3 May 2019 MWstake Meeting

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Blank.png Date (UTC): -
Blank.png URL: https://bluejeans.com/659595738
Blank.png Etherpad: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/mwstake-

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Meeting overview:

  1. Wait for attendees & chat 5 min
  2. Wiki Moment 5 min Bryan
    • Brief discussion to customizing and adding tooltips to the sidebar menu
  3. Intro to new meeting structure 5 min Bryan
    • Discuss new MWStake meeting format and rationale (more useful to participants & more structured)
    • Evita will be structuring the meetings, send her topics, discuss where to add ideas and comments (including now in chat)
  4. EMWCon 2019 Recap 5 min Unknown
    • Highlights for those that missed it
  5. SMWCon 2019 Update and Planning 5 min Lex
  6. MWStake Bylaws & Incorporation Update 5 min Mark
    • Generally the bylaws have been approved
    • Next steps
  7. Membership Dues 10 min Mark
  8. Duplicator Task 10 min Mark Rich Lex
    • This was discussed during EMWCon 2019
    • Stewardship of an extension
    • First task to understand how the group can work together to accomplish a goal
    • This can provide a framework for future stewardship of a "suite" of MWStake currated extensions for enterprise use