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# Eco system (MediaWiki community, users)
# Eco system (MediaWiki community, users)
# Membership
# Membership
#* [[Bylaws/Dues|Membership cost]]
# Benefits
# Benefits
#* [[Bylaws/Dues|Membership benefits]] (should eventually have an expanded page detailing benefits

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Some information about marketing collateral for the MWStake marketing sponsorship campaign.


  1. Eric-Jan
  2. Markus
  3. James
  4. Bryan


  1. Awareness raiser
    Why should I read this deck?
    You love open source and the power of the engine behind Wikipedia? Us too. We are here to improve your experience.
  2. Mission statement
    Claim could be something like "Ensure MediaWiki becomes and stays the best fit open source wiki for knowledge sharing and documentation"
    See also our mission
  3. History and Activities
    Proof that we can do it
    Since 2014, MWStake has been caring about the needs of MediaWiki maintainers.
    We raise the flag in MediaWiki events and discussions; develop and standardize functionality; exchange experience; create a network
    See our annual reports, e.g. 2018.
  4. Topics
    What did we focus on?
    Installation (Meza, Composer RfC), Integration (LDAP), Use cases (Fantastic MediaWikis Track), Networking (EMWCon)
  5. Our Team
    MWStake's current members are high profile members of the MediaWiki community.
    Many of us use or maintain MediaWiki in a professional environment, in corporations, highly visible sites or as consultants (find a better word, consultant always has a smell of "I want to make money")
  6. Corporation structure and ecosystem
    Most people will want to hear how we are related to Wikipedia and its ecosystem.
    MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group is a recognized Wikimedia affiliation.
  7. Eco system (MediaWiki community, users)
  8. Membership
  9. Benefits