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* [[:File:Smoker Gard Invoice 1.pdf|Smoker Gard Invoice #1]]
* [[:File:Smoker Gard Invoice 1.pdf|Smoker Gard Invoice #1]]
* [[:File:Business Resolution Authorization.pdf|Business Resolution Authorization]]
* [[:File:Business Resolution Authorization.pdf|Business Resolution Authorization]]
* [[:File:Signed Form 2848.pdf|Form 2848 to tell the IRS that Somker Gard is our rep]]
* [[:File:Signed Form 2848.pdf|Form 2848 to tell the IRS that Smoker Gard is our rep]]
* [[:File:Signed Form 1024.pdf|Form 1024 -- Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(a)]]
* [[:File:Signed Form 1024.pdf|Form 1024 -- Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(a)]]

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This page documents the project for mwstake incorporation. Members of mwstake decided to incorporate with the two main goals being:

  1. Bank account for events (EMWCon, etc.)
  2. Accept grants from the WMF as a non-profit

To Do[edit]

  1. Follow instructions to process the grant ☑Y
  2. Determine which non-profit type to register as ☑Y
  3. Work with lawyer to begin incorporation process ☑Y
  4. Finalize the Bylaws ☑Y
  5. Describe Activities and Operational Information for IRS 1024 Application
  6. Open a corporate bank account and make sure it follows WMF rules which are similar to the rules for Rapid Grants
  7. Reporting on the outcome (what worked well, what didn't work well, and what you would do differently next time, etc.). Some sample reports are available.


The following are the major milestones to date:

  1. 02 August 2018 - Collected individual statements from MWStake members on what role they felt MWStake should have once incorporated
  2. 15 August 2018 - Rapid Grant Proposal was submitted
  3. 15 November 2018 - The rapid grant was approved and moved to funded
  4. 18 December 2018 - Board meeting

Board rolls and structure[edit]

The "normal" officer positions to accomplish the statutory functions of a corporation are president, treasurer, and secretary (one to be in charge and execute directions of the board, one to handle and account for the finances, and one to keep records). They can be called whatever one desires and the same person can conduct more that one function, although if there are enough people it is preferable to separate the duties. For a non-profit, there are also issues of accountability that strongly argue for separating the duties, so that no one person has too much power.

For the board itself, there are no positions, although most boards will elect a chairperson to run the meeting. Other than that, you are free to choose whatever structure works for you.