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Blank.png Date (UTC): 28 January 2021 03:30:00 - 28 January 2021 04:30:00

Person.png Attendees: Bernhard Krabina, Bryan Hildebrand, Cindy Cicalese, Eric-Jan, Evita Hollis, Lex Sulzer, Mark Hershberger, Markus Glaser

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From the minutes of the last meeting. We need to flesh out the areas of activity for 2021:

  1. and hosting
  2. Code of Conduct
  3. MWStake Membership
    • Credit Card processing for all options (individual, corporate, donations, conference tickets, etc.)
    • Acquiring new members
    • Acquiring new sponsors


The meeting voice transcription is available on the talk page.

  1. Welcome Bernhard as the newest Board Member
    • Mark What are some problems you want to solve?
    • Bernhard I'd live to solve the SMW development issue
    • Bernhard First the compatibility with MW 1.35
      • Bernhard SMW is already compatible, however other extensions aren't. For example Semantic Glossary.
    • Bernhard We need a process for testing (extensions) and a list of "watched/tracked" extensions
    • Bryan What about recording problems/tracking bugs? Is that just done on extension talk pages?
    • Bernhard Yeah, that's a problem
    • Cindy Yes, I share your concern, especially with upcoming changes to core
    • Cindy Jeroen does not have the time to take on full scale support of SMW, but there is definitely a need
    • EricWe have a forked version of Semantic Glossary on 1.35 and we can share
    • Bernhard That's actually part of the problem, there are lots of people/companies with fixes, but not submitting PR to fix the codebase
  2. Code of Conduct
    • Evita I put the Code of conduct in MWStake
    • Evita We need to discuss how this is handled. The reporting person's identity should be anonymous
    • Bryan Should it be both secret (only a few people on a code of conduct committee or something should see it) and anonymous (not everyone or anyone? knows who the reporting person is)?
      • Mark I think there would be a group that knows the person reporting but beyond that they remain anonymous
    • Bryan Sounds like we need to create a group. Should it be only Board Members, only Individual Members, or at least 1 Board Member?
      • Markus Not all Board, there could be an issue with the Board
      • Mark Probably a few people. Not 10, more like 3
  3. & hosting
    • Mark Who can help?
    • Cindy & Bryan can help
    • Bryan I have some AWS experience
  4. Next meetings
    • Bryan I'd like to talk about the "MWStake Machinery" (How Board Members are voted on in elections, Annual Meeting of Members, etc.)
      • Markus We should discuss this in 2 weeks (after next weeks regular MWStake meeting)
    • Markus There's the regular MWStake meeting next week
      • Cindy We should publicize this again
  5. Conference platform
    • ACTION ITEM Bernhard I actually have a task I still need to do. Write-up my experience using HopIn for SMWCon2020


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