7 April 2017 MWstake Meeting

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Blank.png Date (UTC): 7 April 2017 15:00:00 - 7 April 2017 16:00:00
Blank.png URL: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/E336
Tag.png Tags: #wmcon
Person.png Attendees: Chris Koerner,Greg Rundlett,Mark Hershberger,Markus Glaser,Richard Heigl

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  • Village pump page for ongoing discussion of MWStake on WMF strategy
    Cindy writes: I've added an #mwstake discussion page for the Wikimedia Strategy 2017. The idea is to allow folks with an interest in MediaWiki to have a place to discuss and have input into the Strategy. The next step would be to advertise the page. Ultimately, discussion from the page would be summarized on meta. I won't be able to attend the meeting tomorrow, but please discuss advertising the page. Thanks!
    • Social media
    • mwstake.org
    • Mailing lists - mediawiki-l, ??
  • Foundation Strategy process
    Above Village pump fits into this
    Markus pushed MediaWiki in the "Beyond Wikipedia" cluster at Berlin's WMCon
    We need to participate in the strategy process to get it into the WMF strategy
    Lession Learned: Find allies before strategy session so MW gets more visibility
    If we want to leave a footprint, we need to be involved in strategy
    this is 15 year strategy, we really need to get involved
    ACTION: Markus get MWStake members involved in the discussion
  • Strategy Highlight
    gives us focus
    ACTION Mark will lead groups' internal work on strategy
  • Hackathon track
    Submission deadline is over. We've got seven submissions -> Cool track :-)
    Victoria Coleman agreed to join a panel. Victoria is very supportive - "make something happen"
    Mark talked to Victoria about the document we gave her and she said, the most surprising piece of information was that 'most contributions to MediaWiki come from "outside", from the MediaWiki community'. She was impressed and this information helps her internally
  • EMWCon next year
    Make it an MWStake event
    ACTION Mark is working on this with Daren Welsh and getting input from Cindy and Chris K.
  • Enterprise hackathon before then
  • MediaWiki Cookbook
    Idea started from Iterview with Barb