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Meeting notes from the inaugural MWStake board meeting

Note   Note: The meeting agenda and notes should probably be folded into the meeting template/structure on this wiki.

MWStake incorporation[edit]

Bryan briefly discussed the status of MWStake's incorporation.

  • Applied for Rapid Grant, was delayed significantly, but now approved
  • Grant funds incorporation of legal entity (estimated cost = $2,000 and grant amount = $2,000)
    • Next phase will be filling for non-profit status (estimated cost = $1,500)
  • Working with a lawyer out of Pennsylvania
  • Application for Employee Identification Number (EIN) has been completed (required even for a non-profit w/o "employees")
  • Paid for legal advertisement required for incorporation (newspaper & journal) and corporate minute book (although our meeting will likely be captured in a wiki)

Board/Officer role/title selection[edit]

After some discussions, the following officer roles were agreed upon:

  • President - Mark Hershberger
  • Vice President - James Montalvo (This role will be an addition to the "proposed model" from our lawyer, but will likely be necessary. Note, during the meeting, we discussed having Markus fill this role, but never confirmed. Since Markus relinquished due to time constraints and James accepted.)
  • Treasurer - Evita Hollis
  • Secretary - Bryan Hilderbrand

The MWStake board consists of:

  • Bryan Hilderbrand
  • Cindy Cicalese
  • Evita Hollis
  • James Montalvo
  • Lex Sulzer
  • Mark Hershberger
  • Markus Glaser
  • Sabine Melnicki



  • How do we get/advertise membership?
  • What are the "dues"
  • We should propose a membership model, get our lawyer's input, and then vote
    • Need members input

Board and officer positions:

  • We should tend towards quicker board/officer terms (≈ 1year)
  • Staggered elections to provide continuity is desired (not all officers are reelected at the same time)

Non-profit type[edit]

Not discussed, but needs review

  • 501(c)(6) vs. 501(c)(3) - See here for more information
    • Need members input


Funding sources:

  • Membership dues
  • Grants from business
    • James discussed the possibility that NASA might be willing to help pay for a tech stack review
    • Maybe find a compelling argument that works for NASA and use it as a template for other businesses/organizations
  • Grants from WMF (Ideally we move away from this model)
    • Need members input


  • Our lawyers are drafting a set of standard non-profit bylaws
  • We should add vice president as a officer role with Markus


Depending on the direction MWStake takes, insurance needs should be looked into further.

Goals for the future[edit]

MWStake induced extension certification (MWS Certification)
  • Cindy - SMW Audit
    • Set up a program for security audits for 3rd party extensions
    • Might need to get a lawyers input for liability
    • What does funding look like for this effort?
    • Could use a bug bounty model
    • How to perform a security review? Hire a contractor?
    • Brian Wolff works half-time for the WMF and may consider contract work in his non-WMF time
    • Robert Vogel may have experience and bandwidth to tackle this
    • James notes that SMW is a moving target and the security audit shouldn't be considered a one-time event
    • The This extension is maintained by a member of the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group is a great example of the "badge of approval" MWStake can give as a "curated app" in addition to being good marketing/branding for MWStake (from extensions like LDAPAuthentication2)
    • Certification similar to MWStake induced extension certification (MWS Certification) as shown on right
  • Lex
    • Suggestion: Adopt the following meeting preparation/execution culture: When requesting meeting agenda items from members, always try to obtain an item substance that is 80-100% ready to be decided on (in terms of direct implementation or whether it should get continued attention by the board/members). If the suggesting member is not the apt person for suggesting this substance, that member should obtain help from another member before the meeting. Having a "80-100% decision-mature" item substance speeds up processes and makes it easier for other members to actually engage with the topic at hand in a meaningful and efficient way for its concreteness. An example for this is
    • Consider endorsement/support for/of conference "SearchAndWiki 2019" on selected knowledge transfer aspects
  • Bryan (and likely Evita) - Improved documentation for "curated list" of 3rd party enterprise extensions
  • Brainstorm on others
    • Need members input


  • Shorthand for name: #mwstake, MWStake, MWSG, etc.
    • Need members input
  • Meeting schedule: Quarterly, Monthly, etc.
    • Need members input
  • Meeting time: This time (6am PST, 9am EST, 3pm CET), rotate, etc.
    • Need members input
  • Correct email for members (personal vs. work)?
    • Need members input
  • Branding
    • We should brand the Houston EMWCon with MWStake as the organizer
    • We should get a Twitter account for branding