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Raw transcript:

Bryan: Your mic is low.

Bryan: Very quiet.

Bryan: And I just heard the end of it as well. But you guys are talking about not hearing from Sunbeam. I just sent her an email about a week ago. I heard back

Mark: I tried turning up my mic. Let's see if that helps.

Mark: Does that help, yeah. Yes. All right.

Mark: What did I email you all that we were going to talk about, because I want to pull that back up.

Eric-Jan: Or there's a

Eric-Jan: Notice on the fence 123

Cindy: But that's the agenda for the membership meeting.

Eric-Jan: Oh, sorry. That's for the membership meeting right to see you.

Mark: Only had

Mark: Two.

Mark: Three things on history, um,

Mark: And oh, I forgot to add the thing that Cindy and I talk about in the chat. So let me go see if

Mark: credit card processing.

Mark: board memberships and

Mark: SM W calm.

Mark: And let's see what so I

Mark: You know y'all want to talk about SW con. I was not able to go. I was working on and credit card and stuff.

Mark: So,

Mark: We're going to talk more about credit SM W con the event and content. And what happened there. I think in the next meeting, but in here, we should talk about, you know,

Mark: I think, do we want to be more involved in that. How, what can we do

Mark: Those sorts of things isn't. Isn't that right, isn't that what you bought air. Yeah.

Eric-Jan: It could be the case that he has some W con affects our strategy. So I think we got a lot of information there on what the community.

Eric-Jan: Or he attendees would expect on what is offered from the business solution provider side or from the consulting side and how to deal for us as a user group.

Eric-Jan: Right. So I would say it requires something like something like an analysis and how it affects our plans. Our roadmaps our

Eric-Jan: Things like that, um,

Mark: So if it requires analysis that takes some time away.

Mark: It's not in this meeting and

Mark: Is there is there someone you think that you do that. I mean, I would say, obviously, you should because you brought

Mark: It up

Eric-Jan: But I made a beginning, but I think this is a

Eric-Jan: Shared effort, but I could I could

Mark: No, no.

Eric-Jan: I could

Eric-Jan: I could come. I could I could come up with a draft analysis, but what's what's more important is

Eric-Jan: How this resulted in action from our side, I would say, right.

Mark: Um, what does anybody else see any actions and, you know, places where we could do things towards, towards that in. I think we've talked a lot about

Mark: hosting events.

Mark: What action items. Do we have that we could take towards that and

Bryan: Maybe, maybe just one contact Bernard or Richard or whoever was putting together and try to get the email list, we had an email list for

Bryan: The BMW cons, but I don't know if we have one for that some W cons.

Cindy: Especially since they have like 232 people sign up

Bryan: Yeah.

Cindy: It's double the size of our current list.

Mark: Yeah, I

Markus: Can tell

Mark: You said

Cindy: Yeah, the running list. I've been keeping of folks attending em W.

Markus: As I said,

Eric-Jan: Exclusive duplication, Cindy.

Eric-Jan: That's really

Eric-Jan: Unique attendees are

Cindy: Oh, the list. I have that's 100 and some people is a cumulative list over the last four years of BMW cons. So there's some duplication. But there's also a lot of one off attendees.

Eric-Jan: All right.

Mark: What were you saying Marcus.

Eric-Jan: Sorry, Mark.

Markus: I said if you want me to talk to Richard about that list, I can do it because I live from the

Cindy: Office next door.

Bryan: Just that'd be good Marcus and thank you. I just posted a link to the Manage wiki with

Bryan: It's, I think,

Bryan: A combination of all the lists and contacts we have so far, mostly from Cindy's MW con list but

Bryan: We might try to, you know,

Bryan: Structure this a little bit better in the future, but

Bryan: You know, if we can threaten the SM W contacts and kind of keep it private on them manage wiki. I think we're trying to make this br kind of one source of the truth.

Eric-Jan: So you you already did some some updating on this. I could see Brian is if correct

Bryan: Yeah, we, we tried to

Bryan: We tried to. Yeah.

Bryan: Get rid of some of the ones that didn't exist and

Bryan: Clean it up a little bit.

Eric-Jan: Right, nice. Very nice.

Mark: Design borough is I'm looking at the bottom of the list. That's the guy.

Mark: I guess I can

Mark: You can update that or I can update that Eric because that's your, your person there. I forget his name. Now I'm

Mark: Who's design world whose email.

Eric-Jan: That's Charlie Charlotte. Yeah. This Charlie.

Mark: And safer. I know him. He asked me to buy a book for him so

Mark: There was a

Mark: There was a book that he only found a I think he's in Poland. Anyway, there's a book that he only found in a bookstore in Harrisburg here.

Mark: So he asked me about it. And yeah, it's, it's actually a bookstore, run by Lieutenant Governor of I think it's run by the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. He's the he's the bald headed guy. You may have seen on the whole election brouhaha

Cindy: So for just for statistical purposes or whatever, it will be great to get a count of the rose on this page.

Cindy: I don't know if you can do that easily. Brian

Eric-Jan: I'm not allowed to edit here.

Mark: So I'm going to get

Mark: It's really easy to get a source editor.

Cindy: So as far as SM W cod. I have a few thoughts.

Cindy: Yes, it would definitely be great to get further involved in in planning of events such as SM W con BMW con have also been chatting few people about the idea of potentially having some sort of a hackathon an enterprise hackathon. I think would be great.

Cindy: And I was actually talking to some data foundation about it a couple days ago.

Cindy: That could be mutually beneficial to

Cindy: Have a couple foundation people

Cindy: To

Cindy: Participate and

Cindy: You know, see what what issues and

Cindy: Non Wikimedia media with users are having. So, at any rate, yeah. So events, getting further and world events as far as this SM W icon itself.

Cindy: My thoughts are, first of all, wow 232 people you know i don't i don't know concurrently. It seems like it was, you know, in the 50 to 70 or person range per session, but to

Cindy: Get participation from over 200 people is phenomenal. And something we'd like to replicate the other events. I think we'd like to replicate and I do think it would be a great source of, you know,

Cindy: Participation for MW steak to get further involved in that of the notable thing I noted from this SM W con. And I think it's been increasing over the last few years.

Cindy: Was how integral wiki DATA. SEEMS TO BE IN

Cindy: In a lot of people's thoughts and integration of wiki data with semantic media wiki.

Cindy: And it seems that there's more and more talk about that. And it was great to have Lydia pincher and

Cindy: Also Danny Randy church and archives coach you know some of the people who

Cindy: Are very involved in have been involved in both

Cindy: Semantic media wiki base.

Cindy: And wiki data.

Cindy: And then

Cindy: The other is just the future of semantic media wiki, you know, in carstens update. He did mention that the primary developer semantic media wiki is

Cindy: Not available at this point.

Cindy: And encouraged you know people to get further involved. And I think that's something that we also want to be involved in

Cindy: I think there's a lot of use of semantic media wiki in

Cindy: Third party wikis and

Cindy: It's important to make sure that that continues to get support.

Eric-Jan: Are you referring to me doing attempts here, Cindy.

Cindy: I'm sorry.

Eric-Jan: Are you referring to media wiki James here.

Cindy: Yes, exactly.

Eric-Jan: Where I think

Cindy: James Yes, you're Sorry.

Cindy: Well, I'm sorry, that was translating for myself.

Cindy: Media wiki James Yes.

Eric-Jan: Is there more to say like an update on that there was matter. What if I quit Christians for the end of the session. Is there something more to tell on the on an update on MW James

Eric-Jan: There's no, there's no contact at the moment.

Cindy: No, not at all. No. Okay. Brian, I think you were the one who had corresponding with Bernard and

Cindy: I'm not sure. Did you circulate to the entire board or that he had you had had a conversation with him that he responded to.

Bryan: Um, yeah, I think I sent it out to our board and then the only edition was Bernard. Yeah.

Cindy: Yeah, so that's the most recent update

Cindy: That, you know, professional wiki is not that it does not seem to be as alarmed is

Cindy: Most certainly. I am

Cindy: At the lack of a primary developer for that.

Cindy: Maybe they're right now, you know,

Cindy: I got the sense for that. And I'm sure not sure if he said it specifically

Cindy: But my sense was that

Cindy: They don't feel like there's going to be that much revolutionary change and semantic media wiki and it's just a matter of maintaining and bug fixing and they don't think that that's a huge deal.

Cindy: I'm not sure whether that's

Mark: Well, even that even if it's only maintaining it. There's lots of changes happening in media wiki that

Mark: Someone with deep knowledge of of semantic media wiki needs to help out on

Cindy: Oh yeah, I can see I think I mentioned this last time I can speak to that firsthand because I'm trying to get an

Cindy: A fix into semantic media wiki to adapt to a change that's happening in core and there's nobody for me to ask

Cindy: About my questions about the code.

Bryan: One thing I'd like to mention is just the hopping platform seemed really good, as far as I can tell, is the best

Bryan: You know simulation for a real conference that I've seen with the you know breakout rooms and lobby. You know, there's a little bit of growing pains about making sure everybody knew where the real meeting was

Bryan: But they they fixed a lot of that. And I think it worked really well.

Cindy: I agree.

Eric-Jan: I agree, yes.

Mark: I'm okay. Well, the other the other item that we have to talk about is board members James has not been to a meeting in quite a while, at the same time, we have a rotating setup of board members.

Mark: And at the same time looking at that email that we got from Bernard. He looks that looks like board member material right there. If you look at that email. He looks. He's thinking about a lot of the same things and

Mark: He certainly has motivation. So I think that that's a someone we might want to reach out to to replace James on the board.

Mark: Any, any thoughts on there.

Eric-Jan: So do we have an update from Jeff, how is how is it, how he's into the dashboard. At the moment we have his

Eric-Jan: His own reflection on this or what do we know

Mark: You might need to talk to him.

Mark: But I, I know that he has talked to Darren, Darren talking and Darren basically said he

Mark: This was, I believe,

Mark: Was it just the time you joined or a little before the time you joined um

Mark: He told Darren that he thought we were going to kick him off.

Eric-Jan: Mm hmm. Um,

Mark: I don't want to kick them off. But, you know, he's not here. So,

Eric-Jan: And we never wrote. Yeah, I think it would it would be

Eric-Jan: It would be most elegant if he would say, please. So to use this words if he would say this. Kick, kick me out or Mark, Mark. So this is very dense. For me, that would be most elegant if he would say, so without you having to well having to

Eric-Jan: Ask him where to point in this direction, I would say.

Mark: I agree. I will

Mark: I will

Mark: Talk to him separately after this

Mark: Yeah, talk to him about, you know, we have this rotating system, blah, blah, blah. And see what he says.

Markus: Yeah, maybe it makes sense to to point out to him that we have some sort of attendance requirements. Yes.

Markus: And and just, you know, because he reminded me on that.

Eric-Jan: When did he

Markus: It was more subtle. He said, You really need to come to the next meeting.

Cindy: Let's settle

Markus: Because he wanted me to see some, I don't know. Anyways, but i think that's that's a good way and I mean it's I think it's just fair to ask him if he can meet that requirement. And yes, that is rather than suddenly pointing into a direction.

Mark: Right. Um,

Mark: Well I, I have to say I'm not known for my subtlety, so yeah. In

Bryan: General, I looked at the

Bryan: You know, our bylaws, and it shouldn't be about every four and a half months that that we rotate out a board member. So, you know, beyond this, you know, we're lining up this one for James, we should start thinking about

Bryan: You know,

Mark: Who wants to go next, who volunteers.

Bryan: Getting the cycle going

Mark: I guess it, you know, we could, if someone doesn't want to. I think they could continue

Mark: A is that you look at the Bible College. Most recently, is there any restriction and saying that you must rotate people out

Bryan: A it stated that there's a term for the for the position.

Bryan: I, I don't know if I read anything that said you couldn't restart a new term, but all we can do that.

Mark: I mean, I

Mark: I think what we want is we want the

Mark: Ability to naturally

Mark: Let people not feel obligated. You know, like I think James probably I'm just channeling James is here. He's, he's probably thinking, oh, this is a burden that I these people expect me to do something and I'm not doing it. And this it's a graceful way to say, you know, you don't have to

Mark: Right, there's a mechanism to to step down. Um,

Mark: And, uh,

Mark: You know, but at the same time if if someone is is really interesting. Once that continue, I think they should be allowed to

Cindy: I mean, I love being a board member. I want to be a board member forever.

Eric-Jan: Forever.

Markus: Each day anyway so

Markus: The question is it. I don't think we have term limits, like in the

Markus: US president. Right. So normally, normally I'd expect that board members need to be approved at some point by the members and if the members approved Cindy forever, then

Cindy: That's fine.

Bryan: Yeah, I think that's right, Mark is that be, you know, there is a component that we should be

Bryan: Addressing in the future that the members get to choose the board members so ordinary members.

Bryan: At some point, we need to start looking at once we have you know a decent membership base.

Bryan: The right way.

Mark: So, um, I would say we're supposed to do that around once a year, I think. That

Mark: And

Mark: I think that the next

Mark: The next time, this comes up, say, four months from now.

Mark: We should, we should look at.

Mark: You know, bringing that before the membership.

Mark: Because hopefully we'll have a better grasp of who is actually a dues paying member by them.

Mark: Anyway, um,

Mark: Let's see. Oh, that. Which brings me finally to the money part of this that I I get a lot of work in the past few weeks on the on the credit card stuff, building on on

Mark: The work that wiki basis done for us. And it's, I'm very more pleased with how it is set up now. There wasn't a lot of good error feedback before there is now better error feedback.

Mark: That was my biggest complaint.

Mark: Um,

Mark: Other than the code was not written by me other than that complaint.

Mark: But let's Yeah, even though I'm too lazy to write

Mark: So that's the only other thing we had to discuss in this board meeting and I guess that's it.

Markus: So what you said. One more thing.

Eric-Jan: Would you say mark that that the payment process is now completely, completely in function is to complete the operational now. No.

Mark: I, I worked on the individual membership bit Right.

Mark: There's a

Mark: There's a page that I've created and started to work on for the

Mark: That shows you the

Mark: Past transaction that authorize net has that was something that we weren't we didn't put in our specification. But I realized, you know, it's nice to be able to see how many times you you've been charged money.

Eric-Jan: All right.

Mark: There, there's a separate thing that we need to do. We have a few people here who

Mark: Are not using credit card system, but they're in, they have a membership and they've given money otherwise outside of credit card processing and we need to

Mark: I need to figure out a way to

Mark: Have them marked as members in the in the thing. Um, but that's that's just a logic thing. I think so. Anyway,

Mark: What were you saying Marcus.

Markus: Just the annual reminder. So I will be creating that annual report, and I would send something on matrix. So when I need input from you guys.

Markus: That will happen in the course of the next week, probably

Mark: Right, I, that was the other thing I wanted to talk about because I did want to bug you about that because you're, you're the person who does who does that. So, you know, if you if you ever want to give that up, you know, you have to train someone

Markus: Just copy pasting stuff from the last year.

Mark: Anyway, well, you know, the copy pasting is a lot of training.

Markus: Yes and no.

Mark: Um,

Mark: Is there anything else that people think they need to talk about

Cindy: Um, I had

Cindy: Two more things I wanted to mention one really briefly.

Cindy: On thanks to Robert Vogel somebody from Dell computer had reached out to him and he passed them on to me.

Cindy: They're building a

Cindy: Environment.

Cindy: For media wiki and they are using the

Cindy: As close as they can get to the full suite of Wikimedia

Cindy: Production extensions, at any rate I invited him to the membership meeting and he said he would attend, so we'll have to make sure to welcome our new member from Dell computer when we have the membership meeting.

Cindy: And I invited them to not since this just happened transpired. Well, the invitation to the to the stakeholders group just happened yesterday.

Cindy: I said I think it'd be great if they give the presentation on their horizon environment in a future membership meeting.

Cindy: But that I think probably could not be prepared to do so today. So anyway, he'll just be attending, but that could be a topic for a future future membership meeting.

Cindy: The other thing was a conversation that Mark and I had the other evening about codes of conduct and whether we want to consider.

Cindy: instituting a code of conduct for the stakeholders group, there is a Wikimedia code of conduct for technical spaces and perhaps we could either model it after or

Cindy: Or subsume that

Cindy: But it would probably be a good idea for us to consider a code of conduct.

Markus: So,

Mark: There's

Mark: Nothing there.

Eric-Jan: Is there nothing on a code of conduct in the bylaws, Brian.

Bryan: Nothing like I think what seniors will be talking about or what the WF house.

Mark: Right, that's not really a bylaws thing either. I don't

Eric-Jan: Know, but I could imagine that some that an article on on conduct would could could be in the bylaws in

Mark: There. I'm just saying it's

Eric-Jan: All right, yeah.

Bryan: I mean, it might be a question that the bylaws should mention it. I'm not sure, but

Bryan: Might just be a separate thing.

Mark: Yeah. Um, so, okay, so two to action items that we have

Mark: Some of this I will, I will gladly work with you, Eric on you know the how the analysis of SM W icon and what we want to do there.

Mark: So if you want to reach out to me after this, we can do that I need to talk to James I'm what other action items. Do we have

Eric-Jan: The code of conduct, perhaps code. Yes, thank you.

Mark: Kind of. Kind of.

Mark: I'm sending you want to take the lead on the code of conduct.

Cindy: I'm sure maybe at the next board meeting.

Cindy: I could present what the Wikimedia code of conduct is and we could still use that as a starting point for whether we want to have something similar. Yeah.

Bryan: So two things. One, we should bring up is the next meeting going to be just before next month's regular meeting and then also Lex. Can you give Eric Sean edit rights to the management.

Lex: VM.

Lex: We already done.

Mark: Yeah, I think month, next month is good as far as the next meeting.

Cindy: When is the next meeting.

Mark: The first Friday of

Cindy: January. It's always the first

Cindy: It's always the first Friday to Monday. Monday, I always forget that I shouldn't that's

Mark: A that is actually the first, do we want to do that.

Cindy: Probably not.

Eric-Jan: No.

Cindy: Push it back a week.

Mark: Okay, we're gonna push it back a week to the eight

Markus: Yeah, so that the rule is the first

Markus: Working Friday.

Cindy: Okay, that's better.

Mark: But that that's more difficult to put into a calendar.

Markus: System, isn't it, yeah. But nevertheless,

Bryan: And then we should also have that be for the the regular meeting as well. Correct.

Mark: Yes, yeah.

Cindy: It would be great to get maybe like the next six up on

Cindy: MW state.org I had somebody asked me yesterday about when the next meeting is and I drew a complete blank.

Cindy: So it would be good to be proactive and list the next few anyways.

Mark: Um, I guess that's a thing I can do is go put that on there. So I have the this three items for me.

Bryan: Was that

Bryan: I'll take one of your items, the

Mark: WhatsApp which one you want.

Bryan: Then I just the calendar thing. I usually do that anyway.

Mark: Okay, so I only have two items and I'm everyone knows what they're doing, because we're fine. We're five minute we've gone 35 minutes now and you know we're I only asked for 30 minutes so

Mark: All right. I think that's it.

Markus: That's it. See you all Thanks.

Cindy: Hi.

Eric-Jan: To have a nice weekend.

Cindy: To you.

Lex: And Eric

Bryan: Eric john

Bryan: Already might need to use your Gmail. Login.

Lex: Already

Lex: I authorized last time.

Eric-Jan: I'd already made my edit.

Eric-Jan: Okay, you know, I have Charlie Sheen Charlie says information.

Eric-Jan: Thanks again. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks, Brian.

Mark: Yeah, by the way, Cindy, you're asking about how many people there are on that list. It's about 115. Great. Awesome.

Cindy: Cool.

Mark: All right, I'll see you

Cindy: I

Eric-Jan: See you.

Eric-Jan: Bye. Thank you.