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Raw transcript:
Eric-Jan: So,

Eric-Jan: So it seems like that Lex also asked for us a kind of a response on how we as a board.

Eric-Jan: How do we, how do we feel about this right and and perhaps he would say, well,

Eric-Jan: High level, how, how can we make this happen. How can we make this work. That would also be this other approach then because he has done quite is quite some effort in it and this is

Eric-Jan: His elaborate. It's about this project quite, quite a, quite a bit. So I'm beginning to feel a little bit uncomfortable if I

Eric-Jan: Understand what's going on here.

Cindy: Well, I agree, and really good point. So let's has asked for his particular project, he would like to get the security review done and so he'd like to get whatever we need to have in place so that he can get that done so.

Cindy: I don't want to, you know, sort of go wrapping ourselves around the axle for too long. Just trying to, you know, like, maybe we can separate it out as you said, the more general question from, how do we help legs.

Eric-Jan: Yeah.

Mark: Well,

Eric-Jan: It's on the agenda. It's every time, sorry, Mark.

Eric-Jan: The back end progress.

Mark: Is I understood it.

Mark: Lectures has this idea of what he wants to do here. He's offering his project as a example you know that we could bootstrap this with but it's not, you know, it's

Mark: A I maybe I'm misunderstanding what he said, but it's not like he he desperately needs us to do this.

Cindy: Um, he's often the buckets of testicles.

Mark: Right, I think, I think in that sense, we need to look at this, like, is this something we actually want to do. Number one. And number two, what are we willing to do

Mark: And and

Mark: You know, and then number three. How would we do it.

Mark: So if so let's answer the first question, is this something we want to do.

Eric-Jan: I would tend, I would tend to say yes.

Eric-Jan: I've read this diagonal, but together with with Lexus Lexus explanation.

Eric-Jan: And if we could secure your third point of attention. So that is to clearly draw up our process, how we could process this how we could make this work, then I would tend to say

Eric-Jan: Let's give it as a general effort. Let's give it a try.

Mark: Right. And I actually yeah I appreciate what you're saying because the how affects a lot of, you know, the other questions, but, you know, just as a general idea is this something you want to do.

Bryan: I think the idea sound. I'm not 100% sure we need to dive in 100% now. I mean, that is, like, you know, it kept opening up new things like whoa okay if they say

Bryan: You know, if they're going to get eight hours for 16 hours but they want a 40 hour project. And how do we broke her all the rest. I mean, it keeps it keeps growing.

Bryan: And and so if we can confine it to something a little bit small. And we can pull it off, it might be easier. But even that if it was a lot of parts to this machine that we need to figure out. And we might need to remove it from the benefits for now until we get it sorted

Bryan: But I like the idea. It just has to be worked out. And it might be harder than people are thinking

Mark: Um, I think that's a good place to

Mark: Leave this is that

Mark: We need some more.

Mark: concrete details here, I guess, um, is, is there. Can you work with Brian's. And since you articulated that so well. Can you work with Lex on making this something that we can actually

Mark: Attack.

Bryan: Okay.

Mark: Um, and then we can move on. I'm thinking

Cindy: And the agenda. Yeah. Since likes this frustration and just wanting to get this moving and, you know, I agree with him, but

Cindy: We still feel like it's not defined enough for us to

Cindy: Financially

Cindy: And

Bryan: And it brings in the same thing about credit card payments, you know, like

Bryan: You know, we have to draft up how we're gonna take you know membership dues and again there's options, Cindy. Like you brought up.

Bryan: What happens if someone wants to change and bump up their status midway, you know, how do we handle that on the drop down and you know we might do something as silly as just have like

Bryan: You know, a special code, you can enter in. That is just some special thing that can handle all the above. Right. And so there's no

Bryan: Drop down for it. You have to be specific and say, okay, you know, we're going to add this one thing for one person, one time and then do that every time. Wow, what you're looking sharp


Bryan: But can't hear you.

Bryan: But, uh, but we might

Bryan: With the with the payment as well, where for payment. We can just add a special code entry that

Bryan: Someone can

Bryan: You know, add that do anything like this.

Mark: Oh so Lex we just, just so you know we're wrapping up discussion about your project idea.


Mark: And, and I think the next step here is Brian is going to work with you and make and really make this something that we can

Mark: Concretely, decide this is what we want to do.

Lex: Okay, yeah, this was just a general um you know

Lex: A story. It's a story, a use case story right

Mark: Right, so that that makes sense. And if we if we can just do that. And I think that like Brian, you were segue into

Mark: The credit card payment, and I think we can start talking about that then

Mark: If I can find my I had an ether pad setup with

Mark: You still have the link to that Cindy or

Or Brian

Cindy: It's

Cindy: You

Mark: Know,

Bryan: Really quickly, I'm like, So you set up to approve people to get to manage

Bryan: Not and who

Lex: Am I think. Yeah. Well, I need, I need their email address and then I first put in, actually, Cindy. Explain to me how that works.

Cindy: So I'm fortunately I was going to do that and add the I'm not an admin on that one.

Lex: Okay, well then I can make you an admin and for funny enough, it works perfectly on Google Chrome, but there's a hiccup on on Firefox, but eventually it will work on Firefox. It says unsuccessful login button when you reload you're logged in.

Lex: Yet

Lex: Waking, yeah.

Mark: I have the link. I'm gonna put in chat here, if I can find shall

Cindy: I put the either pad check

Mark: The either pad for the credit card thing.

Cindy: Oh, oh no, I'm sorry.

Cindy: It's not

Mark: Either pad for the credit card.

Mark: Yeah, there's, there's that. Cool. Um, so

Mark: mirin is it. Is that how you pronounce his name here Morin, um, is a Eric left us

Mark: A

Mark: Sent me is the person that wiki base is tasked with doing this credit card implementation and he sent me this email.

Mark: And I quickly scoped out some requirements for what we want.

Mark: And that that's in the in the ether pad link that I just sent, I would like to see if you all can look at that and see if there's anything that

Mark: You think is missing or needs to be added. Um, we can do that offline since I didn't send this link ahead of time to everyone, um,

Mark: But

Mark: The I think it's important to read the first his thing to us, which is, you know, hey, I need requirements. Um, and with, but at the same time, I think it's, it's important that we're moving along here. So there we go.

Cindy: I did I send you feedback on that. I, I remember doing it, but I can't find it anymore.

Mark: I don't remember you sending feedback on

Mark: Maybe you did, maybe it's in my email. I, I literally walked out of my bed to this meeting, so

Mark: I, I was up late last night, um,

Mark: Let me see if I see

Eric-Jan: You want to share it up with us, Mark.

Mark: What

Mark: Why was I play

Mark: I was working

Eric-Jan: On this

Mark: I actually

Mark: Just so you all know I was working on page.

Mark: Forms and wiki editor for 134, it doesn't work.

That made it work.

Markus: Great. Wonderful.

Eric-Jan: Great hero.

Eric-Jan: Who is your hero.

Mark: Oh and look, I have a response from rain here. Let's see if it's I'll paste that in. Before I even read it here.

Bryan: Just a quick note Lex. The two and email addresses are posted in the chat here.

Bryan: For Marcus and have you done

Lex: Okay.

Mark: I've added Mullins response, I just got today.

So let's see at the bottom.

Mark: And eventually, after this meeting. I'll go read it. But anyway, I don't want to spend too much time on that. I think it's good that we're making progress on that, but I don't think we need to spend too much time on it right now.

Mark: If. Is there anyone else that wants to talk more about it right now.

Eric-Jan: Well, as far as the timeline is concerned if if requirements are clear to moraine, and you will surely yes you both for surely succeed in this, we plan to to finish this in the month of July.

Eric-Jan: Summer resources and and of which moraine is a little bit limited in this period of time for us with the work, but we still plan to finish it. The in July. Excellent. Thank you.

Mark: Um, and I think the final thing we need to talk about and we can wrap up after this unless someone wants to go over any of this stuff more is Marcus telling us anything he's heard from the trademark people

Markus: Okay, I've heard so much

Markus: On explaining what you want to do and asking for advice. In the next steps.

Markus: That was

Markus: market opportunity. See, I think it was a Monday or Tuesday.

Markus: And I did not hear back from them. So

Markus: After some time of waiting. I will send them a reminder, probably on next Monday.

Markus: And re asked my question, maybe you know image just didn't get through or whatever.

Markus: But I will increase my my

Markus: Pressure on the trademark team.

Mark: In. I don't think we, you know, I think it'd be nice, but I think we can say silence is consent.

Markus: So, no, no. So what I know is I went through the trademark policy before I wrote that email and the trademark policies very clear about that. So,

Markus: They say, we cannot use any part of their trademark or their trademarks as part of our

Markus: Domain or any other thing without prior written consent.

Markus: So they they seem to be open for using the name media key arm but

Markus: We need, we need their consent. Otherwise, they can just close it down or whatever they can do for sue us for copyright infringement and whatnot. Um, yeah, so

Markus: On the other hand, the foundation always tells us to be bold and that's one of the general principles. So actually, I think. I mean, the worst thing that can that can happen is that we need to

Markus: To hand over the domain to the foundation. I think that's and use a different domain. So I would suggest we wait for

Markus: Another week and see if we can get if I can get an answer. And if not,

Markus: We just continue using that domain until somebody tells us, and we can always say we reached out and we didn't get an answer.

Mark: Um,

Mark: The other thing. The only other thing is I think now is a good time to transfer it to MW steak. So we should we should look at doing that.

Mark: So their ownership is kind of

Markus: Yeah, so I know I don't agree on one of the very rare times I don't agree with you more.

Markus: Actually

Markus: I wanted, I wanted to I wanted

Markus: To have it cleared where the NW stay can have the domain or the foundation system and transferring the domain to them. Instead, because that's something I don't know.

Markus: I hope we can get it to end of the second I have good good hopes because I see that as I said, Wikimedia Germany has the domain we can mediate or tea. So there are precedents cases for that top level case, but I'm not totally sure and I don't want to transfer the domain twice.

Mark: I ok i i i give him. Um, is there.

Eric-Jan: Is there a scene that's easy.

Eric-Jan: Marcus. How does he pulled this off.


Mark: It's just because Marcus and i think so much alike. And, you know,

Mark: A grant that he's half my brain all raised on half the word. Um, anyway, um,

Cindy: I was just going to say that I have a meeting on Thursday with some folks from our community engagement team about the social media content. Content Strategy.

Cindy: For media wiki within the foundation and I, although they're not people who make the call on this. I might be able to release it in that context to see whether I can get any other advice about how to approach this.

Markus: Year.

Markus: Actually, that would be great. I mean, the most important thing is have someone to talk to, because so that's, I

Markus: Always I like these catch all addresses when or how you call them collector addresses when when you get a quick answer. But when you don't get an answer, then it's always better to have a personal which you can like Coke.

Cindy: Yeah, and it's not clear to me who that person is.

Cindy: Yeah, even from inside the foundation so

Mark: So I, I don't recall Marcus. Did you in in your email. Did you say did you cite

Mark: Wikipedia Deutschland, is an example of a nother organization is done this because that might help.

Markus: No, no, I was, I was just

Markus: I started playing

Markus: And I want, I wanted to get into a conversation. So I intentionally decided not to put a lot of stuff now arguments in there. I mean, there's

Markus: I think when when we get into a conversation we can bring that up. And if you think it's a good strategy. We can also do it in the initial email but I

Markus: You know, if you find like or your or your whatever bullets in the first male and

Mark: See, that's a very strategic decision. I'm not very good at strategy so

Markus: Yeah, I mean, it's about I'm trying

Mark: Anyway, um, alright. Is there anything else that we need to talk about or can we wrap this up early.

Mark: I'm just looking at Lexus lovely eyes and saying, Oh, man.

Mark: Get logged on those eyes.

Lex: No, I tell you, because if you wrap it up. Now that would serve me well because then I could go back to the funeral, and I will, I will skip the next one, by the way.

Lex: I won't attend the but I think the bo D was the more important one.

Lex: That's why I sneaked out of the church.

Mark: Right.

Lex: That was finished. Anyway, but now everyone's moving to, you know, having drinks, so

Cindy: Ah, well,

Mark: That that's an important part

Mark: Yeah, honor honor honor the dead right

Lex: You know, it was strange for the first time, we were scattered around the entire church.

Lex: It's just, it's a funny feeling. I have to say.

Cindy: Yeah.

Lex: A little strange, because normally you you get together right but then anyway so

Eric-Jan: Good luck legs.

Lex: Like this.

Cindy: If it was somebody who lived a long life and died quite


Bryan: If we are going to

Bryan: Leave the meeting. Now, we should decide when appropriate. Next meeting as and call it so we can keep it.

Mark: Thank you. Thank you. Great. Um,

Mark: It is everyone fine with two weeks from now because we should have


Mark: That should give us time to work.

Mark: On the on we should have progress on all three of these things. And maybe we'll add something else. But you know, I think each, each of these items could show good progress by them.

Cindy: Is there anything that we need to do for the so we made that decision about the

Cindy: Collection extension.

Cindy: What's the next step there.

Mark: I think the next step. There is getting some of these other two items.

Mark: Taken care of the the

Mark: You know, how are we going to manage work.

Mark: I think that's important. And then, you know, credit card processing. I think both of those are, you know, before

Mark: That credit the

Cindy: We need to be able to bring in money before we can pay somebody give me

Cindy: A sanction.

Mark: I mean, that may I. That makes sense to me. I mean, we can. I think we should put it on this list. But I think, so we don't forget it, so I don't forget.

Mark: But I think that it's

Mark: I think we need to handle those other two things first.

Anything else

Cindy: You guys again in 27 minutes

Mark: Well, good. That's just

Mark: You started the recording later.

Bryan: And

Mark: Actually top the hour now.

Bryan: So just to clarify, where we are meeting again in two weeks, same time


Mark: It. I'm sorry. You said 27 minutes is in the next meeting. I was thinking this meeting was only 27 minutes I'm

Mark: I'm

Mark: I want to be clear that my random comments actually mean something they're

Cindy: Still trying to figure out what the heck you were talking about, but it's okay.

Eric-Jan: So,

Eric-Jan: Right, yeah.

Mark: Two weeks from now.

Eric-Jan: Okay.

Markus: We can you all

Eric-Jan: See ya.

Bye bye.

Eric-Jan: Thank you. Bye bye.