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Raw transcript:
Bryan: trailer and Grace

Andreas: Hello, my camera unfortunately doesn't function.

Bryan: No problem. Morning, Mark. Andreas have you called in before?

Andreas: Note to first time.

Bryan: Oh cool. Good to see you. How are you? How are you involved with media Wiki?

Andreas: Well, my employer uses it's not officially representing my employer the moment. I hope that will change sometime in the future. So it's a big municipality.

Bryan: Okay. and do you use it as a knowledge sharing tool for for the agency

Andreas: Yes internally.

Bryan: Yeah. very cool How long have has your municipality used it? And we're you the one that brought it to them.

Andreas: No, it's a long time ago. So I only joined 5 years ago. So I think that using it in some longer than Medicaid.

Mark: Which agency?

Andreas: municipality

Bryan: Have you? Have you guys got pretty in-depth with different extensions or creating your own?

Andreas: Both some were created in-house, but there also some which were used. Which was developed by the community sort.

Bryan: Yeah.

Andreas: so it's a mixture of extensions

Bryan: I'm always curious.

Andreas: unfortunately not Not yet the not yet.

Bryan: Okay, sorry.

Andreas: The semantic mediawiki extension.

Bryan: Okay. Yeah, that's what I have two general questions is do you guys use any structured data tools? And then do you use the visual editor?

Andreas: They the visual acid recently upgraded and we are using the visual editor personally very interested in getting support for structured data. That's my main interest.

Bryan: Do you use page forms?

Andreas: No, not really. No.

Mark: Drago hey. I just heard a small child in the background. I don't think that was either geir goes or Brian's.

Gergo: I have it on this from my sister.

Mark: I thought it was you garriga. Okay?

Bryan: Are you back home Pergo?

Gergo: Yeah in Hungary.

Bryan: I haven't haven't been tracking anything there. How's the Coronavirus? pandemic in Hungary

Gergo: It was basically over by middle of June. So we have since then we have like 10 new cases, but they for the whole country. We didn't we had. Two deaths in the last three weeks, I think so so pretty normal. No restrictions currently. We are safe.

Bryan: input

Gergo: We'll see per second wave in September. But by then I'm probably back to San Francisco anyway.

Mark: that's jumping from from the comb pool back into the Raging Fire it seems

Gergo: Yeah, something like that, but I have a green card. So there are limits on how much I can stay away.

Mark: yeah.

Bryan: Oh. I was going to say what you know, is it planned or or can you possibly postpone the return trip, but you kind of have to at least? Get in here for a little bit.

Gergo: yeah, I mean I could if I really had to but but that would be complications and they sometimes especiation doesn't seem that but

Bryan: I I worked in China for a year and and the Visa that I had I had to leave every May have been three months or four months. I had to you know, actually leave China, but when I first got there the first time there was some loophole where all I had to do is buy a ticket an international ticket go into the airport and then just come right back. I didn't actually have to get on the flight and that counted. and so that that was like a known thing and I was allowed to do it once and then they snapped that shut so interesting interesting roles

Mark: BTU is I guess it's just us today.

Bryan: I mean just put something together

Mark: It's

Bryan: actually is Andreas are is your handle? I might be butchering it but like awkwards or something.

Andreas: Yes. Yes exactly.

Bryan: Ah, okay. I know who you are at least in the digital world

Mark: yeah, thanks for making that connection because it's a didn't didn't quite make it initially. Why did you recently get buzzed Brian?

Bryan: Oh, yeah, I did it last night.

Mark: your

Bryan: I usually do it. Before I go on I usually go on a few surf trips every year. It's a different countries. And well can't do it right now. So I decided just to buzz it just to fill up going somewhere.

Mark: yeah, I just pulled up hungry on my on the charting thing that I use and it is flat. It is down to as zero for the entire period almost anyway.

Gergo: Yeah, Eastern Europe in general seems to have been magically spared somehow. It's definitely not the competence of the government or the preparedness of the Husker system although the restrictions were applied. Very easy very early or I mean the depending cut here later, which is the same. So probably that that made big difference.

Mark: Um, I was just thinking about other Eastern Europe countries. I was trying to pull them up next to it and see if I could see that that was a you know a similar thing, but I don't know. anyway looks

Bryan: We so Cindy sent me a message. She's not going to make it Lex sent me something as well. He can't make it. So I think this actually could could be it for us. It's going to be a slow. slow attendance day But we do have new blood so we could pick andreas's brand a bit about what he thinks. We might need as far as a movement.

Mark: so do we have an agenda set up already we check.

Bryan: There's not much.

Mark: Right. Well, you know. You do. Richard Heigl's not here either.

Bryan: Yeah, we're gonna have him talk about the blog. the status of the blog

Mark: Which I think was unless unless Wikimedia gave us any, you know, unless they figured out a way to do it. They didn't want to let us use that right now the mediawiki top log. so Anyway, um. What about so Gary go? I did ask you to do the this month and mediawiki. Did you do that or they're either patterning thing?

Gergo: Yeah, it's a bit less than it but I did collect some news. It's on the interpret.

Mark: Oh. Well, let's hear it news us out man.

Gergo: Sure. So the main news is obviously immediate 35 is being released. Recently the the second release candidate. So R7 has been released. We have with testing. It is very welcome. The other pod links to an email message which has information on things that especially need testing. The skin system had lots of changes because vector vector skin is being grieved on. To be much more reader friendly, hopefully and to do that the developed team rearranged a bunch of code changed how Hoops work lots of things are deprecated. If you are upgrading updating extensions to be compatible with Android 35, then that's something to look into. If you are running a site and the logo format is changed so you need new logo files, but that was mentioned already in the past. Visual visual editor. Yep

Bryan: What question about that so I read a release about the some of the vector updates? And it looked like a lot of them like the minimizing. The left sidebar was an option. What is that? What it's going to be is when it's released. It'll be an opt-in option.

Gergo: well I'm not sure about the left sidebar specifically so I think the way they currently handle it is it's hidden behind the hamburger menu, but if you are logged in and it's opened by default if you looked out and it's hidden by default. I imagine there will be a preference for the eventually, but currently there isn't one. I don't know more about the plans than the stuff you can read on on the public page of the project actually. So they're hiding the sidebar. They are making more right space. They are making tables less of theirs tables of contents. They are making search bar and more prominent stuff like that. This kind of changes than to be pretty controversial at the Wikipedia editor community. So We will see how much of it actually sticks although you can you can just disable it and keep the old version effective. So. should not be too much of a conflict.

Mark: Hey Ike.

Gergo: Hey, there, is that then that is the factoid page pretty bright. It shows so has been mentioned previously, but now that the release candidate is out. You should be able to just Download the part so it's extension and then it should just work without having to mess with not services or anything. That's definitely something where testing would be very useful especially testing in different setups and to give me they are private because they give funds which have different login systems and so on so if you know any case which one to take advantage of Visual editing and this is a good time.

Bryan: what is the parsoid extension do the the parsoid functionality is built into core, right?

Gergo: Yeah, that is the prosthetic extension.

Bryan: Okay.

Gergo: Visually, the only extension you need is special editor. And part, so it is technically compressor library, but it's it's pulled in by core by default. and currently it's it's sort of separate from the normal parts are so it's you can only use it via an API like the old password but the next year or so will be about integrating it into majority properly and probably completely discarding the old parser. So that's that and that is a discussion on fabricator about dropping support for PHP 3.7. for for new Medicare release, which looks like it's not going to happen, but In any case feedback is welcome on it. It's actually turned to I am not sure why I brought someone but today. Find Out 3 and 4 are definitely going to be supported and the question is telling the 2. So these are the new Affiliated to the medieval.75 release. And the other things that has been a proposal about dropping support for for update jumps meaning. So some people upgrade me they keep going. LTS version to LTS version so you each account every maybe conversions every two years from the upgraded upgrade code Base by in order two years around the upgrade. So that's that's going to be supported either way, but currently you can just take a 10 year old media Wiki and run the updater in one go and and land with the current version of medieval and it usually doesn't work but it's theoretically supported. So that is a proposal about saying that you don't. report that anymore feedback is welcome as usual. That is a new tech blog which is the different new tech blog. So the Wikimedia Foundation has set up a new blog for for the technical community. That is also a proposal for the new meeting for the during the pandemic. So having small small group meetings of just a few people discussing what? such as they have I think the first first Incarnation is going to be next week. So that is a link in the theater, but you can subscribe.

Mark: so, um on the idea of in-person

Gergo: and

Mark: meetings, it seems like hungry seems like a nice place to meet we shall go there.

Gergo: Well, it's a nice place but not that easy to get in.

Mark: Oh, really?

Gergo: like if you come from the United States, then you need to you need to shut yourself in for two weeks before you can actually meet

Mark: Gergo: people so it's not very. I'm sure you can.

Mark: If I go through Canada, can I if I go

Andreas: Pick me up.

Mark: to Canada first then can I come?

Gergo: I'm not sure I think mostly the only Green listed countries are other European Union countries and a few neighboring countries. You can bring negative tests. multiple negative tests from the last week and then you you can skip the current end, but it's traveling correctly.

Mark: I see it.

Gergo: These days is a lot of effort.

Mark: Yeah, okay. Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for distracting you. I was just thinking about those meetings.

Gergo: That's thanks for the proposal maybe plants depending so where we can have something fun in Hungary, but right now it's not. Is that practical? So another news Chrome has been rolling out the same site protection in the last month or so. They are rolling it out gradually, so it's not Doesn't directly depend on which version of Chrome you have. You might have it or might not have it. so same site is is a new security feature for cookies. The idea is that cookies have this Flex like like HTTP only or secure. So the browser can only access the q key and When you are using an https connection or or the server can access the Google key, but JavaScript cannot now a new new cookie flag has been added a year ago, which is called same site. The idea is that the browser only sends the cookie and when the request is coming from the same side. So like you click on a link on Google and navigate Wikipedia. That's not the same side request you click on link on Wikipedia and go to another Wikipedia page. That's the same site request. Looks like itself has been around for a while, but now they are starting to. Make the default more aggressive. So if you don't set same side Flag by hand, then in most cases it's going to be limited to same side requests which means like login stops working on. So when you navigate from an external link to the side, then the site doesn't see that you are logged in and it only sees that you are logged in during your next navigation. So it doesn't break plugins, but it's quite confusing and mediabiki has been updated to handle it. Which involves something a bunch of configuration variables, which you can find in interpret? if you are running a wikiform, then this is extra problematic because you are doing cross-site requests probably for things and those are going to break so so let's check. and https support has also been updated a little bit in relation to that because Chrome now requires you to be on https to opt out of the same site. restrictions or if your site is only supporting https anyway, which I think these days is in general good idea for a website and that is now flag called for https, and you should set that to true. in other news the direct API is now officially Part of media became it has been around for a while. But you had to set the flag to to obtain now it's default. But this is the real estate bi in mediabeek court the one with the Press dot PHP or else it has a bunch of functionality which Which is mostly. functionality you could achieve with the old API, but it's it's nicer to develop right? It's as nice as formats the action API had very Strange Behaviors for for certain things. Like the Json format version stuff. So it had lots of Legacy behaviors. This is a nicer cleaner API. You might want to check it out. in in other news medieval Keys is getting reverse detection officially now, so reverts are going to be flagged in the database. That's that's not in feature. That just means random certified So currently it's only available and master. That's coming to you in the next release. So if you are. If you are working on and abuse and spam pictures then please it's probably a nice thing. to have the starter kit for small babies has been published a few weeks ago, which this is done by every Foundation team for the community case, but it's the same technology. So it's technical starter kit like gadgets which gadgets can be used for a small Wiki, which both can be useful for a small Wiki I have no idea how useful it. This is for the non-picky media sites, but maybe it is so it might be worth checking out. And lastly the revision class is being replaced by the revision record class that that has been going on for a while like a year. It's it has been very recently hard deprecated. So if you have deprecation barbings enabled and you are going to get those in In medieval and certified but it still works probably in the next three years or so. It will go away completely. So the talent project but recently someone brought a pretty good migration manual for how how you can update your extensions to replace revision distribution records. So, let's link from the interpret. And that's all the news.

Mark: boss

Gergo: Mark: That's a good bunch of news. Thank you so much.

Bryan: Yeah.

Mark: Yeah, oh just so you know if anyone has been itching to give mediawiki stakeholders money you can now do that via credit card. So we have we have we have set up a website on the page. Haven't really publicize it yet except here where I'm talking about it right now. We have set up a web page where you can set up a subscription. And and all that will start working on that in the next few weeks, but I tested it it works. So that was actually an extension written by Wiki base that they set this up for our for the credit card company we're using but yeah, so now we have some method of getting getting your dollars or euros. They use Euros in Hungary. there go

Gergo: Always still have the national money. It's called for rent.

Mark: Well, I'm sure we can we could you know work on that if you if you are feeling really generous will find a way to take this anyway.

Gergo: Like get my pain dollars, so probably not towards the effort because of me.

Mark: Well, you know, I'm just I'm just trying to think, you know, make things as easy as possible for people.

Gergo: Yeah, or inclusive mindset is appreciated.

Mark: Anyway, um. II don't know what else we have going on. Do you know of anything else we need to discuss Brian? Maybe we can just open it up and let people talk.

Bryan: Yeah, that works.

Mark: I Tim you have anything

Ike: Not really.

Mark: I was curious about this small Wiki tool set that are go mentioned and I think having a get a Vita to check that out and see if there's anything there she might want because that would maybe there's stuff that we could use. I don't know.

Bryan: It's like a recommendation for a new sister site for Wikipedia or a small Wiki for Tool use, okay?

Mark: right

Bryan: so extension gadgets and

Mark: right

Bryan: API tricks and just random cool cool things

Mark: right things to know about mediawiki that aren't really, you know, I guess bundled in the faux tarble that you get but but then you'll discover as time goes on. That's how I'm looking at it right now. I just pulled up the gadgets to see what's there because we've done some work on those.

Tom: Remember, I'm very grateful for the star kit. Bot list. Me I'm about to have another round of BET. perfidia interns so and I think we'll look to utilize this for but last year has made a lot of progress with the internet archive, but so I think they're gonna start off with that but Trying to get that on their intern or Wiki, but this is this is awesome. Thank you.

Mark: So you're saying use the use the internet archive bought before?

Tom: Um, we've been we had one intern working with cyberpower I believe is the developer. cyberpower six each six seven eight and I do have and they they're actually sponsored by the internet archive that that effort. and so yeah reach that to my contacts at the the archive and then they they post in touch with him. So him or her I'm not sure.

Mark: internet archive Oh, well, never mind.

Bryan: But Tom used frequent use Bots there for what's been use case.

Tom: Yeah. yeah, I mean we have well, I mean we started off with just like stats. We have a let's see. I go to get up. Alright, let's get to. it hope you know put in the chat, where's the chat? There's chat. yeah, so we we had a couple of different things we have. actually, one of them ended up creating a duplicate user or like a We have functionality that whenever someone with this same email address creates another account it automatically puts a message on their top page. And with a list of other usernames they've created. Because we use the native media Wiki. Authentication and so people technically could create multiple accounts with the same email address. And have done most times. We feel like it's just they forget what their account username is. And so we're trying trying to tell you that up we have. And so that's the new user message. And oh, yes, we definitely welcome. There's another one that didn't find word actually is that that we can we can export users and that way. We can update our lit database. of our pocs we have distribution lists, and then we also welcome new editors. there's one that we that I want to do some more testing, but essentially what it would do is when you have a New it would parse an RSS feed and then when certain keywords are triggered are used in that RSS feed. It would add a to a certain page. So I Solar if so, or was in an in the RSS feed that you've selected it would add a link to whatever the Oracle to let's say on the our store energy page. So in the external link section, so experimenting with some of that if that makes sense.

Mark: I'm this this extension that you have here. I'm looking at your look at it again. I'm looking at your I'm looking at your extensions and you mentioned the new user duplicate or whatever bought that you have. I saw there was anything that I

Tom: Yeah.

Mark: I saw there was anything that I actually have someone who's asked me to look at their system for emerging they have ldap users and then they have Wiki users and they want to merge they've been talking for 12 years about, you know, basing the wiki users on ldap, but they haven't done it so they have to I think those how and that might you know using this might be useful for finding any duplicates that have been created.

Tom: awesome Yeah, I mean I'm trying to have it all public so we can actually give back and then we've got gotten a lot from the community. So trying

Mark: Look, it's Benson. Vincent has internet I talk to you later earlier, and you didn't have internet so

Vincent: Yeah, I'm finally back. How's it going guys?

Mark: All right.

Tom: So I just put the the the external the RSS feed one. In the chat is the most. one there, but yeah, this in intern has finished this internship, but stuff is still up there. Oh, and then we also have one the categorizes. Five files, but I think that's the standard at the Box. but but

Mark: Need to add these links. I'm going to add them to The Ether pad.

Tom: okay. Oh, yes.

Bryan: Yeah, if it's not a problem, tell him I was gonna add it to the meeting notes too. So.

Tom: Please squeeze. Yeah. Yeah, the main the root link has it all I'm just navigating. the GitHub entrance so I'm put gonna try to recruit some more next week actually. I haven't gotten the list yet, but State Department told me it's happened and see which one was the by. Two. Yeah, so we have 13 applicants. So

Bryan: I think maybe it's on LinkedIn or something. I've seen your posts for it, but I is it gonna be remote workers or actually?

Tom: Yep, it's it's it's all virtual. So they they're the program became a lot more popular this year. They had double the amount of applicants. One of the positions the company where I'm having them develop content. I have 54 applicants. They have to go through. So it's a good thing. and actually I could put see Where does The Ether pad?

Mark: Who by the way which one of you posted the question about where the link is today for the meeting?

Tom: That was me.

Mark: Okay. Well, I'm glad you got it.

Tom: Yes.

Bryan: also relatedly gurgo had posted something about the the categorization or display of meetings and looking at it on mwc. It is a bit of a mess with board games randomly. Name meetings and then date organized meetings. So I could probably use cleanup.

Mark: Thank you for volunteering Ryan.

Bryan: Yeah, I'm doing it. The other thing curious about is it easy for people to find out what the when the meetings are. Based off of how we're doing it now, I think. We want to do like some kind of iCal airport. And so so it makes it easier but interested in anybody's thoughts if they've got a suggestion.

Gergo: And I have them on my calendar. So someone must I call Export.

Tom: Yeah a public about Google Calendar works for me.

Mark: Yeah, I I also harass Gare go. So, you know, I always find out beforehand if he's coming or not. So I can also I offer my services as harassment to anyone else who needs them, you know, ideally know me.

Bryan: to have no it's half. It's harassment is a service. It's good offering.

Mark: Yes, you're right. But ideally, you know, I Cal should do the work, but you know, I'm available. Um, yeah, so Vincent you and Tom got here a little later. You didn't even hear me. Tell say that hey we can take your money. Now. We have a working credit card processor on the website and I will probably be put publicizing that in the next, you know few weeks. So anyway, I know you're just itching to give money to the mediawiki stakeholders. And even though we hadn't really I said why you should or what you would get for it, but you know. Well, well well make it easy for you. Anyway, um. I for those of you who got here. Well Vincent mostly who got here after Gare go did his whole presentation on the recent news? I think it's definitely worth your time to go look at the etherpad. Um and and see what's up there. But other than that tiny thing here, I wanted to talk a little too Andreas now that I know who he is from GitHub. Is anyone else here noticed on what could you say your Nick on GitHub what it is?

Andreas: It's a KU C Ka rtz posted in the chat.

Ike: skip

Mark: yeah, so if anyone else has been noticing on GitHub, he's very active. He's always posting googly eyes emojis and stuff like that or thumbs up. And you know, like I've never seen anyone post so many emojis. I'm kind of

Andreas: It's what may be an explanation that makes makes sense. I always read these things and when I read them, I think I can just click there and leave an emoji. The the eyes are not meant negatively. I know that someone has mistaken that as a negative comment. I just use them if I think that something is noteworthy somehow.

Mark: So now you need to do you have a way or maybe you should create away or someone should create a way for you to have a list of hey, I marked these things as noteworthy. Do you have a way to query that real quick?

Andreas: No, unfortunately not but sometimes I it occurs that did put an emoji on a comment a few years ago. And yeah, and then I see I've read this already interesting. I mean this one one GitHub repository for the schema.org and there are no automatic comments for Stata issues when nobody wrote anything for yes, most of them are about four or five years old and I noticed that some of them are have left my Emojis and so the not in my distant memory I find something in my brain.

Mark: I did there is a good way to remember things that yeah, you're right again. It sounds like you know, that's a that's Hass it different application of pass because it's not harassment. Just noting things. Just noting things. it's not a digital thing so much it's not a digital thing so much But yeah, it's it's interesting.

Andreas: At the same time my hope is that it's

Mark: But yeah, it's it's interesting.

Andreas: at least some kind of feedback. So that someone is reading these comments on GitHub because if there's no no emoji and no no reply that sometimes leaves the impression that nobody cares about anything there and I hope that the leaving an emoji is little bit of feedback.

Mark: So that sympathy is a service.

Andreas: Yes exit.

Mark: Awesome. Awesome it is there anything else that people want to talk about because I'm going to shut up now. I've drained everyone I can have all the information that I thought of.

Tom: I've talked enough.

Andreas: Just one thing I can say because someone asked what what I'm interested in one thing which we noticed we had in our internal mediawiki. It was very old and we played it recently and that was a lot of effort because it didn't work for some time. Lots of problems lots of issues not Early in the in the media Wiki Colonel but several extensions, which were used for. Yes what meanwhile no longer maintained and no longer compatible. And that was a lot of effort to find solutions for this for this problems. The trust will brought feedback on what can be done. I don't know what exactly can be done to solve this but was a huge issue.

Mark: Could you repeat basically what you said? I heard that you said something about wanting to support extensions that have been used in the past but are

Andreas: Yeah, it's a problem when you we had

Mark: not compatible I guess.

Andreas: an installation and mediawiki installation, which was not not updates its for yes, and then we update it to the recent version and then found out that several of the mediawiki extensions, which were using will no longer maintained or not compatible with the current version. And that created a lot of effort for us. I don't know what exactly can be done to solve this but at least it was a important issue which we have a lot of stuff to do.

Mark: What what were some of the extensions that cause a problem there?

Andreas: I personally don't know I didn't study migration myself. But remember that the colleague who did was complaining that several extensions were not upgraded easily. I can't find out find out and get the information to you.

Mark: I would be interested in that. Yes. That is a that is a relatively common thing to experience. That you have some extensions that are not maintained by the foundation and they don't work with the latest. mediawiki I I see those for me as opportunities, you know, that's another puzzle to solve but know not everyone is motivated the same way. I am so So Vincent, I was going to ask you since you're on the internet. Now. Did you have any more luck with the visual editor and improved Reds?

Vincent: Not yet. I haven't had a chance to look into it too much since I got back on it was more me catching up on emails, but I plan on checking it out some more. I haven't had too much luck with it when I before I lost internet. And so I hadn't doubt I gone down that rabbit hole since I really

Mark: Yeah.

Vincent: pinged everybody before.

Mark: Okay. Yeah, I am curious because that's a that's a rabbit hole. I'm going to have to go down figure out what's up with visual editor and approved drafts. So. Evidently for the rest of you guys evidently the when you have an approved rags and you use visual editor visual editor pulls up the approved revision, not the latest revision. So, of course, it's like reverting your edits every time. Anyway, that's a problem.

Vincent: Yeah, and there's definitely even worse when you obviously have Wiki who can take in a bunch of different edits from multiple users at the same time. So that's what initially brought the

Mark: mmm

Vincent: issue up for us because we had a couple people trying to edit the same page. And they just kept overriding each other.

Bryan: So you see the most current version of the page and then if you were to hit edit with visual editor some users it would be editing only the latest approved row.

Vincent: So yeah, so whenever you approve a page with approved revs and you hit the visual editor button, it'll pull up the the approved version. Or I think I have a backwards. It's it's not the most current revision.

Mark: Well, that's what you said. That's what you said on the on the mediawiki you.org post.

Vincent: Right. Yeah, so, I'm sorry. I'm think I'm confusing myself. So it pulls up the approved version instead of the most current the current version. So it doesn't keep tacking on edits. It just keeps editing the approved version.

Gergo: a flood televisions has a similar functionality and that works fine with visual editor so might be a good idea to check out what it does differently. Imaging they use a different hook to to replace the content and the book let's use by appropriate visions. Is also around when parts of it is important.

Mark: So when I mentioned this to Cindy because we're running into it as well. Why mention this to send e she said there were some changes in the revision, you know mod revision module or whatever that you should maybe look at that would be causing this change. But anyway, so that's where I'm going

Ike: I would think I would think there's a

Mark: to be looking.

Ike: very easy work around you could just explicitly pass the revision ID in the URL and then you don't have to get involved in the visual editor internals, which is never a good idea.

Gergo: I'm pretty sure the visual editor does internally set the television ID because you can edit all versions of the page. For example. It's it's just when you use approved televisions than regardless, which revision you look at the midi Vicki sometimes replace it with the approved version. That's that's the point of the extension and if that happens during editing when part side looks at the content and you get this back so probably that's how it happened. And yes, this work said the revision is being replaced by revision record. It's the change related to multi-content revisions. So having multiple fields of content in a single revision and that that means and interface change and that means basically every hook that that is related to revisions has been replaced by another similar hook and some functionality might have changed there or maybe you just need to update to the new look.

Mark: well, I tell you what, I will I will be looking at this and I will report back since since you know, well even if only Vincent is interested, I'll tell Vincent so

Vincent: I'm not going to have to pay for it. through your new feature

Mark: No. No, this is this is no I mean if you want I'm not gonna stop you but know this is something that my client is mentioned is a problem so they will pay for it.

Vincent: Got you.

Mark: So wonders of Open Source.

Vincent: Let's say yeah, I was going to say if I had to I can look through some some free change inside the couch try and throw it your way.

Ike: Now you can just donate to the MW State group instead.

Vincent: Yeah, definitely.

Mark: Yeah, you know what our lowest level I think is less than is going to be less than $10 a month. So yeah, go ahead. Anyway, well that that's about all the time. We have unless unless y'all want to keep talking so. I see two people are not on mute it well Brian just took himself off me. Okay?

Bryan: I was just gonna mention in the sidebar shots. We're talking about Lua and pie wiki bought but I was gonna tell Vincent that I met up with Richard Evans just online and we did some kind of piety. He bought tinkering together and it was super helpful for for both of us. So, I don't know if anything else would be interested in. You know, I said never really done anything with it. So we're working but It was it was helpful. I think having somebody else to talk through problems.

Vincent: Now, I know I'm definitely interested like I mentioned in the chat down there.

Mark: Yeah, I think I think that'd be awesome. Awesome thing that you all could get together and just do that together.

Bryan: Yeah, right. Now I'm hoping to do something like that with the with Lua. I think getting the maybe getting maggot in would be a good start getting a few of us that are complete noobs and then and then having Megan watch long and laugh at us.

Mark: So no Megan is a good person to use because I she's asked me for help before. So yeah. She she is she is definitely a good person to use for that. I think she would be very happy to contribute.

Vincent: I do have a quick question for y'all. Do you any of you know any good resources to look into trying to convert wikis? That have semantic media Wiki to like change their setup to Cargo because I'm not trying to get rid of semantic media Wiki since it's so ingrained into NASA's wikis, but I know we're starting to use cargo a lot more and I know a lot of the times whenever we're building tools on Wiki most the time is semantic media Wiki and then somebody asks if we can do something with cargo later, so it's been a lot of time just converting something previously built to a cargo. Set up. I don't know the right terminology for it.

Mark: I give you done anything like that.

Ike: I haven't your own would of course always be the best thing to ask but It shouldn't I mean you're talking about like an automated tool? to change the way the properties are being stored like to convert it from semantic media Wiki to like a cargo declare

Vincent: Kind of something like that.

Ike: or

Vincent: I'm not really sure how

Ike: then

Vincent: how it actually be approach because I know it seems pretty Like it's since all the coders just like custom to however somebody just threw it together on the on the template pages. So it'd be kind of hard I guess difficult to Translate that over to declare. but

Ike: You also going to have to update anytime that data is being quigured.

Vincent: yeah.

Ike: I would bet. Yeah remember would be very interested in a project like that because you know, he's passionate about cargo and help people, you know migrate really what he sounds like something right up his alley.

Vincent: Sounds good.

Mark: Yeah, I think you should at least ask him Vincent and see what he maybe he

Vincent: Okay.

Mark: has something.

Vincent: Yeah, since I have email, I mean internet now, I can shoot him an email and see how that goes.

Mark: Yeah. And report back. Let us know how that goes.

Vincent: Sounds good.

Mark: Yeah.

Bryan: He actually if I remembered I would have sent him something about this meeting because he promised me he was going to show up to one of the next MW State meetings. So maybe maybe next month?

Mark: Yeah.

Tom: so

Bryan: I mean he Vincent you should reach out to him before then. I'm just saying if I had been a little bit more on top of all he could have been here already, but you

Vincent: Yeah.

Bryan: want you want it to You're not you're not trying to take it away from a semantic media Wiki and move it to Cargo. You're just trying to take what's in semantic media Wiki and also have cargo store it. Correct.

Vincent: Correct.

Bryan: Yeah.

Vincent: Yeah, and I'll shoot him an email after this this meetings over.

Mark: Yeah that so Brian. I think we have one of the things for our next meeting right there, you know.

Bryan: Yeah, that's that'll be beyond the promise that he made that he want that he's going to come to one of these that that would be the topic to get him here. So I'll put that down.

Mark: Yeah.

Ike: They got to tell them that we're advertising it with him as the featured speaker.

Mark: Sure, why not? Perfect. Anyway, um, well I think that did actually so I like

Bryan: But one quick follow-up and I know it's a little bit out in the future. But Vincent are you available for next month or is already something you know that? Would block back.

Vincent: Let me check my calendar. The only main reason I was late today. Is that a meeting right before this and it went long? Give me one second.

Mark: So if you block out the time right now on your calendar, you know people won't be able to set up meetings at conflict with it.

Vincent: Definitely I that was on my that was my issue. I put it on my personal account and not my work calendar. So I need to switch that over.

Mark: Yeah.

Vincent: Let's see. Yeah, I'm free. I should be good.

Bryan: Okay. Yeah, I'll reach and I'll put it on

Mark: right

Bryan: the agenda for for next month.

Vincent: Okay, sounds good.

Mark: awesome

Bryan: Don't want to announce your your podcast. I looked into it by the way as often.

Mark: who's podcast?

Tom: Oh yarn between the brackets.

Mark: Oh, okay. You were on there, okay.

Tom: Yep. That's better than Chad. That's fine. I got official approval all the way up to our office of public affairs. So once I get past that then I was good to go.

Mark: cool

Tom: Yeah.

Mark: All right. Well, it was great seeing you all. I guess I'll see you next month or in between.

Tom: And they did mention this group on the on the podcast at least once or twice. So trying it.

Bryan: Yeah.

Mark: awesome

Bryan: Usually shout out.

Mark: Awesome. Alright, I'll see y'all.

Andreas: Okay.

Tom: All right.

Vincent: Hey, how's it going?

Ike: We can.