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  • Bryan Hilderbrand
  • Ike Hecht
  • Lex Sulzer
  • Lexi McGillivray
  • Rich Evans
  • Yaron Koren

Meeting notes for MediaWiki "Products" (Project Canasta) Discussion (Wed Jan 06 16:00-17:00 UTC 2020)


  1. Yaron
    • What is the best Day/Time for these meetings? Is this Day (Wednesday) and Time (16:00 UTC / 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 17:00 CET) work OK for everyone?
      • This time is perfect for me Lex
      • Later in the day is better for me, though I will attend anyway Ike
      • I can support earlier or later Bryan
  2. Yaron
    • Does anyone have an issue with the name, Project Canasta
    • As a reminder, it's just the code name for the project to work on this effort
    • No objection recorded
  3. Yaron
    • The goal is to make a downloadable thing that allows you to quickly set-up and get a running wiki
    • Contenders seem to be a Docker based approach or an Ansible based approach
  4. Lex
  5. Rich
    • I thought Docker was a "single file deploy"
    • I think it's better to work on something existing (like Meza)
  6. Lex
    • Docker can create any "level" at your discretion, the whole kitchen or per appliance
    • I was an early supporter of the Meza project (coined the term "Flock to Meza"), but it's too rigid for my goals
  7. Rich
    • What you're describing sounds a lot like Meza, just type meza deploy and sit back
  8. Lex
    • Docker is a process wrapper (see dataspectsSystemBuilder above)
  9. Yaron
    • For this project, we do want something "rigid" - runs predictably, without much need for user configuration
  10. Bryan
  11. Yaron
    • Meza doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, though there's QualityBox
  12. Rich
  13. Lex
  14. Ike
    • With any project, I'm worried about the project's maintenance for continued success
  15. Bryan
    • Does any path lock us into something someone might disagree with (OS, Webserver, etc.)
      • Actually, re-reading that, it would be impossible to make a decision without having someone disagree
  16. Rich
    • Meza is only supported for CentOS and Debian - may or may not work with any other OS
  17. Rich
    • Why not just use VirtualBox?
  18. Lex
  19. Rich
    • There doesn't seem to be a professional way to push from Virtual Box to Production though
  20. Yaron
    • Maybe something like VirtualBox can just be another option - we could provide Docker images that also include Linux
  21. Yaron
    • Next meeting about infrastructure is in 2 weeks
      • Ideally we can include:
        1. Daren and James
        2. Richard and Markus from Hallo Welt
        3. Greg
        4. Cindy
    • Next week will be a Package discussion
  22. Rich

Areas of focus[edit]

  1. Three main parts to Project Canasta:
    • Platform (Meza, Sunflower Distribution, Docker approach, some combination, something entirely new)
    • Transfer (PX, Wikibase method, MABS, other)
    • Content (Actual Product/Package/Module/etc.)

Next steps[edit]

  1. Next meeting is next week and will focus on a Content Package (CRM, ERP, etc.)
  2. Next infrastructure meeting is in 2 weeks
  3. Rich will create a "Canasta wiki" on the EMW-Meza site