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Person.png People: Peter Woudsma, Pharos, Yaron Koren

Yaron Koren is shaking things up a little this year with the announcement of EMWCon - The Enterprise MediaWiki Conference. This new conference will sit in the spot occupied by the Spring SMWCon, which traditionally has been hosted on the North America continent.

From his announcement, "...EMWCon is a natural outgrowth of SMWCon. Already at SMWCon events, there is a lot of discussion about the use of MediaWiki as a whole, plus extensions that aren't directly related to SMW. Add to that the fact that there has so far never been an event devoted to the use of "enterprise MediaWiki" in general - despite the fact that it's the world's most popular wiki software - and it seemed like a good idea to try to expand our conference to fill that gap."

It sounds like a logical evolution in the growing use of MediaWiki as a solution for third-party users. It also helps to bridge a gap between SMW users and the bigger MediaWiki community.

You can read Yaron's announcement on the semantic MediaWiki mailing list and learn more about the conference over at MediaWiki.org.