3 January 2020 MWstake Meeting

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Blank.png Date (UTC): 3 January 2020 16:30:00 - 3 January 2020 17:30:00
Blank.png URL: https://meet.google.com/mdd-ufhn-ksb
Blank.png Etherpad: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/mwstake-2020-01

Person.png Attendees: Bryan Hildebrand, Cindy Cicalese, Frank Taylor, Jeroen De Dauw, Mark Hershberger, Thomas O'Neill

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Meeting agenda[edit]

  1. Wait for attendees & chat 5 min
  2. MWStake Incorporation 5 min Mark
  3. EMWCon 2020 10 min Cindy
  4. MediaWiki Blog 10 min Mark
  5. Wiki Watercooler remaining Open Mic


  1. MWStake Incorporation
    • (Mark) Our lawyer sent our check ($600) and paperwork to the US Treasury for our non-profit filing.
    • (Bryan) Our bank account is set-up and we are ready for the merchant services account (our ability) to accept payment (conference tickets, membership dues, grants, etc.). We are just waiting to request money to start this last step since it comes with a monthly cost.
  2. EMWCon 2020
    • (Cindy) We should have an early call for papers, possibly with a deadline.
    • (Jeroen) A big concern I've had with recent EMWCon/SMWCon is super late announcement. Announcing the schedule just a month before is a rather absurd IMO.
    • (Jeroen) Also announcement of the conference itself. 4 months is not that much. Many confs announce a year in advance
  3. MediaWiki Blog
    • (Bryan) Previous discussion from Richard Heigl here (from MWStake November Meeting)
    • (Tom) It would be good if they wrote about new extensions, updates to extensions, major releases, etc.
    • (Bryan) I thought I heard authors might be paid?
      • (Mark & Cindy) I don't think authors will be paid.
    • Blank now, but the the future home of the blog will be: http://mediawiki.blog
    • (Jeroen) Will the blog be Hallo Welt branded or be fully neutral?
      • (Mark) It will be operated by MWStake
      • (Jeroen) So it will be _operated_ by MWstake? (And paid by hallo welt)?
      • (Mark) I think so, but we're in early days
  4. Between the Brackets (BTB) podcast
    • (Cindy) I often am behind on listening to them as I don't commute to work anymore (where I normally would listen) so it would be nice if there was a summary of the podcast
    • (Tom) Apple has some recommendations for podcasts that include transcripts and summaries
    • (Bryan) Here are some options to automate the transcripts of podcasts and I know AWS has some options as well. Although it likely doesn't capture who's speaking so some additional work might be required.
  5. Bluespice Docker
  6. Wikis and Law
  7. Wikis in Argentina
    • News about MediaWiki from Argentina - Wiki Ius Argentina Provides explanations of legal terminology in plain languaje with mediawiki
      • Written by Frank Taylor
    • Wikileg "uses wiki technology and modern web standards to offer Argentine legislation in a richer and more useful format. Most of the available legislation is generated with an algorithm based on the open data of the Ministry of Justice and the current text of the regulations in Infoleg , adding internal links between laws, tables of contents, discussion pages, semantic information and others Useful features of a wiki. Wikileg is updated every time the Ministry of Justice publishes a new version of its data, approximately once a month."

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