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Tag.png Tags: Event, Jobs, News, Updates
Person.png People: Bernadette Clemente, Chris Koerner, Cindy Cicalese, Mark Hershberger, Markus Glaser, Yaron Koren

Here's another quick round of updates from across the MediaWiki world.

First up, the 2nd Enterprise MediaWiki Conference was a resounding success. 34 some odd folks showed up in McLean, VA for three days of presentations, panels, lightning talks, and participation in the create camp. A great thanks to the chairs, Cindy Cicalese, Bernadette Clemente, Yaron Karen, and Mark Hershberger. Videos and sides of the presentations are available on the conference page.

A few things that came out of the conference:

Other news:

  • The Wikimedia Foundation is hiring a Product Manager for MediaWiki! This position will be a pivotal role in defining the roadmap and future development of MediaWiki as a technological product of the foundation. Please apply if interested and share among the community.
  • MediaWiki will be dropping javascript support for Internet Explorer 9 in the near future. It will be affecting Wikimedia wikis in April and be part of the 1.29 release of MediaWiki in May.
  • The MediaWiki testimonials page hasn't seen any additions in a few years. With the urging of WMF staffer and Stakeholder member Chris Koerner [Editors note: That's me :) ], there's a renewed interest in updating the list of testimonials. Submissions are encouraged and welcomed!
  • As Marcus mentioned, the MediaWiki Stakeholders' will be hosting a track at the upcoming Vienna Hackathon. Please attend and participate.