MediaWiki Stakeholders' January News Roundup

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Person.png People: Chris Koerner, Cindy Cicalese, Mark Hershberger, Markus Glaser

The New Year is bringing in a flurry (pardon the Winter pun) of activity for MediaWiki.

Wikimedia Developer Summit[edit]

First up, a reminder that the Wikimedia Developer Summit is next week in San Francisco, CA. The event will see 160 folks from the community - including the Wikimedia Foundation - come together to discuss the future of MediaWiki and related technologies.

We’ll have a few representatives from the user group in attendance. For folks who would like to participate remotely, please see this related page on

The MediaWiki Stakeholders’ have an Unconference session planned for the Summit. and there are quite a few other sessions of interest.

A few in particular:

Bringing "Enterprise MediaWiki" to the Wikimedia Foundation

Actions to grow the diversity of our technical community

THere will also be a Q&A Session with Victoria Coleman CTO and Wes Moran VP of Product at the Wikimedia Foundation. You can see a list of popular community questions that may be addressed during the Summit.

If you’ll be in San Francisco, I’ll (Chris Koerner) be hosting a dinner outting Monday evening. Please join if you’d like!

MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Incorporated[edit]

The Stakeholders’ group is working to find time to discuss the Memorandum of Understanding to describe the working relationship between third-party MediaWiki users and the Wikimedia Foundation. Feedback and input is welcome.

The Stakeholders’ group is also looking to incorporate as an organization to support and grow the usage of MediaWiki. One of the first steps is to draft a set of bylaws for this new organization. Please review and provide feedback if possible.

EMWCon in March[edit]

The second EMWCon is being hosted in McLean, Virginia, USA from March 8-10th. If you use MediaWiki, it is one of the biggest yearly events to learn and share knowledge with other MediaWiki folks. Registration is open and the organizers are actively seeking submissions for talks. Please help spread the word and we hope to see you there!

Wikimedia Conference[edit]

The Stakeholders’ group will be represented by Marcus (and possibly Mark Hershberger) at the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin 31 March to 2 April. This conference is the annual meeting of all Wikimedia organizations. The event is a great opportunity for the group to share what we have accomplished, learn from other organizations, and encourage others to join our efforts.