10 February 2017 MWstake Meeting

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Blank.png Date (UTC): 10 February 2017 15:00:00 - 10 February 2017 15:00:00
Blank.png URL: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/E334

Person.png Attendees: Chris Koerner,Cindy Cicalese,Justin Green,Lex Sulzer,Mark Hershberger,Markus Glaser,Peter Meyer,Thomas O'Neill

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Meeting Notes[edit]

News and Updates[edit]

  • Developer Wishlist
  • Technical Collaboration's (WMF) role in supproritng third-party users
    • Known contact points: Quim (via Chris) is the liaison for us
    • CTO reportedly supports MediaWiki as a product
  • New MediaWiki core team!?
    • Dedicated people (Engineers, Product managers)
    • ROADMAP!!!! (tbd)
    • Very encouraging to hear support for MW as a product.
  • Will probably have WMF engineer(s) at the EMWCon
  • Cloud Team
    • WMFLabs & Tools
    • "Wikimedia cloud services"
    • Brian Davis is leading
    • Historical interest in 3rd party
    • Dockerize MW?
  • Some feedback I've heard from WMF folks on leadership in MWStake
    • Criticism: MWStake started out really strong, but people are a bit unimpressed
    • Waiting for getting something more concrete accomplished
    • There are visibility issues with mwstake, we do things (e.g. extensions, EMWCon) but we are not branding it as mwstake



  • #mwstake will host (i.e. lend its name to, no money involved) an edit-a-thon the first evening of EMWCon in conjunction with WikiDC
    • Evening of first day 5:30-9:30
    • offsite from EMWCon venue
    • probably government transition oriented
    • first evening (Weds) editathon focused on gov links notably to whitehouse.gov if those links are still broken
    • Peter Meyer expects to get support from WikiDC for food for this first evening.
    • Co-sponsoring with some org, e.g. MWstake, is important to making that happen
  • Social event second evening
  • Open Semantic Data Associaton - they support SMWCon, but my understanding from Yaron is that they are not involved in EMWCon
  • ACTION: all promote Call for Participation for EMWCon
  • ACTION: Mark talk to Lex about create camp

Vienna Hackathon[edit]

  • 6 hour track on Friday (May 19-21), i.e. 8 slots, 45 minutes each (possibly)
    • Works for branding MWStake
  • Working title: "The potential of MediaWiki" -> find something better
  • Draft programme should be ready by next Wednesday
  • Topic suggestions?
    • Use case +!
    • Tutorial?
    • Panel discussion
  • Apply for travel assistance
  • ACTION: Markus etherpad with draft schedule
  • Possibly attending: Lex, Chris, Mark, Markus, Cindy, Peter


  • Status and next steps
  • Fundraising
    • Need a clearly defined outcome
    • hosting of MWStake and Wikiapiary!?
      • <shamless plug>Wikimedia Cloud Services</shameless plug>
  • FOSS Umbrella orgs in the EU
    • Alternative structures, non US incorporation
    • Just go B-Corp? "public benefit corporation"
  • Plan was: US 501(c)(6), a professional organisation
  • Need to align with WMF
  • Apply for Grants
  • Wikimedia DC could do a "fiscal sponsorship"
    • Possibly that even could include paid staff.
  • ACTION: Mark & Peter hash this out