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Raw transcript:

Cindy: We're good. Now,

Cindy: I wasn't plugged in.

Cindy: So,

Cindy: A new laptop. So that's what's going on.

Mark: It's still the Mac, though, right.

Mark: It is still gonna have Castor

Mark: So the first we just really have a couple things here. The first thing was a credit card work. So Brian and I were talking about this earlier this week. Um, we actually have something that works. We've run through it once or twice, um,

Mark: We were supposed to make some improvements which I did not, you know, get around to Brian, I believe, did some improvements, the ones that he was working on. Do you have anything else to tell us about that Brian

Bryan: I think we just want to do the steps.

Bryan: The progress steps and i think i think it requires changes the extension versus the system messages.

Mark: Right and and those, those things are relatively easy changes to make. However, I think that even without that we can get start getting feedback from people and getting them to, you know, sign up

Mark: Um,

Mark: One. One thing here is that

Mark: We also talked about making MW state.org just anyone could create an account.

Mark: Right now, you have to have your account request approved so we change it to anyone can have an account, but only those people who have memberships would have edit permission on it. So basically, if you want to spam the site, you have to pay us 100 bucks, um,

Mark: So yeah, does that sound right to everyone.

Mark: And Brian

Bryan: I agree. Yeah.

Mark: Yeah Vito. I can't see you shaking your head yes or no.

Mark: I can't hear you.

Mark: Maybe, maybe you're just not really connected anyway.

Evita: Okay. Can you hear me now.

Evita: Yeah. Yes, I agree. Okay.

Mark: Okay. Um, yeah. And we have it set up so you can do either monthly or yearly

Mark: Membership so you can divide your if you want to divide the membership thing up over a you know a year, it's less than 10 bucks a month. Um, anyway. So I think, I think we should go ahead and implement that. Now this weekend or next week.

Mark: Even though we don't necessarily have their steps we might be able to get the steps done as well but

Mark: I think even if we don't get the steps done like you know like Brian was talking about. I think we should still implement the the restrictions this this week, or this weekend or next week.

Mark: What do you think of that Brian

Bryan: Networks. Do we need to help page for how to do it, how that for the user. How to Become a normal user

Mark: So, um, yeah, the help page the help page was, I believe, that was something that was it. You or Lex who had said, You're gonna write up some stuff. I don't know.

Bryan: I think I did. And I was doing the help kind of pages on the credit card processing steps. Yeah. And when we're all done our creative help page for all the steps. And then, I guess. Yeah. For the becoming just a user versus a member

Mark: So, um, how long do you expect that to take the help page because, yeah, that's a good idea to have that available before we do anything.

Bryan: I mean, maybe just an hour once once the process is all done.

Mark: Okay, so yeah. Sometime mid next week. We could, you know, send out an announcement or talk to whoever and say, you know, this is available. Um, and I can start going around pestering people. Um, I believe, one of the things we did also was that we talked with

Mark: We talked about who you know outside the board members who would who would be interested in. There were a few names that we had. And we have those as well. Is there, is there anyone else. Does anyone here know people that we should ask outside the board.

Lex: What for exactly

Mark: The ones to join and pay to join.

Mark: Stakeholders

Mark: There were a couple of people in the stakeholders meetings, who had food said, you know, they wanted to do that.

Mark: And they're just waiting. You know, are willing to help us out and want to join it just waiting for, you know, to be possible, but if there was anyone else that you all knew of

Eric-Jan: Sorry, you're talking about becoming a member, right, Mark.

Eric-Jan: Right, yeah. So, Alexis, so

Eric-Jan: The question is, perhaps, do we know other parties that are interested in becoming a member now.

Eric-Jan: Right, yeah. So I would have some typical customers that are interested in becoming a customer member, sorry.

Eric-Jan: Yeah yeah

Eric-Jan: So, okay, if the process is is

Eric-Jan: Is if the process has been taken care of. I can immediately go to these companies enable become a member

Mark: Awesome. I'm

Mark: Excellent, excellent news. Um, okay. So, uh, Brian, I guess we need to work on getting that making that happen as soon as possible.

Bryan: Yeah, I just, I added a link to the Manage wiki.

Bryan: To us a page with a section that has some you know people that we could reach out to

Bryan: And so, you know, if you already know that somebody and you're going to do it themselves. Maybe not at it, or at it and just put like a note that you're going to Eric. If you're going to reach out to them, then you can put a name or company or whatever. And what's her name.

Mark: Is Eric have a login to the Manage wiki yet, you know, Lex. If he does, Eric, do you

Lex: I'm just checking.

Eric-Jan: If you give me one second.

Eric-Jan: I have the

Eric-Jan: Manager page now.

Eric-Jan: Yeah, so I have Lexus cover slide right in front of me.

Eric-Jan: But I seem to be the only one that remembers Lexus deck slide right

Lex: What you mean the

Eric-Jan: I have access to the page, Mark.

Bryan: Yeah. The next slide is actually on the becoming a member process. Now the credit card processing steps.

Bryan: Incorporated in

Mark: Okay, so, um, this is about enough time, I believe, on this topic. The Brian and I will work on having that working, you know, hopefully by Wednesday next week, um,

Mark: The next thing. And I guess the only other thing, because I don't have anything to say about the collection extension is a is Lex Lex you are going to update the

Mark: Horrifying

Mark: I'm sorry, I don't understand my own notes here.

Lex: No, it was the, you know, managing the skills and the requirements for well matching the skills with what we need. And yeah, that that in ontology exists. I'm just quoting the import

Lex: From functionality to put it in there and I have lately been held up by react stuff. I have to say my brain is not at the intelligence level for grasping react in a very short period of time. That's why I've been a

Lex: Little bit lagging behind there.

Lex: But now it's working. Actually, since actually noon today.

Mark: Your brain is not working.

Lex: No react.

Lex: My, my react stuff.

Mark: Um okay so

Lex: I've got that. Yeah.

Mark: When one question that I would have on that is, you know, we have this setup this membership process that we're implementing now. Um, would it be makes sense to tie that into your ontology work. And so people could self select where they fit.

Lex: Well, you know, codifying the skills is the main challenge.

Lex: Because, for example, if you ask someone to, you know, do you know media wiki. There's a lot of people would say yes.

Lex: But not all of them could configure a an op code cache, right.

Lex: Some people think if they know Media Week. He didn't know how to edit the page. Others think that they know how to create new pastor functions. So, that is general challenge we have and we have already addressed that I've come up with a lot of examples there but i'm i'm working on that.

Mark: But, but what do you, what do you think about that, having people when they sign up for membership self selecting into you know this this ontology.

Mark: Because that would be an

Lex: Easy way to populate well

Lex: You mean checking boxes.

Mark: I guess. Yeah.

Lex: That's, that's too rigid

Mark: Well, I don't know how. No.

Lex: No, no. Ideally, you know, to be honest, we're not expecting 1000 members per week. Right. Yeah.

Lex: So if we have, let's say, one a month. And I'm just being I

Lex: Say we have that

Lex: In order to codify the skills I would prefer to talk to them personally and derive from that talk the necessary. Let's say semantic dimensions for setting up a skills code so

Lex: You're very welcome to send me the contact details of the first member who's signing up and then I would I would gladly talk to that person about what he or she exactly knows and what kind of

Lex: Tasks, they could carry

Mark: Or so. So what do you think of that Brian of having lacks be kind of the first are maybe one of the first intake, things like first person to talk to new members is hey you're interested in media wiki. What do you know

Mark: Well, like that's what you're talking about. Right. Yeah.

Lex: Well, I'm not necessarily the first person. I'm just saying if you're interested in providing services to other media to other MW state members, then we would like to gain and understandings or an understanding of your have right this is the modern way have

Lex: And searches, whatever. So, and, and to codify that through a non rigid form process is probably the subject of a couple of AI researching faculties of renowned universities around the world.

Lex: You know, and

Mark: So, so yeah, you're right. Maybe not the first person but you know if if a person says, Hey, I'm interested in this, then, then you

Mark: We'd say, okay, well, we're gonna

Mark: hook you up intellects, yeah.

Bryan: Well, what about like a last page of the becoming a member if there was a forum that was pretty open ended just said, you know, what are you trying to get out or whatever, some very general questions are, and then we can keep changing the form later on and being more specific. Once you

Bryan: Have whatever direction you want to go. But, you know,

Mark: A couple open ended question. I think that would be a good way to start. But I think that we still want to have the opportunity for some one on one conversation. So maybe have that form and say, what do you know what you're looking for and then say, can we contact you to clarify this. Yeah.

Lex: And, you know, it would be like a vetting process.

Mark: Right.

Lex: Well, you know, the most, the most prominent question by anyone, is how do I do page level access control.

Lex: So that's, that's the key words to a conversation with a person and then the first question will be, do you know that that is actually not waterproof.

Lex: However, what are certain pseudo solutions, but then what do you have to take into account where the pitfalls lie and everything.

Lex: You know, and then to gain an understanding and to actually know whether you could genuinely recommend that person.

Lex: To someone who is looking for, for example, you know, they met might have heard about the lockdown extensions and then we want to know whether someone who offers

Lex: Or his or her paid services regarding that extension really knows what they're doing, you know, I mean, I can hack together things, but as the moment I receive money for it. I'm obliged to reformat, you know, be a little something something like certified. So that's my idea there.

Mark: Yeah. Well, that sounds good. Um,

Mark: So what you just what what you're saying them is, I'm thinking about this agenda item what you're saying, then, is

Mark: You're going to work on this ontology, but you to really build it out. We need to have people examples that you're actually going to use

Lex: Exactly a bottom up approach.

Lex: Right, because we, we should we should come up with the simplest, most but the most simple solution for an MVP there because this can spin out of control, very quickly and become rigid

Lex: And we're certainly not the first people in the world trying to do that, you know, all job portals trying to do that in a more or less automated way but

Lex: Yeah, I mean, I've got, I've got the ontology ready. But before I have people filling in that ontology Autumn or, you know, on their own terms. I'd like to accompany the accountant accompany them right

Mark: Right. Okay. Well, that sounds good. Um,

Mark: Um, we're almost at half an hour. But I think we unless there's other things that people need to discuss. I think we covered almost everything.

Mark: Uh, and, hopefully, is there anything else that people wanted to discuss here before the not it here in the board meeting, and not in the, the larger meeting and a half an hour.

Lex: Yeah, I have one quick do we play some role in the SM W con 2020

Mark: Oh, we've not been asked to I haven't thought about it. Have you thought about, do you want to do it.

Lex: No, no, I mean it's, it seems that it's Richard and and Bernard right wing it. And I understand, Richard should have been. Oh no, he's introducing this stuff, his blog, sorry, not this stuff.

Lex: Is brought in the next next meeting. Right.

Mark: I think so. If he's gonna be there. Yeah.

Lex: That's what I read on the

Lex: On the meeting agenda. It says media wiki blog released

Mark: Yeah, I'm

Mark: I'm not, I'm not sure that that's right but anyway. Um so yeah i think i think we can just end this now and then I can go get another cup of coffee and

Mark: Take a break and go read some more conspiracy news.

Mark: But before I

Mark: Hey, good stuff. Good stuff.

Mark: Yeah.

Eric-Jan: He's got a schedule a new dates, Mark.

Mark: Um, yeah. So I a month from now would be good. Right, unless unless we need to do something before then.

Eric-Jan: Well that's, yeah. Perhaps. Perhaps it would be nice if we could

Eric-Jan: Prepare a situation where we could

Eric-Jan: Discuss on really how to approach to possible membership content right and perhaps also refresh, a little bit what we've prepared, let's say, in the beginning of this year, or

Eric-Jan: Because we have already thought about this on how to approach it, what steps to take in what with what tools that could be could could happen. So I would really like to

Eric-Jan: To make it work. But perhaps in the coming in the coming weeks.

Mark: Um, do so.

Eric-Jan: Or soon. Soon after the next meeting.

Mark: So since we Brian I have I have now a sense of, we said we'd have this membership ready

Mark: For next Wednesday. Right. Um it you want to, you want to meet separately with us about that or what

Eric-Jan: Well, depends on what you want to be on the agenda for next board meeting, but

Eric-Jan: If possible, I would try to prepare that that we could really

Eric-Jan: Let's say make it work in in

Eric-Jan: In approaching the contact right in

Eric-Jan: Helping them to become a member. So I'm really looking forward to make it to make it to make it happen.

Mark: Um, I hate, I hate to say this, Eric. Eric, Sean, but the when you face forward, I can hear you better than when you turn off to the side.

Mark: I know, I know. I'm an ugly person to look at. But, you know, just saying, I'm

Mark: So I'm trying to I'm trying to understand

Mark: A what what you would like to do and i didn't i missed some of your words. Actually, yeah. So,

Eric-Jan: Approach the potential members.

Eric-Jan: As a

Eric-Jan: joint effort and so that we can prepare the situation that could that we could really make this work.

Eric-Jan: And find the members approached him and received the money to put a booty. Right.

Mark: Yes. Um, well, I, I would like to get that taken care of, as soon as possible. So, um,

Mark: While I good say initially a month from now for the next meeting would two weeks from now be acceptable.

Eric-Jan: Not sure, but that depends on if we are ready for is right so if if we agree on the process and the steps being taken.

Eric-Jan: And what we are, what we will do in the several steps, you could take you could do that within two weeks within four weeks within any time if we agree on what is what is required and how we are going to do it.

Mark: Mm hmm.

Mark: Well, so I buy it, then it sounds like the next thing though is to agree on what's required and how to do it right.

Eric-Jan: Yes. And this has already been defined half half a year ago, right, if the payment process works and we and we agree on the the potential list, it is simply, I would say about who who approaches you and we make it, we just make it work.

Eric-Jan: At the most in the most efficient way.

Mark: So you're I'm it's becoming clearer to me now. Sorry, I'm slow. Um, so what you're saying is we already have all the all the how and the why.

Mark: We, we have a potential list of who we're going to approach. We just need to basically divide up the work of approaching these people

Eric-Jan: Accidentally mark.

Mark: And that is something that once we have all that other stuff taken care of. That's something that that that should be a relatively quick

Mark: Discussion shouldn't yeah I

Eric-Jan: Think so.

Mark: Um, so yeah but

Mark: You'd be do. Do we need to have another board meeting for that.

Eric-Jan: Because

Eric-Jan: We cannot point contacts or potential members to people if they don't, if they did not agree. Right. So, yeah.

Mark: Um,

Mark: Well, as I said, I think we'll have this all the infrastructure in place by next week.

Mark: Great. Um, so at that point, we could divide up the work right.

Mark: Yes, um,

Mark: Would it be and I think two weeks from now is enough time to give people time to, you know, think about who they want to approach and who they could suggest. Um, so it would be a relatively quick meeting, I believe. Two weeks from now to do that. Is that right,

Eric-Jan: Yes, please.

Mark: All right, I'm so sorry for for being so slow about this because

Eric-Jan: This is all about me. Mark probably

Mark: Well, I appreciate that. It makes me feel a little better.

Eric-Jan: But I think we are on the same page now. Yeah.

Mark: I have often been told that I am not a good communicator. So, you know, I probably don't hear people well either. Um, anyway, um,

Mark: So yeah, two weeks from now. Sounds like we can have a short meeting to basically you know get together and say let's let's contact these people, here's the list.

Mark: All right. What it does that sound good to the rest of you.

Mark: And I will try to make sure that Marcus gets in as well.

Mark: Evita and Brian did Brian I saw you on mute. I didn't hear anything. Is that just supposed to be my sign that you agree.

Bryan: I agree. I did a little thumbs up

Mark: Alright. Alright, sounds good. Um, I think that's it. We can call it a day for today.

Mark: And I will, I will see hopefully you guys in half an hour long Okay.

Lex: All right.

Eric-Jan: Excellent. Oh, weekend. Yep.