4 October 2019 MWstake Meeting

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Blank.png Date (UTC): 4 October 2019 15:30:00 - 4 October 2019 16:30:00
Blank.png URL: https://meet.google.com/mdd-ufhn-ksb
Blank.png Etherpad: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/mwstake-2019-10

Person.png Attendees: Bernhard Krabina, Brian Wolff, Bryan Hildebrand, Cindy Cicalese, Gergo, Greg Rundlett, Lex Sulzer, Mark Hershberger, Markus Glaser, Rich Evans, Richard Heigl, Sabine Melnicki, Vincent Brooks

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Meeting agenda[edit]

  1. Wait for attendees & chat 5 min
  2. Wiki Quickie 10 min - No topic
  3. Consider MWStake role/support for SMWCon Fall 2020 10 min Lex
  4. Sunflower distribution 20 min Mark
  5. MediaWiki news channel 15 min Richard


Shared notes: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/mwstake-2019-10

  1. Process & Safety Management (PSM) with MW + SMW
    • Rich Evans I developed a Hazard & Risk analysis for PSM to meet ISO & OSHA requirements using MediaWiki + Semantic MediaWiki
    • ACTION ITEM Rich Evans should plan a presentation of this for the next mwstake meeting.
  2. Announcing SMWCon 2020
    • Lex During SMWCon2019, Matteo Busanelli announced his desire to chair SMWCon 2020
    • Lex MWStake should support the conference
    • Markus 3rd party MW Maintainers "hang out" at SMWCons
    • Cindy MWStake should definitely support SMWCon & EMWCon, but what does "support" mean? So far, we haven't been able to support financially, we might be able to in the future, but unsure now.
    • Bernhard There is potential for financial support by OSDA
    • Lex As a note, OSDA wasn't able to support SMWCon 2019
  3. Announcing EMWCon 2020
    • Rich Evans I have full support of my management
    • Rich Evans Would like to determine an organizing committee. Who is in-charge of the process?
    • Mark We should define the process (it doesn't currently exist), but we would like to help where we can
    • Rich Evans Noted, I just don't want to do anything out of normal practices
    • Rich Evans Gave some background on NASA with regards to the conference and a possible tour
      • Rich Evans NASA is spread into 10 field centers
      • Rich Evans NASA Glen in Cleveland Ohio is lesser known. Most others are "mission" oriented, further north facilities are "tech/research" divisions
      • Rich Evans NASA Plum Brook Station is located in rural Ohio, "we are a torture chamber for equipment that is launched". Others design equipment, we reproduce flight/operation conditions
      • Rich Evans We could do a tour including the world's largest space vacuum chamber
      • Rich Evans We can offer conference facilities at no cost
      • Mark Are Foreign Nationals OK?
      • Rich Evans Great question. We can either host within NASA, but would need prior notice for admitting foreign nationals or host at the Kalahari conference center (literally across the street) which would not need any prior notice. What are we trying to prioritize? 1) Cost or 2) Non-US attendance?
      • Cindy We have the budget from when we hosted in Virginia @ MITRE and we had foreign nationals which came with some restrictions, but we were able to accommodate
      • Brian If the location requires early foreign national registration, it should be advertised early & clearly
      • Rich Evans We would need to know the Min/Max attendees to contact Kalahari, do we know that?
      • Mark Min/Max is probably around 30-80, but it probably won't exceed 50
      • Gergo If you advertise the tour of NASA, we could get 100+ attendees, some of which have never used MW :)
      • Rich Evans We should try to optimize "Maximum Pull", try to get the most people able to come. In Paris, 2 people added in the last 24 hours
      • Markus Europeans will likely need to plan in advance anyway to just make the flight, usually 4 weeks
      • Brian As a Canadian, we book at least 4 weeks due to cost. Also, Early access to program content is always a good idea
  4. News channel for MW
    • Richard As a group we need a place where news about MW, SMW, extensions, skins, etc. can be published
    • Richard Technically it's planned to be supported by Hallo Welt!, but under the umbrella of MWStake
    • Richard We'd like to start within the year
    • Richard Any ideas for content?
    • Richard Trying to address the needs not met by existing mailing lists, chat room, etc.
  5. Sunflower distribution
    • Richard Pitched the idea for a "standard distribution of MediaWiki+ that all in the community could support and use
    • Greg How would this distribution be used? I've been using Meza. Once VE or Elastic Search is included, it gets difficult
    • Mark Good point, we may have too many "brands" (MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki, BlueSpice, Meza, QualityBox, etc.)
    • Markus Ideally we can define a "common core" that can be maintained by many people
    • Bryan This sounds like we are trying to find a consensus between different groups and users, how will we achieve this consensus?
    • Mark I propose a governing document to clearly define what is included in the sunflower distribution, but others can imliment/orchestrate via Docker/Ansible/Kubernetes/etc. on CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu/etc. as they see fit. The document just defines the components.

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[edit] Present on NASA's use of MW + SMW for Process & Safety Management (PSM)
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4 October 2019 MWstake Meeting

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