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Raw transcript:

Cindy: Years. Wait, did we lose mark.

Markus: Yeah.

Markus: There were

Markus: There were two but

Markus: There were two buttons to Click

Cindy: close to each other.

Cindy: Yep. Secondary chili.

Cindy: Is there an agenda and either paid someone

Bryan: I don't think so. I think there's maybe one subject about the credit card processing. And then there's another one that I was going to bring up just about

Bryan: The potential for in person MW con your own was asking me, and I was going to create a form but wanted to get people's feelings about what spring might look like.

Cindy: He reached out to me.

Cindy: It looks like Mark might be back. Mark, are you back.

Cindy: There's no video

Cindy: Wanted to talk

Lex: Or know

Lex: Brian when you mentioned spring. You mean and em W. Yeah.

Cindy: Yeah, rich Evans was going to host in Sandusky but

Cindy: It's not a good time to do that.

Lex: I mean to take another shot. Yeah.

Cindy: Well, that was the original plan when we, when we went virtual was that he would pick it up this year but

Lex: I also think it's probably too early to make plans. Right.

Bryan: So from what I hear.

Bryan: Rich things it's

Bryan: It's too early for Sandusky to redo it. You know, they're in Ohio, but he is willing to go and attend a virtual or an in person conference elsewhere in the US. So

Bryan: Yeah.

Cindy: I mean, you read, you read was saying, it would probably be just your own rich and you bread.

Bryan: Yeah, well, so I actually, I would be I would be 100% in to do that but

Bryan: Your own asked me to create a you know a forum to send out to some people pre conference attendees and whatnot, to see their appetite for

Bryan: In person, you know, conferences, the beginning of next year. Yes, the US other thing I told him is, as you know, right now, the US has has another spike of cases.

Bryan: And I don't know what the future looks like so.

Lex: My tie reenact the this cross Atlantic idea again of Iceland.

Cindy: Yeah.

Lex: It would be then a truly balance us European conference because I think

Mark: You could

Mark: Learn what is the relative cost of Iceland.

Lex: Well I well it could be a lot cheaper now because of the general situation.

Lex: And

Lex: You know, I mean, I know it's known to be very expensive, but that might be different in spring.

Cindy: And regular question Elsa is what kind of travel restrictions there might be exactly

Cindy: Exactly. There's no way to know. Yeah.

Lex: But, uh, yeah. Exactly. We don't know. So it's totally hypothetical at the moment, it's too early to call

Cindy: Yeah, and he and he was also talking about March, which could almost feel better if we were talking like, may we might know

Cindy: Things better and it was a little warmer, but that's

Bryan: That was my recommendation, when I was talking to your own is you know as late as possible. Suzanne, you better

Cindy: And he asked me if I would be program chair again and I said I really thought there should be term limits on that position.

Cindy: Somebody else take the opportunity

Mark: Oh,

Mark: That's a good way to duck out

Bryan: The sad thing is, is when you just you're really, really good at something.

Lex: Everybody wants to

Bryan: Be on it.

Bryan: But, but it's a fair point. It's a lot of work.

Cindy: Especially after last year. Last year was a global network so eager to do

Cindy: What yet.

Cindy: Especially since I suspected it might wind up virtual again.

Bryan: Yeah.

Lex: Sorry.

Bryan: I was just gonna say I think regardless if it's all virtual melt will probably be the virtual component. Right. And that seems like a winning

Bryan: Combination, even if we're mostly going to be there right to have that offer that's you know well

Cindy: Yeah, I'm thinking in the future. We do want to have a virtual computer component to that we can have a broader

Cindy: Participation

Mark: Regardless um so I I dropped off. I apologize. I hit the do not record me button by accident. So kicking off. It's like, yeah, fine. You're not saying, um,

Mark: Anyway, uh,

Mark: So, um, one thing that I want to talk about today, if it's okay, move on from the conference.

Mark: Is anyone hear me.

Markus: Yes, true, I hear you. It's good.

Mark: Okay. Um, yeah. So moving on from the conference which yeah that's that's

Mark: A conversation, um,

Mark: We need I I have the

Mark: finance person for for wiki base is hounding me asked me when we're going to pay him and they have actually ponied up their money.

Mark: Art or they're ready to because we have to figure out how they're gonna pay us because I'm not sure you can do a swift tramp. Well, you can do a swift transfer to bank of america i don't know how so

Mark: Anyway,

Mark: That's all administrative stuff.

Mark: Um,

Mark: But what I need my dude.

Cindy: I'm not sure we short of being able to pay them.

Mark: I think it's $700

Mark: So,

Mark: I would like what I was hoping to do since we do have some of this credit card processing working. We don't, we're not, we have the individual level set up, I believe.

Mark: Brian I went over last night. Um, I believe we have the Donate amount that you know you can a one time donation thing you can do. Um,

Mark: But we don't have the gold, silver and all that levels taken care of. Yeah, it's not. It's pretty buggy that. Um, so what I was hoping is I could

Mark: I could get you guys

Mark: Cindy Lex and Marcus to

Mark: start chipping in because Brian and I have already contributed a lot and so we need to get this next let's say $1,000

Cindy: You'll recall the last meeting at the last meeting I did and the money left my account. So you should have the one

Mark: You're right, you're right. I agree.

Mark: You're you you have also contributed and

Cindy: I had committed to doing 500 but I could only figure out how to do 100 and I'm looking at the MW steak page now and I just see become a member. So where is the donation. So

Bryan: On the answer that Emily, maybe a quick point. So, you know, we are only really asking for the individual membership anything beyond is just, you know, would be really nice. Right.

Bryan: But if if you're not logged into MW steak right now that that button will say become a member and it'll prompt you to log in. Once you're logged in, it reads your status and if you're logged in user, but

Bryan: Are not at MW steak. Remember

Bryan: That it will say become a member and it'll be a page to kind of direct you through to that. And then if you already are a member just logged in and leaves you so

Bryan: Take a look.

Cindy: I'm logged in. Now, and I see change membership is that where I would donate

Bryan: Well, so yeah. If you click on that button. Now it takes you to a page where you have the option to either cancel your membership or become a corporate sponsor.

Mark: So I don't believe we have the A button setup yet, for there is a page, but I don't believe we have a button setup for, you know, just

Mark: Amazing contribution, um,

Mark: But I do want to go over there, you know, once or twice with you, Brian, to make sure that it's working. But if, if we can get that working and make sure it's working, then

Mark: Can I, can I reach out to you send the and legs and Marcus to, you know, help get us over this hump of the money to that we owe WikiLeaks.

Lex: Yeah, okay.

Markus: Sure. Of course. I think I already said, I might do it. I forgot. Now I would take a note on my super important to do this so

Mark: Yeah, I'm Oh by the way, Marcus, we didn't

Mark: It is is hello belt going to have any sort of corporate membership or whatever.

Markus: I'm loving for it at the moment.

Markus: Okay, so I just yes we will have some kind of membership cover a membership.

Mark: Okay. Um, yeah, that and anyway. So I think that's the main thing that I have that I was worried about this, this bill from wiki base and trying to get that taken care of. It sounds like as soon as I can, is Brian and I can make sure that the

Mark: You know the freeform donation thing is working that that's all clear. So I appreciate all that, um,

Mark: That that was my big concern for this meeting. Um, we can go to the next and and you know I've been there's been a lot of stuff going on. So I haven't had time to

Mark: Focus on a lot of other stuff.

Mark: So anyway.

Mark: Um, is there. What, what are the business do we have Brian because I'm just

Mark: I'm, I'm sorry.

Mark: Not being very focused here.

Bryan: I think the only two things on the agenda that I knew about was em W con which we talked about and then both credit card processing and you know as an update and

Bryan: And then the bill from from wiki base. So with the credit card processing, Cindy. You know, you kind of poke around a little bit and had some questions.

Bryan: If all of you guys can take a look at it. The buttons and when you're logged in and not logged in, if it makes sense when you click buttons. Does it take you to the right place and You know, we're so

Mark: right in. And what I would recommend is is the way we have this setup right now just so it's clear is that you have to have an individual membership before you can have a corporate membership.

Mark: And then the corporate membership is build it is separate thing in this is just, it's still not completely debugged and everything. So that's why you know I'm asking you all to go to the

Mark: Donation instead of the corporate membership, but once the corporate membership is set up the way it's designed right now is that you'll have to subscriptions, one would one would be the corporate and one would be the the

Mark: Individual if you make a yearly payment, it's probably not that big a deal.

Mark: But if you do a monthly payment your build you know twice for the total amount. So it'd be like 10 bucks for the individual less than 10 bucks. And then, you know, whatever. For the corporate

Mark: So anyway, I just want to make that clear. It's a little confusing them. I'm sure it could be simplified, but that takes more programming.

Bryan: Yeah, not that. Just to clarify that. That is what we were talking about right like to be a corporate member, you have to have an in at least one individual member

Mark: Operation and

Bryan: Right now to do that. It's two separate transactions. Yep.

Mark: Thank you for saying that makes more simply than I just

Mark: I'm

Cindy: Gonna just make an additional donation. I could

Cindy: Write you radically become a corporate member, but I know I'm not really a corporation, but

Cindy: I see the lowest amount, there is $250 I could throw in another $250 if you want it will be my own Corporation

Mark: No, no, I think, I think for you. It'd be, you know, the end of the donation thing makes the most sense. So even, you know, let's not worry about the corporate thing for you unless you want more votes.

Mark: And then, and then

Cindy: Hey there, but it's always good.

Bryan: I like to hear people's opinions about this. But do you think that there's gonna be people that might want to become members or corporate sponsors or donors.

Bryan: And not be recognized and such. So we're talking about creating the page where it lists all of the individual membership.

Bryan: corporate sponsors and their sponsorship level and donors and their donation amount, but presumably. There might be somebody out there that wouldn't mind giving money but doesn't want to be recognized. Do you agree, so you know should, should there be a questionnaire.

Bryan: On this form to prevent them from showing up.

Mark: I've already talked to Brian about this so y'all. Y'all need to chip in

Markus: I think that is perfectly conceivable that you have, like, people who like to donate because they want to

Markus: Get a certain thing from the stakeholders, or, you know, support certain purpose, but for whatever reason they don't want to be mentioned or

Markus: You don't hear me.

Markus: OK.

Markus: So I guess there are reasons that some especially the corporation's wouldn't want to be mentioned. Yes, they do not officially support.

Markus: Good things in the world. Open Source or some other kind of

Markus: Of reason right

Markus: So I think it should be possible. I wonder if I would actually create them. So,

Markus: When you create them. It's like, hey, we know you might be ashamed of being part of the end up mistake.

Markus: But I don't know. So I mean, if there's a checkbox, why not

Mark: Yeah.

Mark: So, um,

Mark: To, to really bring this point home. The reason that we kind of

Mark: We had not really thought our high I had not really thought this through, um, but we keep base did the their finance person did come to me and say, hey, where's your page where you live, sponsors. So he said, we had to say, oh, well, we're working on that. So,

Mark: Anyway, that's why this comes up.

Lex: So Mark, the bronze change membership that works.

Mark: It did you try it.

Lex: Yeah, I'm just trying it. Now I have to type in my credit card again.

Bryan: So it actually hold on a second. Mark Is it still in test mode.

Mark: No, it's not. I took it out.

Lex: So I can, I can do the change membership now.

Mark: You should be able to actually if it's in test mode, it will complain about a valid credit card, you'll say you're using a valid credit card. We're in test mode.

Bryan: Yeah, so the thing lacks about the setup right now is it should work with the individual, it should work with

Bryan: Ron's there's some little things that just don't look quite right. For example, if you if you did.

Mark: One time

Bryan: Some of the texts like it might indicate that it's monthly, and then your email will just be a kind of a pretty blank. You know you did this thing.

Bryan: But, but we can generate a better invoice for you if you want to record your business or whatever.

Lex: Yeah, I can show it doesn't work at the moment.

Mark: It says, Could you share your screen, so we can See

Lex: Do you see

Bryan: Yeah, can you and unfortunately this is another page that has an era where there's no start at the top, but, um, can you just go ahead and click on the homepage and then click on that button again and it should say change membership.

Lex: You mean go back to the main page. Yeah. Yeah.

Bryan: And then click on that change membership.

Bryan: So it thinks. Whoa, that's interesting.

Mark: Let me go, well, you know, the records don't

Mark: Show up on the site for an hour or two later, so I can look at their so

Bryan: But it it does think that you're a bronze member right now.

Lex: Yeah, exactly.

Lex: It because the next one would be silver

Lex: So that must have worked

Bryan: Well,

Mark: Yeah, something work.

Mark: So I'm gonna have to look at the logs on the site. I

Mark: One thing I did not put in my specifications, because this is the first time ever really written out specifications like this is, is, you know, a lot of this feedback stuff so

Mark: It's unfortunate. Unfortunately, his original code takes you to a page like that just says something went wrong. I had to change that. I thought I fix it for all of them, but obviously I didn't, um,

Mark: But their logs, where I can go looking to see what happened.

Mark: Word said ever did.

Cindy: For the different membership boxes on mine.

Cindy: It's just got a green school rectangle

Bryan: Always On, on, what are you talking about the the unchecked box and then the checkbox city.

Cindy: Yeah, on mine. It doesn't have anything inside it look like Lex had some sort of icon inside of the box.

Bryan: Yeah, so, um, I guess, Cindy is you are not even logged in.

Cindy: If you were to log into I am

Cindy: You are I logged in and I'm looking at that same screen and it has the boxes. It has logged in, which is a a green rectangle that Tolo in the middle. It's just, you know, where's it looked like Lex had some sort of icon.

Bryan: That was bizarre. So I am using it for that and Lex the icon that looks like what's had was what I thought would be incorrect. I'll show my screen to show you what I thought it should be. But, uh, maybe it's some kind of fun pack that I'm not getting here.

Cindy: I can show you mine after Yeah.

Bryan: I think, I think you can share yours.

Cindy: Can you see that

Bryan: Interesting. Okay.

Bryan: I'll have to pick up and use a different

Bryan: Icon. Yeah. So it's, it is different in that

Bryan: It's green. When it's supposed to be.

Bryan: You know, a check, but

Bryan: The icon. I'm on mine is an actual checked box.

Bryan: So does anybody have a recommendation for that that

Bryan: Looks like that icon isn't showing up. Right. It's just an HTML symbol. I'll be

Cindy: Looking at the code. I don't know.

Cindy: There is one other topic I wanted to talk about briefly. Before

Cindy: I see marks lips moving, but I don't hear anything. Is he talking

Cindy: He's barely muted.

Cindy: lips moving Okay.

Cindy: I'm gonna go ahead and talk then

Cindy: I wouldn't mind having a short break before the next meeting.

Mark: Yep, let's

Mark: Call it here.

Markus: One is in Google right yeah I think so, yeah. Okay, wonderful.

Cindy: See you all there by

Markus: People see you in a few minutes. Bye.