10 April 2015 MWstake Meeting

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Blank.png Date (UTC): 10 April 2015 15:00:00 - 10 April 2015 16:00:00
Blank.png URL: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki_Stakeholders%27_Group/Meetings/2015-04-10_Telco

Person.png Attendees: Chris Koerner,Cindy Cicalese,Karsten Hoffmeyer,Mark Hershberger,Markus Glaser,Richard Heigl

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Action planning

Time and Place[edit]

Dial in

See also Google event page: [1]


  1. Welcome -- Mark
  2. MWStake Wiki -- Cindy
  3. Composer RfC (Task T467) -- Mark
  4. Proposal: a FAQ for 3rd parties -- ???
  5. Tagging of Extensions in git (Task T94412) -- ???
  6. SMWCon Spring -- ???
  7. Lyon Hackaton: What to prepare? (Task T76902) -- ???
  8. Other -- ???
  9. Closing -- Mark


These notes will be moved to MediaWiki.org no sooner than 1hr after the meeting.

1. Welcome

2. MWStake Wiki

3. Composer RfC (Task T467)

4. Proposal: a FAQ for 3rd parties

5. Tagging of Extensions in git (Task T94412)

6. SMWCon Spring

7. Lyon Hackaton: What to prepare? (Task T76902)

8. Other

9. Closing


  • Chris Koerner
  • Cindy Cicalese
  • Karsten Hoffmeyer
  • Richard Heigl
  • Mark Hershberger
  • Markus Glaser

MWStake Wiki[edit]

  • Mark set up mwstake.org as an AWS instance
  • Cindy built wikifarm on it
  • There's a blogging space there
  • There are also event entries to keep the minutes there.
  • SMW and a number of different extensions, e.g. etherpad to MW to import the minutes
  • For getting an account, ask Cindy
  • Could also be a demo site for stuff we want to show to people
  • People and Events can be tagged and linked here
  • Richard: Should we organize there?
  • Cindy: yes, we should
  • Mark: have a landing page on mw.o
  • Cindy, we could import the previous meeting minutes
  • Markus agrees. We should show some activity on mw.o, though
  • Karsten: that gives us more flexibility

Composer RfC (Task T467)[edit]


  • What do people think here
  • Fairly technical
  • What was the objective, what was the problem we wnated to solve?
  • Mark: extension dependencies. Adoption by SMW. MW uses composer for external dependencies
  • We should push this further.
  • Cindy: there's a showstopper for composer for them. It is not possible to turn extension on and off separately without turning off the dependencies. Reluctant to put up the effort of using it als long as the usage is still unclear.
  • Karsten agrees. It's hard to use it in environments that are not homogenous.
  • Lot of focus on single wiki use case.
  • Should we reach out to the composer people?
  • ACTION; Markus. find contact of composer people and send it to Cindy and Karsten
  • ACTION: Cindy and Karsten get in touch with composer people
  • There's a new way of extension registration. Does composer still apply?
  • Markus: let's work towards separation of concerns. And work

Proposal: a FAQ for 3rd parties[edit]

  • Find a set of common questions for 3rd parties
  • Find the answers
  • Publish them somewhere
  • Not technical
  • Questions about naming
  • Nontechnical and procedural questions
  • ACTION: Richard put up a set of questions on mwstake.org

Tagging of Extensions in git (Task T94412)[edit]


  • Please support this.
  • Was possible in the past
  • You needed to be the repo owner
  • Maybe via github?
  • Ask Jeroen about syncronizing

SMWCon Spring[edit]

  • In St. Louis.
  • Possibility to join remotely.
  • There could be a real life stakeholder meeting

Lyon Hackaton: What to prepare? (Task T76902)[edit]


  • Collect there what we want to talk about.
  • Which sessions we should have representatives at?
  • ACTION: Mark ask Rachel about status of scholarships


  • Richard will show a extension blog project next time
  • Mark works on a page counter extesions, after it has been dropped
  • TASK: Mark send link to stats