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Originally sent via email titled Project Canasta: infrastructure solution RFP (Friday Jan 08 19:33 UTC 2021)

Hi everyone,

We had a productive Project Canasta meeting on Wednesday, and then a productive MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group meeting today, with some of the same people, which ended up becoming mostly a discussion about Project Canasta and how it fits in to the goals of MWStake. Part of the discussion was about how best to move forward quickly - since a one-hour call held once a week may not be fast enough, given all the decisions that need to be made. After most people dropped out of the meeting today, there was a smaller group of us who decided that an online RFC/RFP (more like an RFP) seemed like a good way to go - and that seemed like a reasonable place to put it. So I just created the following page:

It lays out what I see as the requirements. It would be great if anyone who thinks their own solution could work for this purpose could put together a section about it. It doesn't have to be long - the most important thing is knowing what the real alternatives are. (Also, feel free to edit the requirements themselves, if something is wrong or unclear.)

By the way, that's a subpage of the general Project Canasta page, which I put together here:

The people included on this email are anyone who has attended one of the two Project Canasta meetings, as well as most of the people from today's MWStake meeting - as well as Daren and James from NASA. Hi guys! This might be the first you've heard of any of this, so this might be overwhelming, but we've been talking about Meza quite a bit during these discussion meetings. Hopefully we can get some of your feedback on all of this.

Sorry to anyone who doesn't want to be getting these emails. I promise not to spam all of you on a regular basis. Actually, it probably makes sense to create a mailing list or Google Group for this project, so that people can opt in or out.