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-->{{#if:{{{4|}}}|<span style="float:right;">{{#arraymap:{{{4|}}}|,|x|[[User:x|x]]|,}}|}}</span></p><!--
-->{{#if:{{{4|}}}|<span style="float:right;">{{#arraymap:{{{4|}}}|,|x|[[x|{{PAGENAME:x}}]]|,}}|}}</span></p><!--
END ID, DUE_DATE, ASSIGNED_TO all in one row
END ID, DUE_DATE, ASSIGNED_TO all in one row

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This template formats each actionable in a column of a board.

{{{1|}}} = Summary (linked to page)
{{{2|}}} = Action ID
{{{3|}}} = Due date
{{{4|}}} = Assigned to
{{{5|}}} = Label
{{{6|}}} = Related article
{{{#userparam}}} = View or Edit (do you want action links to go to the view or edit mode?)