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Raw transcript:

Mark: There we go.

Mark: So yeah, Marcus, since you were talking about the annual report, and you asked about the

Mark: Csp. Open Csp. And the other things I don't think we should.

Mark: The other meeting. What was the other meeting? Remind me? Yes, I don't think we should claim any credit for starting those.

Mark: but we have participated in them. I, you know I've made patches and stuff against connect to. I don't know if they were accepted. I don't think they were. But anyway.

Mark: And and yeah, like Cindy and I think others regularly participate in the open Csp meetings. So

Markus: right? yeah, that's that's good. and the last thing

Mark: although actually, actually, if I may, if I may back up a bit here

Mark: can I,

Mark: Jeffrey is a paying member.

Mark: so you know.

Mark: Talk to him.

Cindy: Yeah, I don't think we can consider that media Wiki stakeholders group, though, is actively, you know, and we certainly don't fiscally support you. Can them in any ways. I don't think you're wrong with necessarily.

Cindy: I agree. If we said that we.

Markus: I I agree it was it. We should be more conservative than in saying, oh, yeah, that's us. But yeah, sure. And I think we have a lot of stuff to show I mean focus areas did not massively change as compared to 2,021 oh, so I

Markus: adopted the text a little bit

Markus: output. I yeah, this is high level. So we have this list.

Markus: and in

Markus: yeah, either an output or an exchange of experience. I would add a a participation in.

Markus: you know. Open Csp. Can also. And then there is the financials. that is something, Ryan. I guess you are the person I need to refer to. Is that correct?

Bryan: That's it. Where i'm the wet.

Markus: The person I need to refer to when I want to know the figures of what it be.

Markus: Very soon.

Bryan: Yeah, pretty soon it will be Eric on. But right now.

Bryan: either Mark or I are the only ones that have access to the bank.

Markus: Okay? Okay. So yeah, I'm: I'm: i'm gonna get in touch by.

Markus: Okay.

Markus: If there is anything else which you consider to be noteworthy in the report

Markus: I mean.

Markus: there's 2 aspects. One is it's a formality. and we need to do it in order to be able to go to say the Wiki Media conference. on the other hand, we sent this over so this we purchase an out on a meeting list.

Markus: and obviously it's also a way for us to show that we are active when we actually doing stuff.

Markus: I guess.

Markus: saying that we organize the Co. Organize these 2 conferences is quite a lot also. the maintenance of the extensions. and the capability. But of course this is like showcasing stuff, right? So if if you feel like, there is something that is important to mention here.

Markus: Oh.

Markus: then.

Markus: yeah, I guess please ping me into yeah Monday. What you say

Markus: or

Mark: Oh, well, thanks a lot for for taking, you know, for continuing to handle this, because you know.

Mark: I I think, with what you've done over the past years we could

Mark: figure it out. But I really appreciate you, you know.

Mark: taking care of this.

Markus: I'm happy to do this.

Mark: Yay, I'm glad to make you happy. I will continue to make you happy.

Cindy: let's see. Okay, so that's the yearly report. Eric's not here, so we can't do the 1 1 one wording question. It says, we co-organize the 2 conferences. Do we want to mention that we're the fiscal sponsor for the 2 conferences. Is that an important distinction or not?

Markus: I think it is. But yeah, yeah. yeah.

Markus: So that's what what's the top?

Markus: Okay.

Markus: no ticket.

Mark: Okay. So the the other things we have here on the agenda. I I

Mark: Eric, has been so good about showing up to these things. I I didn't feel like I needed to reach out to him, but

Mark: he hasn't, said he wasn't going to be here so

Mark: But the other things on this list financial status and

Mark: legal obligations and

Mark: or things that

Mark: Eric brought up. did you talk to Eric Brian about

Mark: made any progress on getting him access or anything like that.

Bryan: Yeah, you were copied on all the emails.

Mark: Okay, so basic.

Markus: You just got muted.

Mark: I need new. I need new bluetooth things. They're breaking on me.

Markus: You're back.

Mark: so

Mark: I think what happened is we're going to get a vita removed from the signature card and have Eric added

Mark: to the signature card.

Mark: and that involves a lot of mailing back and forth

Mark: a physical mail.

Mark: So

Mark: they're they're already supposed to send that correct.

Mark: Is that right.

Mark: Brian?

Mark: So I need to. I need to. I thought

Mark: they. The mail was supposed to let me know when I had something, but I need to check that again.

Bryan: Yeah, it's heading it's heading to the corporate address.

Mark: Right?

Mark: And that's why I was saying I I thought they were supposed to email me when they got something there. But anyway.

Mark: we'll see

Mark: So that's that's that. Where's where's my agenda thing? So with respect to finances. I don't know if anybody saw the note I put in

Cindy: the can ball chat.

Cindy: But I i'm still getting email, I guess, because it goes to

Cindy: an alias MW. Steak. I am to be stick by over something. Anyway. I got get

Cindy: notifications from event bright

Cindy: which I think probably Mark and Brian do as well

Cindy: when somebody registers. And so event right is expecting pee fee payments. Apparently somebody has already registered for em, W. Con.

Cindy: and because they registered last month, there is now a fee due to event right

Cindy: for their registration.

Cindy: so i'm hoping somebody

Cindy: pays attention to that.

Mark: I'm Eric. Were you the one who registered for that?

Mark: I'm not Eric Brian?

Cindy: No, it was. It was some person I don't. I need their name. I think it's James hair was the first to Yes, it was. It was changed here. That's right.

Cindy: So so, Brian, do you? Do you pay that event break fee, or who well, any mark I or eventually. But right now it just be Mark or I have a card that can pay.

Cindy: Okay.

Cindy: I. I just want to make sure that one of you saw that in New that you needed to do that.

Mark: Well, I so I won't. I'm. I'm glad you brought that up. I I was thinking you were saying you wanted to be taken off that, alias, but I won't. Take you off of it because you're reminded that. So?

Mark: all right.

Mark: so I guess.

Mark: I guess I can do it. Or or

Mark: if you want me to go ahead and do that. I'll do it er Brian, because it's

Bryan: I have time. So yeah, you go for it

Mark: all right.

Mark: let's see.

Mark: So the other thing. Here was there was some discussion about the secretary.

Mark: oh, actually, let's let's go down to this other thing.

Mark: because you mentioned before that you were going to do something with this Lex, the media wiki upgrade

Mark: for MW. Steak you were doing Canasta.

Lex: That's right. And since I chose my rewards to be the fact that I can freely adjust my time between developing my extension on that new side

Lex: and working on actually the the content that should be

Lex: taken over from the old one.

Lex: but for the last 2 weeks I've been constantly working on this.

Lex: but a proper show should be next time, I would say.

Lex: although everything is up and running.

Lex: I could even share the link. But

Lex: there's a couple of things I want to polish first.

Mark: and this is your upgrading, because this is an asset. It's 135 is that right

Lex: right now I did the upgrade last time. Now we're on

Lex: 138

Lex: and semantic media, which is 3, 2, 3,

Mark: all right.

Mark: so if I can take a break from the thing here

Mark: since you mentioned semantic media wiki versions.

Mark: does anyone know what? Why, we have a semantic media wiki. For now what your own did ours

Mark: logic was for releasing 4.

Bernhard: Actually, I don't know.

Markus: Oh, no, I mean.

Markus: I know that it is

Markus: compatible with HP. 8 made one now. But if

Markus: I in semantic versioning, I don't think that should trigger a new major unless he caps

Markus: the support for all the Php questions, and I don't know if they did. But I don't think so

Mark: right. and and you know, of course, helping people upgrade their media wikis. This is one thing that is going to pop up for me, and i'm sure all of you.

Mark: But

Mark: i'm just trying to I I I guess I want to talk to you about

Mark: how he makes these decisions? And

Mark: is he the only one who makes these decisions, and how does he make them?

Mark: Is anyone else curious about this, or is it just me? I mean I i'm willing to be the only one curious. But

Markus: no, because we are curious.

Mark: You you don't have to. You don't have to feign curiosity for my sake.

Markus: actually I wasn't aware to be honest.

Markus: I was not aware of that. since we

Markus: I didn't. Yeah, I think that's a lot of time.

Mark: Well, there there you go. It's on your rate. Or now.

Mark: anyway.

Markus: yeah. So so the thing we were most concerned is is Php. 8, and that is because people keep asking us about Php: 7 support and does that we also were quite involved in like

Markus: any compatibility but

Markus: feel that I mean it's even 7, 4, one at the moment.

Mark: so one as far as that.

Markus: Awesome.

Bernhard: The me uses it. we cannot hear you.

Markus: Huh! I had this I open, I I can tell you, because it says here. So media with key for one drop support for Php. 7, 3

Markus: and that's according to semantic versioning, I think he's. But that's in the new minor. It's for one, and it's for one and

Mark: part part of the fact is, it's already done, so it can't be changed, so I just want to figure out. You know what

Mark: how he's making these decisions, and I I don't know I

Mark: i'm kind of feeling like there should be more discussion about this and more, you know

Mark: just me, you know. Anyway, I have a rant about how media Wiki extensions are reversed, but that can be for a different time.

Cindy: See this this. This is part of the governance thing that we we should really be advocating for proper governance here absolutely. I'm. I'm having i'm having an issue right now, because

Cindy: Alda authentication, too, does not yet support a plug of a lot 6

Cindy: although Robert is working on it. And so.

Cindy: with

Cindy: the release of one dot, 39 people are downloading the

Cindy: well, 139 branch of pluggable off in order to upgrade, and it is at version 6 dot 2, and so they need to downgrade in order to be able to

Cindy: still continue to run with Ldp. Authentication, too.

Cindy: And so when I told them to

Cindy: get the 5.7 version of

Cindy: pluggable off, it was an early version of 5.7 that is not compatible with the with you one dot 39, because of the deprecation of hot Manager Singleton

Cindy: and so therefore it doesn't work, and there is no version

Cindy: tagged version

Cindy: prior to 6, so that they can use that works with one dot 39. So I told them they had to go and get to the real one to 37 branch, where 137 is no longer supported, and so extension distributor doesn't give you the real 137 branch I told you I wasn't going to rant, but i'm going to rant anyways.

Cindy: so I actually had to point them. Actually, you can go to the directory where it downloads the tar files from, and the 137

Cindy: version is still sitting there in a directory the tar file for click blocks so they can get it from there.

Cindy: but

Cindy: it made me realize that when I tag a new release I need to

Cindy: immediately commit a dev tag to

Cindy: I need to have a different process

Cindy: to make sure that there is always a version

Cindy: just prior to a new major release

Cindy: and

Cindy: and the fact that you've got both tags and release branches, and the 2 are completely independent of each other is a big pain in the butt.

Cindy: We're done right.

Cindy: Yes, we need governance on extension versions.

Markus: but welcome, welcome to the branch we are looking.

Markus: By the way, we've made several suggestions. Robert made several suggestions to mitigate this, for example, have some dash branches like 135 dash

Markus: x. So we could run the same 135. but yeah, I don't think we have enough of a lobby here. yeah. And James Forrester was like, No, no, that's not standard.

Cindy: I I could probably

Cindy: convince him to stop objecting to that. But yeah.

Cindy: and then there's the composer thing with all of this stuff would be awesome if we got

Cindy: resolved in 2,023

Mark: so okay, you know.

Mark: with with that in mind.

Mark: I I think we've done the things on the agenda that we can talk about. We have 10 min left.

Mark: should we make those goals for you know, focusing on? I I think that first of all, I, from what I've seen with what we've been able to do last year with conference organizing. I think that's great. I think that's a great focus.

Mark: I would like to say

Mark: Eric is going to say that we have other legal obligations, you know.

Mark: But I think

Mark: we wanted to change our

Mark: membership thing.

Mark: At least this was my impression. You all can correct me if i'm wrong. But

Mark: my

Mark: as part of legal obligations. Maybe we can't do this, but I was thinking

Mark: we were gonna change it to.

Mark: you know, we're gonna focus on not necessarily developing things for people.

Mark: But, you know, organizing community events, and that would be our

Mark: our focus and what we

Mark: tell people we were doing.

Mark: I think that makes sense for us.

Mark: whether we can do that or not with what we people have signed up for, so far as you know. Another thing.

Mark: I was going somewhere

Mark: a lost track. Sorry?

Mark: oh, I know what it was.

Mark: Governance. Do we want it? Goals for 2023? It's only set February second month. So you know we have 10 months left, but we can get a lot done, you know.

Mark: Do we want to focus on governance? Do we want to leverage our

Mark: our our

Mark: whatever sway we have with the

Mark: foundation.

Cindy: I'm all for having goals. But where we have a lot of problems is taking goals and actually going to the next step and actually doing something based upon those goals because we're all busy.

Markus: Okay.

Markus: So what I really like about

Markus: I don't know how it called it like the existing goals like the things we already had as a plan. And maybe focus on getting both sort of revisit those and see if they still applied instead of like coming up with new stuff.

Markus: except for the extension branch

Markus: governments.

Markus: I I I think that's that's a good thing here.

Markus: So to stick with those goals, or maybe have one of the of the sessions to go to them and say, do we still think that's a valid call to reach for go, and then as the basis.

Mark: So

Mark: since Eric Wasn't here this week

Mark: the next meeting, how about we go through those goals

Mark: in. Say.

Mark: here's what we've said. Our goals are in the past.

Mark: you know, which one still makes sense

Mark: that sort of thing.

Mark: Yeah, does that. Does that sound like a a a decent up thing agenda for next next meeting that we have.

Mark: Yes, I see.

Mark: Good

Mark: all right.

Cindy: So Mark, I saw I saw that you're planning to go to the Hackathon.

Cindy: I did get my invitation to the Hackathon as well, although i'm not sure if I will be able to attend. Is anybody else planning to go, because that's the other thing we could do is have a video key stakeholder group.

Cindy: technical project at the Hackathon.

Mark: I talked to Lex just prior to you joining, and he said he would. You might go

Mark: Marcus? Is anyone from Halloween going to Athens.

Markus: I think so. we have 2 people who want to go.

Markus: I don't know if I can come, because I have a important

Markus: family celebration tingy anniversary

Markus: exactly on the twentieth of March.

Markus: that's good. but a 100 we definitely attend in one of the other way.

Markus: I'm sure about that.

Mark: Oh, what about? Bernard? I I know, Brian, said. He's not going. But Bernard.

Mark: No.

Bernhard: i'm not planning this now.

Mark: Okay?

Mark: Well, yeah, I mean.

Mark: I I guess I looked out this time.

Mark: But

Mark: anyway, it, it's

Mark: something we can work on, anyway. So next next week are 2 weeks from now.

Mark: we'll have.

Mark: I'll make sure to get Eric here, and we'll go the goals and the financial status and

Mark: other things. So

Mark: that is that is the agenda for next time.

Bernhard: What is happening tomorrow? The stakeholders

Mark: tomorrow

Mark: The

Mark: Jeffrey is going to talk about Microsoft's extensions.

Bryan: and and actually

Bryan: Charlie is gonna display his pandoc word to Wiki converter

Mark: that that's interesting because one of the things that Jeffrey has is also Pandoc. Yeah.

Bryan: Yeah.

Bryan: So Jeffrey is going to release his all of all the Microsoft stuff, kind of as is. And then, you know, there's a chance if the community can

Bryan: watch on to some and help improve it. but

Bryan: Charlie has, You know they've been working on their own.

Bryan: Pandoc based

Bryan: word to Wiki converter.

Bryan: and he has it ready for a demo.

Mark: Bernard, Can I ask you to publish this? You have access to the Twitter account? Right, Bernard?

Bernhard: Can I ask you to

Mark: post something about the meeting tomorrow. Sure.

Bernhard: is there some web page? I can link to

Mark: It's on MW steak, I believe.

Mark: Dot org

Cindy: did you all see also that Rich is reprising his talk from

Cindy: smw con that did not sadly did not get recorded.

Cindy: so he's going to repeat it. I arranged it as a tech talk for the foundation, and it's going to be publicly streamed.

Cindy: So that's on February ninth.

Cindy: I believe

Cindy: next Thursday. Is that right? Yes, 11 am Eastern time, whatever that is, for all of you.

Cindy: but it went out on media with keel. I don't know.

Mark: yeah it. So Bernard, if while you're there on Twitter

Mark: i'm not on Twitter anymore. But while you're there on Twitter, if you can also, you know, mention his

Mark: talk? That would be good.

Cindy: It's gonna be.

Bernhard: Oh, from from

Bernhard: which the talk from rich.

Bernhard: Okay. So so that's a a a public thing.

Cindy: Yeah, it's going to be public.

Cindy: and then we'll grab the we'll grab the video of it and put it on.

Mark: Excellent, all right.

Mark: Well,

Mark: thing. Oh,

Mark: can I? Can I

Mark: talk to you after this? A Marcus? If if that's okay.

Markus: I guess we're done otherwise. Yeah.

Mark: all right.

Markus: I just stay here the

Mark: i'll it will that works in the.