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Raw transcript:

'Mark: Oh, hello, hello, hello everyone is here. It looks like except for Marcus, who will jump out at the at the

'Mark: most opportune time

Cindy: And are yet to be named board member Yeah.

'Mark: Well, yet to be named board member can't possibly be here. So,

'Mark: Um,

'Mark: I just updated the minutes are the the agenda for the meeting to add something that

'Mark: Cindy told me about yesterday and which we should have been thinking about, really. But she made a point about it that we really need to find a and start paying for our own hosting for wiki Apiary and MW state.

'Mark: MW steak is really not that much is just a wiki, wiki AP or use a little bit more

'Mark: It does take some resources. But anyway, that's so I just wanted to put that out there. That's one of the things we need to get done this year since that's what we're talking about in these meetings is what we're going to do this year. Um, I also, I also want to make sure that we're

'Mark: That first of all, we don't take up too much time in these meetings because, you know, I want to make sure we get things done and make it worth everyone's time

'Mark: So I want to make sure that we keep it to 30 minutes, but also that we have a list of things that we need to go through and try to get as much done on those as possible and I should have said that before he said anything about hosting. But here we are, um,

'Mark: So, uh, Brian, is it I am I missing anything or shared just tear ahead with this.

Cindy: Tape.

Cindy: I just typed into chat. One other thing, you and I, market discuss adding to the agenda was discussing the code of conduct.

'Mark: Oh, yes, yes.

'Mark: Um,

'Mark: That is a good point. Um,

'Mark: Let's discuss that now because now I'm thinking about it and easy for me to think about, um,

'Mark: Is there is so code of conduct, it's

'Mark: There's been some issue in the wider technical world about in the past few years of adopting code codes of conduct, because

'Mark: Evidently, people don't have a code of conduct. They don't know how to act sometimes

'Mark: So, you know, people in the open source world. I really started doing that you see the code of conduct in the top level of repositories.

'Mark: For media for on Garrett

'Mark: And there was, and then yarn had a big discussion about that a while back on the wiki tech mailing list. Um, first of all, is everyone familiar with what the code of conduct. What a code a code of conduct is

'Mark: Is there anyone that's not familiar with it, raise your hand, or if he does say something

'Mark: And someone raised their hand and no one setting thing.

'Mark: I'm going to assume we all know what a code of conduct is, is there any objection just at the high level to having a code of conduct.

'Mark: I'm going to take that as a no, there's no objection.

'Mark: I yo, I appreciate that you're giving them the space to talk and not interrupting. But you know, I don't mind if you speak up, um,

'Mark: So I'm would to make this really quick. Would there be an objection to just adopting the Wikimedia code of conduct.

Cindy: I would just say that we might need to change, like the first paragraph that says it applies to Wikimedia technical spaces and just replace it to it applies to meetings of the

Cindy: Media with the stakeholders groups and events held by that group.

Evita: But also how it's going to be reported right and handle

Cindy: Yes.

Cindy: That's a good point. Yeah.

Mark: So, I mean, we can submit to the code of conduct committee and have them handle it, but I don't know if they want to handle our yeah we shouldn't be issues.

Cindy: Yeah, that would, that wouldn't be appropriate, your right to the handling would have to be

Cindy: We have to

'Mark: We

'Mark: Have to set it, set up our own committee is it work.

'Mark: Well, I'm not sure where that we need that much but anyway.

Lex: Yeah.

Cindy: So we might, yes, I suggest that somebody take the action of making some edits to the Wikipedia, starting from the media wiki code of conduct and adapting it tory's

'Mark: Um,

'Mark: Is there anyone besides me and

Evita: I'll do it.

'Mark: Oh, good. Excellent.

Eric-Jan: Thank you.

Evita: You're gonna be in the comedian for Coding

'Mark: Um, yeah, thanks. I'm moving on.

'Mark: So, um, let's see.

'Mark: Media wiki steak stakeholders membership. That's the first thing on the old Agenda here.

'Mark: Is there anything we need to discuss there, Eric, I think you're the one who wanted to discuss that. Is that correct or was that Brian

'Mark: Or was that just someone put it on there. No one wants to claim it

Bryan: I think I

Bryan: When

Bryan: I think that that one came from some of the points that Eric jaan had in in the mission, vision and goals. Right.

Bryan: All right.

Eric-Jan: Yeah, if. Should we, should we have finished the payment system right then the following logic step would be that we go on with the acquiring new members and new sponsors.

Eric-Jan: That's why it's on the agenda, I presume,

Eric-Jan: Right. Which finalized the membership process.

'Mark: Um,

'Mark: Yeah, so I'm not sure I really hate this part because I'm I get a lot of work on it and now I'm not sure that it's actually ready for that, um,

'Mark: So I

'Mark: And I just, it's the start of the year. I have so much stuff piling up that I have to do. It's not has nothing to do with this, um,

'Mark: Is there. So I guess what I'm saying is if I'm going to work on it or if anyone else is going to help me work on it. We need to set it, set aside a time to make sure it's already

Eric-Jan: Well, it's marine can be marine can be of assistance marker. We're happy to help if if if you want some flowers from array without any invoice right it's fine with me. As long as we can, can finish the salad. Salad will be

'Mark: Yeah fan of A, B, is it buzzing buzzing around my head, I'm

'Mark: Out so it would be good to get Morin to look at this, some of it because I've done. Yeah, I've done a lot of stuff there.

'Mark: But it would be good to see if he can help um

'Mark: Okay, so let

'Mark: Can, would it be possible then marine to say

'Mark: Monday for me to talk to him.

Eric-Jan: As an online or you want to send him a meal or Is it really

'Mark: I think it'd

'Mark: Be good if we could have a, you know,

'Mark: face to face meeting, I can send them an email but um

Eric-Jan: Yeah, Dev will be best to see to see what to wear suits him as in time, we'll talk

'Mark: Yeah, I'll do that. Okay. But, but I have your okay I'm doing that right

Eric-Jan: Yes, sure, sure. And you even have my okay let's say if he needs for our for our half a day or a day, I'll give him a Go Daddy can be of assistance. But, however, Mark, you will ask for specific instructions.

Eric-Jan: Yes, that's how we tried to raise him.

'Mark: I appreciate that and it

Eric-Jan: Is

'Mark: It is good. It helps me think through these things.

Eric-Jan: As requirements. That's what we need in this world, Mark. Yes.

'Mark: Um, okay, good. So

Mark: I can serve as a high quality guinea pig because my membership application is only halfway through. So at least the corporate membership. I couldn't you know sign up in the interface. So I can do that as a key.

'Mark: Excellent. There we look Look at this, we put it together.

'Mark: Right, so. Okay, so that's we're about halfway through this meeting or 12 minutes into it.

'Mark: That, that gives us the first item done the well first two, three items. But really, but first item on the list. I'm looking at here. I'm project Canasta Moscow.

'Mark: Lex. Did you have something to say about that because you were you Lex and Brian, I guess we're at the meeting yesterday that they had for Canasta

Lex: Yeah, Cindy as well for half of it. And now I'm preparing a presentation on my approach for next week or two.

Lex: That's

Lex: What we discussed and then Marcus.

Mark: Yes.

Lex: Yeah, it was. I think it would be good if we could have a look into how you are dealing with your infrastructure, you know, with the free blue skies free

Mark: Yeah, you're already reached out to me. So I won't be attending the next meeting. Can you give me a

Mark: Glimpse of how much technical detail is discuss is being discussed there because I might need some admin from Harvard.

Mark: That is closer to all teachers.

Lex: Yeah, I think what the issue was yesterday is what are the optimal abstraction levels with regards to keeping it up to date and

Lex: Building download and actually running it. So it's really, what are the right abstraction levels, for example, would the Docker image be completely agnostic or not. So these are the questions.

Mark: Right, okay.

Lex: Thank you send you can send you my my presentation. The rudimentary presentation I prepare and then you can have a look at know. So give me your feedback. That would be great.

Mark: Yes, simply feedback I have

Lex: Okay.

Mark: I adopted a zero inbox policy. So when you send me an email and I have to do this task.

Mark: To Inbox Zero.

'Mark: Well, no, no. You have to do it or delete it.

Mark: Right. You have to do it right, right, right.

'Mark: So anyway, that that. See, I don't Anyway, I'll go

'Mark: So we've agreed on and direction there we're moving forward on that. Is there anything else that needs to be discussed on these two things that project to mass in Moscow.

'Mark: No. All right, I'm conference participation taking more responsibility for planning is we have

'Mark: We, I don't think there's really any conferences, they're really going on right now. Although I guess there's a the

'Mark: Media wiki enterprise conference enterprise media wiki conference and but that's completely online and yarn is taking control of that, I guess, and

'Mark: I guess he's trying to

Cindy: Brian. Brian, you're the chair right

Bryan: Aren't you the generator. Yeah. And

Bryan: I think in general, you know, the help can include only possibly marketing and outreach, but

Bryan: You know, being a more visible face, I think, is the goal there and W staking is

'Mark: So how would you suggest we do that question.

Bryan: I mean I can approach.

Bryan: Your own about any part of it, but

Bryan: You know, I think having it branded somehow and consistently make sense and pointing people to the end, there is a page. But if anybody has any suggestions. I'm all yours.

Eric-Jan: The goal to be to reach out as wide as we can. So find user groups within the community outside the Community wiki API very large users. So those kinds of

Eric-Jan: Organizations, I would say, and people

Bryan: Yeah, it sounds like we need to put a couple of heads together to come up with the outreach plan right like kind of the same plan that we have for getting more members and more sponsors.

Eric-Jan: Yeah, sure. You got some building blocks in the plan that we could use here.

Eric-Jan: Yeah.

Bryan: And we have on the Manage wiki. We have some contacts and some names there that we can kind of read reuse.

Bryan: But

Bryan: I work with you. Maybe Eric jaan Fern.

Bryan: Anybody else interested in jumping on that.

Eric-Jan: Shouldn't be right.

Eric-Jan: On guys, come on. Yeah.

'Mark: Yeah. Great.

'Mark: So, so it related to that is this last point here, the social media outreach. Um, and sub point under that that I skipped one I left one off this list, but there's handling media wikis

'Mark: The Twitter account. Um, is there anything that you know that thats related to all this

'Mark: socialization of media wiki stuff. Is there anything else that we should talk about there.

'Mark: Um, does I need everyone understand who to contact a in this meeting to get something tweeted or whatever publicity or you know who manages it

Eric-Jan: Yes. Could you give us, could you give us an update on who manages the social medias for us, Mark.

'Mark: Um, so it is i i have access to the mini wiki stakeholders Twitter account.

'Mark: Right. Cindy does as well. I think Cindy actually posts on there more than I do. I'm

'Mark: When Richard Heigl wanted some publicity. Send me a tweet it tweeted out some stuff.

'Mark: And Richard Heigl makes a good point that you know he wanted us to be taking control of it, rather than Halliwell so it has a more neutral flavor to some of the publicity.

Cindy: I tweeted, when we had our last membership meeting, but we should also what we did two meetings ago where we did an

Cindy: email blast to the mailing list. I think that was really effective and getting people and we definitely had more people at that meeting, then we did it the one we just had so we definitely need to

Cindy: Make that a regular thing. I don't remember if I tweeted it, but I should

'Mark: Yeah, I think that the email blast I'm

'Mark: I'm not sure what have you done much good this month because it's January. Everyone know right

'Mark: But I think we definitely should for February, um,

'Mark: Yeah, and definitely tweeting that's also good tweet, um,

Cindy: We don't have a Facebook presence, but I don't know that we need to

'Mark: It. Everyone hates Facebook now. Right. Isn't that the thing

'Mark: I really don't know. So

Cindy: We can do LinkedIn to that seems to be

'Mark: Getting trend. Yes, LinkedIn,

'Mark: Lots of controversy there.

'Mark: I'm

Eric-Jan: Not but not on the impact of LinkedIn. There's no controversy on the impact, I would say.

'Mark: No, I, I think what's interesting to me about LinkedIn is there's always people trying to join the, you know, if you a week, trying to asking for a membership in the media wiki group there, but I never see them again. So

'Mark: I don't know what that means.

Cindy: Maybe they don't

Cindy: Maybe if we posted more

'Mark: Yeah, I think, I think that's a good point. But I've tried doing a little of that and didn't. I didn't

'Mark: Anyway,

Eric-Jan: You, you could you could

Eric-Jan: You could communicate with you what you expect. And what you can expect from you, from us as a moderator before accepting their connection right

Eric-Jan: Yeah, this was have what happens frequently but discussed time

Cindy: So are you a moderator for the media wiki LinkedIn.

Cindy: I interest groups. Okay.

'Mark: Um, I forget how that happened. But that was a few. It's been a few years now. Um,

'Mark: The

'Mark: Okay. Last thing.

'Mark: The machinery and process for me wiki stakeholders. The board membership, the member the individual voting. Um, I think Brian knows more about this part than anybody here.

'Mark: Is

'Mark: Could you help us out. Brian, what we need to think about

Bryan: Yeah, so, um,

Bryan: So on average about every four and a half months, we need to have selected a new board member and an existing one would be stepping down

Bryan: So we need to figure out the word succession and you know who's, who's tired now and wants to move on for a bit and and you know, select one or two an interim

Bryan: Right now us as board members just kind of casually selecting members and appointing them isn't the way our bylaws are written technically the individual members are supposed to

Bryan: Vote them in. And there's also some things about individual member meetings that happen yearly. So we're not doing that.

Bryan: And it's in our bylaws. So we should migrate toward doing that.

'Mark: So how can what I, what do we need to start doing them, I guess, first of all, is recording people who are members and making sure that that goes back to the first point here.

'Mark: Is making you know getting members. So, you know, figuring out who our members are, um, and then once we do that, we can start

'Mark: Well,

'Mark: You know, maybe, maybe that's part of it may lead to chicken and egg problem. You don't have members because they don't know why they should be. And so here, here's one thing that we can say is, well, you know, you vote on board members.

Bryan: Yeah, I guess, I suppose, at some level, when the only real individual members were kind of board members. Anyway, we were kind of doing it right, I suppose.

'Mark: I think

Bryan: We have at least a few individual members now as well.

Bryan: So yeah, I mean, I think it's just a matter of, you know, rereading the bylaws and putting that date out on the calendar for an individual

Bryan: In the meeting of individual members and then setting up a structure for them to vote.

Bryan: And I can work on that.

'Mark: We

Cindy: Say a meeting of individual Members.

Cindy: Do

Cindy: Is that, is that said that way to exclude corporate members.

Bryan: No, no, corporate members can

Cindy: May have to have an individual membership also for each Corporation. Right.

Bryan: Yeah, there has to be at least a one per year you individual membership meeting and

Bryan: Actually, I don't even know if we define how that's run if it has to be an individual member that runs it or I don't think so. I think it can just be something that we kind of conduct. But you know, they're able to ask questions and

Bryan: You know proposed changes the bylaws vote in on

Bryan: New board member membership and couple other things like that.

'Mark: Yeah.

Cindy: So you said that we do have a couple members. We do have a couple people who went to MW state.org and joined

'Mark: We have individual members, but I think all of them right now or

'Mark: Board members, um,

'Mark: I do think, though, that if if

'Mark: Someone me probably, where do you chase down people, you know, like who have expressed interest and say, hey, can you do this. I think we could we would get more

'Mark: Speak it. Okay, one more thing before we we end the meeting in I guess. And I mentioned this before and I didn't do anything with it. So maybe this is all on me. I'm

'Mark: Trying to think the new board member, did we all agree that

'Mark: That Bernard

Bryan: Bernard. BERNARD

Cindy: Yeah, anybody talked to, you know, that's

'Mark: I think I said I was going to. And I never did.

'Mark: That's on me.

'Mark: So, but, but right so I'm supposed to reach out to him. That's my to do right there. Talk to Bernard Bernhard kubina

'Mark: Yeah.

'Mark: Is there anything else that we should talk about

Cindy: You mentioned the hosting issue very briefly at the beginning, but I'm not. It's not clear what the next step is for that.

Cindy: Like, what we have to approve finances. Do we need to vote on anything to say that You know,

'Mark: I would like to keep this meeting, short and so can we have another meeting next week to discuss this and we'll focus on the hosting because that I kind of like

'Mark: And maybe, maybe it annoys you all but I kind of like getting in a rhythm of meeting once a week for 30 minutes and just, you know, it gives us

'Mark: Gives us momentum.

Eric-Jan: I like it. Mark the way we're doing it now.

Eric-Jan: Yes, short and productive. I really like it.

'Mark: Alright.

'Mark: So next, next week we'll have a meeting on the on the hosting and anything else that comes up. Um, and hopefully we'll have movement on the credit card processing. Alright. Well, thanks a lot. You're um

Evita: Can I, can I say something

'Mark: Yeah, go ahead.

Evita: Um, is there a particular reason why we meet on Fridays, because I'm sorry I'm that's like my

'Mark: Know if there's a better time

'Mark: That you want to meet, we can

'Mark: We can do that. Sure.

Cindy: I'd love to meet other than Friday to because we have meeting free Friday comedian now. And so it would actually nice be nice to have a meeting free day we're heads down and concentrate on stuff.

Evita: So know Monday.

'Mark: Or no, sorry WhatsApp.

Evita: Know Monday or Friday. If

'Mark: Not Monday or Friday. How about Thursday.

Evita: That's fine.

Bryan: That works one, one quick thing I'm totally down with no Fridays as well. But we have been typically having the regular meetings on Friday. And then we aligned the

Cindy: Board meeting to be right before It's true. We could

Bryan: For the monthly meetings. We could have a board meeting right before as well. Or we could wholesale move the MDC regular meetings as well and

'Mark: Should we try that. Should we try moving them to surge. I do you think people. I mean, Fridays are

'Mark: I think a lot of some people like to to get into the weekend, I guess a little bit more on the Friday so

'Mark: Would Thursday's be better for that.

Mark: Oh you raise this question in the next meeting.

'Mark: That's what I was thinking is, you know, is this I mean that that makes sense.

Evita: Oh, Yeah.

'Mark: Okay.

Cindy: Our next board meeting would be next Thursday.

'Mark: Yep.

Eric-Jan: I will be

'Mark: All right.

'Mark: Uh it see we're top of the hour. Now I have to cut us off. Okay. All right.

Mark: Thank you everyone. See you. Bye.