2 June 2017 MWstake Meeting

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Blank.png Date (UTC): 2 June 2017 14:00:00 - 2 June 2017 15:00:00

Person.png Attendees: Cindy Cicalese,Frank Taylor,Greg Rundlett,Lex Sulzer,Markus Glaser,Richard Heigl,Sabine Melnicki

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  • New MWStake logo and two templates for MediaWiki.org (portals, user page, ...)
    • Richard shows a draft logo: sunflower with user group ring with two wikimedia colors (green and green) and brown from mediawiki.
    • Task: make projects visible, foster mediawiki community identity, building bridges between wmf, mediawiki community and stakeholders by using the common elements and colors
    • Cindy: to have a logo is a great idea
    • Do we have this to be approved by anyone?
    • How about a version with text?
      • Have different derivations, logo without text is main version
  • Quick wins to make MW.org more attractive and MWStake activities easier to find

EMWCon in Houston[edit]

  • Mark and Darren about to organize a EMWCon in Houston
  • Next spring
  • Yaron is fine with MWStake using "EMWCon" name and organizing/branding the event
  • Plan for two tracks: a) technical b) usage and administration
  • ACTION Put up a page on MW.o
  • ACTION Frank to talk to Sketch City folks

Sketch City is a civic-tech Meetup group in Houston (https://www.meetup.com/sketchcity/). Houston Technology Center (https://www.houstontech.org/) recently hosted the annual Houston Hackathon. Station Houston (https://www.houstontech.org/) opened a new facility downtown last year. Sketch City sometimes holds events at a coding school called the Iron Yard (https://www.theironyard.com/locations/houston). FT

Fixing LDAP[edit]

EMW Consortium?[edit]

For this or next meeting (Greg Rundlett):

Who are the major stakeholders? How can I find service providers? Richard says check out the enterprise hub on mw.o for recent list of hosting and other service providers

  1. Foundation / Internal
  2. Companies that have paid staff to work on MediaWiki
    1. MITRE (Cindy is on strategy team)
    2. NASA
    3. etc. (who?)
  3. Companies that want to pay money into a pool to maintain/make features/extensions
    1. Who?
    2. Potentially all the companies in WikiApiary
    3. EMW Consortium members
  4. Consultants / Implementers / Trainers
    1. Identify them how?
  5. Hosting companies
    1. Identify them how?

How does MWStake liaise / communicate with WMF? In other words, who sets the Workboard on Phabricator?

Mode of operation[edit]

  • ACTION Markus: overview of communications channels MWStake / WMF, also responsibilities

Strategy process[edit]

  • Cindy is our REP!
  • give coordinated feedback on the strategy process