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ActioneesBryan Hilderbrand,Mark Hershberger
Labelsmwstake site

Things to do for Credit Card Processing:

  • CC email content
  • Change membership button functionality
  • Try using flexbox on the introduction page to force the image to the right. Find a way to scale the image for different screen resolutions.
  • Change "Become Member" button for the case when a logged out person clicks it. Should catch cases where
    1. Once clicked and the now logged in user is already a member, takes them to the Change membership page.
    2. Once clicked and the now logged in user is no yet a member, takes them to the Special:Subscribe page
      Note Note:  can you add logic so that if people log in it still takes them to the same page, but additional logic there says "Oh this is person wants a membership... we should (use js to) redirect them over there."
  • Special:Fundraising needs a system message with a link to the Vision, Purpose, and Activities from the Bylaws as a reason why to donate. (See MediaWiki:Wsa-fundraising-header and adjust as needed.)
  • For corporate sponsorship, the billing period says monthly (there isn't even an option for monthly). It uses whatever the individual membership billing period is. For example, I've chosen Monthly so, that's what it uses.
  • For corporate membership, there isn't an option for "monthly" payments, however when during the process (Special:SubscribeCorporate/confirm), the form states a billing period of "Monthly" and the amount due today has some weird formatting, "$1000,- (for silver).
  • Expand on receipt email. Include:
    1. What they are getting (individual membership, bronze, silver, gold, platinum)
    2. Use their name
    3. Credit card ending in XXXX was charged $YYY
  • I had a fail on a test membership upgrade (individual to silver)
    1. The page it landed on was "Special:SubscribeCorporate/fail"
    2. Title, "Something went wrong"
    3. Text, "Sorry, but we were unable to upgrade your membership. You can click 'Start' at the top of this page and try again.".
    4. However there was no "Start" at the top of the page
    5. Possible reason, there isn't a group type silver yet?
    6. And yet, I'm added to the group silver somehow? At least that's what the Change membership page shows. The User Rights pages shows me getting added to the member-bronze group. Weird?
    7. Note, no email.
    8. Cancelling membership removes me from all (individual, bronze, and silver). Maybe not. Something weird happened.
    9. Removed my membership manually. Added it back. Tried to "Change membership". Selected "Silver" and clicked next. Can't progress past that page (Special:SubscribeCorporate/)
    10. Not getting a cancelation email
    11. It seems just cancelling manually (Special:UserRights) doesn't get it right, I need to do it through the WSA form.
    12. The email receipt said 100, but I think I signed up for monthly
    13. Trying again to sign up for Silver. The CC Processing failed (see above). However I am a bronze and silver member, the Special:UserRights page says, "Member of: member-bronze (until 11:23, 5 December 2020), member-individual (until 11:23, 5 December 2020), member-silver (until 11:23, 5 December 2020)" but only member-bronze is in the list.
  • Add an email notification after a year of subscription reminding the member their membership is about to renew and their card will be charged.
    • Since both Monthly and Yearly memberships automatically renew with