such things are quite interesting and then they should have a place where they can. Yeah, presented discussed we get additional help for instance. and

Mark: right, so So Sam could are you?

Richard: but if you have some questions Please let me know yes our ideas.

Mark: Are you suggesting that Sam write a blog post for the blog?

Richard: That's that would be great. Of course. Yes.

Sam: Sure. What would you be interested? Do you want me to go over there like the same stuff I discussed on this slideshow.

Richard: Yes that will right it has not to be very long. So I think one or two screenshots and and a quick of just a few things about what you have presented now in this talk would be would be great. So the people can read this and it's much better than only to say, okay. That is the mailing list the media Wiki. L lists and when you only can post a link so that you if you can bring something, that would be really great.

Mark: awesome

Sam: Is it? What time or is it like a do you have like any like due dates for like when you want the blog posts published or?

Richard: Known, but don't be don't have. We don't have something like yeah, some dates like that. So. Maybe we should contact or I can post a mail later and maybe we talk about this when you have time for that and then we can publish this. So I was wondering if if you say this is now made for media weekly 1.3 34 if we wait until it's available for for 35 or if it takes too long then can we can publish it early of course depends on your time. Great. Sounds great.

Mark: Yep.

Sam: Oh, that's good.

Mark: Um, so I that's our hour. And I appreciate all y'all's time and Sam really? Thank you very much for bringing that

Richard: Yes, yeah.

Mark: because that I it does look like a

Sam: Thank you.

Mark: sort of thing that I haven't thought of before so. Gives me ideas for doing things. Anyway, thank you very much. Um. That's it. I'll let y'all talk if y'all want to talk or we can just feed things to to I through the bars in this cage.