Kick-off MWStake extension stewardship at SMWCon 2019

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ActioneesLex Sulzer
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  1. Decide which top 10 extensions (which are not part of the MW core) are of strategic importance for us as professional and commercial MW 3rd party users for customer projects
  2. Decide which community members are appointed as stewards for which of these 10 extensions
  3. Decide which SLA to set up (e.g. "the stewardship of the RDFIO Extension guarantees that a) 30 days after release of a new MW Core Version, the RDFIO Extension passes all unit and integration tests for an installation on the new Core and that b) 30 days after releasing a new version of one of the other 9 Top 10 Extensions, the RDFIO Extensions passes all unit and integration tests in joint operation")
  4. Decide which annual contribution is due for a company (e.g. 20 companies at $200/y = $4000 / 10 stewards = $400 per steward per year for "monitoring an extension")
  5. Decide whether the public should be excluded from this benefit or whether we should rely on FairPlay.