MediaWiki Usage Questions

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As part of MediaWiki_Usage_Report_for_Wikimania_2015 we'd like to gather some information from existing MediaWiki users to help us understand their experiences using MediaWiki.


Potential Questions[edit]

Qualitative Questions[edit]

  1. What are they using it for
  2. How did they decide to use it
  3. How long have they been using it
  4. Do they contribute code, patches, bugs
    1. Why or why not?
  5. What do they find useful about the software?
  6. What would they like to see improved?

(please add more ideas to the list above)

Quantitate Questions[edit]

  • How many MediaWiki sites do you manage?
  • How frequently do you update?
  • How many extensions do you use?
  • How many extensions have you created or contributed to?
  • What version are you currently using? (Special:Version)