3 May 2019 MWstake Meeting

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Blank.png Date (UTC): 3 May 2019 15:30:00 - 3 May 2019 16:30:00
Blank.png URL: https://bluejeans.com/659595738
Blank.png Etherpad: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/mwstake-2019-05

Person.png Attendees: AD, Bryan Hildebrand, Cindy Cicalese, Daren Welsh, Evita Hollis, Gergo, Greg, Ike Hecht, Lex Sulzer, Mark Hershberger, Markus Glaser, Tina Tenbergen

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Meeting agenda

  1. Wait for attendees & chat 5 min
  2. Wiki Moment 5 min Bryan
  3. Intro to new meeting structure 5 min Bryan
    • Discuss new MWStake meeting format and rationale (more useful to participants & more structured)
    • Evita will be structuring the meetings, send her topics, discuss where to add ideas and comments (including now in chat)
  4. EMWCon 2019 Recap 5 min Unknown
    • Highlights for those that missed it
  5. SMWCon 2019 Update and Planning 5 min Lex
  6. MWStake Bylaws & Incorporation Update 5 min Mark
    • Generally the bylaws have been approved
    • Next steps
  7. Membership Dues 10 min Mark
  8. Duplicator Task 10 min Mark Lex
    • This was discussed during EMWCon 2019
    • Stewardship of an extension
    • First task to understand how the group can work together to accomplish a goal
    • This can provide a framework for future stewardship of a "suite" of MWStake currated extensions for enterprise use
    • Notes from Rich (who can't make it) in defense of using Extension:Duplicator for this purpose:
      All I would say is that we have a page that is a collection of status updates and the date is part of the page name. Each day people use the Duplicator special page to do a "Save-As" of the page called "Work Status 2019-05-01" and copy it as "Work Status 2019-05-02" and then edit it from there. It's nothing that could be a template.. over the course of 5 or 10 days everything becomes completely different, but from one day to the next, not so much. It's a "Save-As" extension for wiki pages within the wiki.. just like every stand-alone office application has.


Shared notes: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/mwstake-2019-05

  1. Intro to new meeting structure - Bryan
    • ACTION ITEM Determine the best approach for members to notify Evita about topics for meeting agendas
    • ACTION ITEM (Daren) NASA has a method for customizing the sidebar base on the user -- will follow up on sharing this during the next meeting
  2. Highlights from the Spring EMWCon 2019
    • (Greg) Pros
      • Good facilities
      • Networking with those from MWStake
      • Personal connections
      • Help with solutions that would have taken a lot of time
    • (Greg) Cons
      • Presentation difficulties (technical issues and communication barriers)
      • No deals???
    • (Lex) Participant came only for the create camp - considered to be the richest experience so far
    • (Daren) Encourage current participants to try to bring new participants
  3. SMWCon 2019 Update and Planning - Lex
    • May 13 - Launch of website and official information
    • Paris (confirmed)
    • Sept 25 - 27 (confirmed)
    • 80 people
  4. MWStake Bylaws & Incorporation Update - Mark
    • Bylaws have been approved
    • Next step in the non-profit status
    • SMWCON 2019 -- not sure how to handle Euros, otherwise XXX could handle
  5. Membership dues - Mark/Bryan/Evita
    • The Corporate (cost) steps might be to large
      • ACTION ITEM Members are asked to provide feedback on fee schedule
    • Users represent the users of the software within the company
    • Objective of the membership
      • Income the support legal fees
      • Promotion of the MW software beyond ourselves
        • marketing
      • Taken from the Bylaws
        2.3.1 Contribute to the development of MediaWiki;
        2.3.2 Maintain MediaWiki and its extensions;
        2.3.3 Improve documentation for MediaWiki and its extensions;
        2.3.4 Cooperate and liaison with the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.;
        2.3.5 Coordinate between MediaWiki developers, operators, and users;
        2.3.6 Promote MediaWiki to the public;
        2.3.7 Act as a patron and coordinator for international gatherings, conferences, hackathons, etc.;
        2.3.8 Advocate on behalf of third-party users of MediaWiki; and
        2.3.9 Foster best practices for MediaWiki and its users.
    • Potential corporations are those who want to be affiliated with MWStake and support MW outside of the foundation
    • ACTION ITEM Gergo will determine a place to put info on MediaWiki.org to allow feedback on the dues
    • Voting concern
      • Why would I be a "Gold" member of I only get one additional vote?
      • ACTION ITEM Members are asked to provide feedback on a voting structure
    • (Lex) What are the top 3 business cases that the money will be spent on?
      • Should Corporate membership have a guaranteed project completion?
  6. Duplicator Task
    • Other extensions to consider as the group's first project
      • (Lex) Example and BoilerPlate extensions
    • The group pays someone to take responsibility of the extension
      • Someone tied to MW core
      • Might be difficulty as they might not be able to except or have the time
    • (Bryan) Boilerplate sounds like a good start. Also, I think I remember Daren having a reservation about using Duplicator as a first extension to work on.
    • (Cindy) The problem with starting from my old extensions is that I may miss changes since they were created. I often think I should go back and re-read the mw.o documentation on creating an extension to see what has been updated.
    • (Daren) regarding boilerplate extensions, James made https://github.com/enterprisemediawiki/BasicParserFunction but it looks like it hasn't been touched in 4 years. Maybe it could help.
    • (Gergo) the related task is https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T97105 BTW
    • (Gergo) cookiecutter is https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Cookiecutter-mediawiki-extension
    • Next steps
  7. Lighting announcements
    • (Gergo)