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**Adding Semantic / Cargo? BlueSpice Foundation?
**Adding Semantic / Cargo? BlueSpice Foundation? Basix extensions for extension families
*Decision making and responsiblities
*Decision making and responsiblities
**Release Board: Who will attend?
**Release Board: Who will attend?

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Sunflower MediaWiki is a new multi-purpose MediaWiki distribution.

(This is a draft)


  • Creation of a joint project and impact point for third-party users
  • Development of a common basis for different projects: Meza, Semantic MediaWiki, BlueSpice MediaWiki and many more
  • Define with which basic functions new functions have to work together
  • Opportunities: Development of programming standards and agreement on technologies and architectures
  • Promoting MediaWiki and additional bundles / communities
  • Deliver a "essential MediaWiki" for admins around the world
  • Organize the maintenance of the included extensions

Target group[edit]

  • Admins and developers who run MediaWikis in a professional environment
  • Cloud Service Providers


A first proposal for extensions that are delivered with Sunflower

Extensions by MediaWiki Extensions by Sunflower MediaWiki Skins by MediaWiki Skins by Sunflower MediaWiki
  • CategoryTree
  • Cite
  • CiteThisPage
  • CodeEditor
  • ConfirmEdit
  • Gadgets
  • ImageMap
  • InputBox
  • Interwiki
  • LocalisationUpdate
  • MultimediaViewer
  • Nuke
  • OATHAuth
  • PageImages
  • ParserFunctions
  • PdfHandler
  • Poem
  • Renameuser
  • ReplaceText
  • Scribunto
  • SpamBlacklist
  • SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi
  • TextExtracts
  • TitleBlacklist
  • WikiEditor
  • Auth_remoteuser
  • CirrusSearch
  • ConfirmAccount
  • CommentStream
  • DynamicPageList
  • Echo
  • FlaggedRevs
  • googleAnalytics
  • LDAPProvider
  • LDAPAuthentication2
  • LDAPAuthorization
  • LDAPGroups
  • LDAPUserInfo
  • Lockdown
  • Maps
  • Math
  • Mpdf
  • MsCalendar
  • MsUpload
  • MultimediaViewer
  • PageImages
  • PluggableAuth
  • Popups
  • SimpleSAMLphp
  • Tabs
  • TemplateData
  • TemplateStyles
  • TextExtracts
  • TitleIcon
  • UploadWizard
  • UserMerge
  • Variables
  • VisualEditor
  • YouTube
  • MonoBook
  • Timeless
  • Vector
  • Chameleon 2.0
  • Erudite
  • Foreground
  • Metrolook

It also comes with a "best practice default configuration" for all of these extensions/skins.

Technical details[edit]

The distribution is build using composer and published as "tarball" and "docker image" (may include Parsoid and ElasticSearch)

Release and Distribution[edit]

Approach: The releases of Sunflower will / can be delivered by Hallo Welt! for the MediaWiki Stakeholders. We offer an automatically (?) provisioned (?) rolling release on a public download portal: http://sunflowermediawiki.org/


A branding of one's own is time-consuming but necessary in order to create a project that is attractive and open to all stakeholders (from Wikimedia to Nichework, Meza to SMW) and builds bridges here.

Open questions[edit]

  • Distribution:
    • Adding Semantic / Cargo? BlueSpice Foundation? Basix extensions for extension families
  • Decision making and responsiblities
    • Release Board: Who will attend?
  • Roadmap?