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7 June 2024

  • curprev 14:5414:54, 7 June 2024Bryandamon talk contribs 640 bytes +640 Created page with "{{Event |mwstake-meeting=Yes |start-date=2024-09-06 |start-hour=15 |start-minute=30 |end-date=2024-09-06 |end-hour=16 |end-minute=30 |url=https://meet.google.com/mdd-ufhn-ksb }} ==Meeting agenda== # '''Wait for attendees & chat''' {{Agenda time|5 min}} # '''Wiki Quickie''' {{Agenda time|5 min}} {{Agenda presenter|TBD}} # '''MediaWiki News''' {{Agenda time|20 min}} {{Agenda presenter|Mark}} # '''TBD''' {{Agenda time|20 min}} {{Agenda presenter|TBD}} # '''Wiki Waterco..."